Dialog Programming Overview SAP System : Dialog Processing (Report) SAP GUI Report zpsm1. Reque st Tables customers. Application Server Store request to queue 3 Send List 9 Generate 1 10 Screen(List) Send Request List Select single * from customers where id = 1. Write: / customers-name. Dispatcher 2 Request Queue Send request to 4 WP Search for free WP Check Program in Program Buffer 5 SAP Buffer Program « « 7 D 8 D SQL Reques t D « D 6 Execute ABAP statem ent Database Server
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  Dialog Programming Overview  SA P Syst  em : Dialog Proce ss ing (Repor t) Database Server Application Server Di s pa t  cher RequestQueue DDDD « SAP Buffer Program « « 134568910 Repor t  zp s m1.Table s cu st  omer s . S elec t    s ingle * fromcu st  omer s where id = 1.Wri t  e: / cu st  omer s- name. ExecuteABAPstatementCheck Program inProgram Buffer 7 L oad&GenProgramSQ L  RequestSend L istGenerateScreen( L ist)Send Request Request   List 2  Search for free WP Store requestto queue Send requestto WP SAPGUI  Dialog WP : Executable ProgramDialog WP : Executable Program Dialog WP TaskHandler  DYNPRO Processor  ABAP Processor  Database Local Memory M emorySpace DB Interface L ist Buffer Result Set M emory  T y pe s of   ABA P Repor t  1. Report Listing 2 . Drill-down Report 3. Control-break Report 4. ALV Report 134

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Oct 12, 2017

Oct 12, 2017
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