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Aam Aadmi Party Pune is proud to present its Diwali edition of our bimonthly newsletter. It is an account of all the official activities that have been taking place within AAP Pune as well as the individual initiatives that motivated volunteers have taken. It provides opportunities to all our volunteers to join in initiatives that they find interesting. AAP Pune is driven purely by its volunteers and your involvement is absolutely essential in all the initiatives listed in the newsletter. Please reply to us if you would like to support any of the intiatives or start a project of your own. Also, write to us with ways in which you can assist in helping building a strong AAP Pune organization at
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    Edition: 2 Date: 23 November 2014 AAP ki Awaaz   In the S potlight…  Ongoing Activities at AAP Event AAPdates Individual Initiatives Namaskar Volunteers, The first edition of our Newsletter was very well received. Now we bring to you the second edition on the backdrop of exciting changes such as a new office and expanding volunteer activities. We hope this Diwali brings the glow of a zillion lamps to our initiatives at AAP and melts the darkness away from the Indian Political Arena. Happy Diwali!  Ongoing ctivities  AAP believes in an equitable society providing equal opportunity for all. A good education system accessible to all citizens is a must for realizing this goal. Towards this, AAP volunteers are taking initiatives to enhance the working of PMC schools, one school at a time, and carry out deeper education research. Two spontaneous areas of action have emerged: one by the Kothrud-Karveganar team and the other by AAP volunteers who are already in the education field. Kothrud-Karvenagar Team AAP volunteers in Kothrud-Karve nagar visited two PMC schools which fall under their Kshetriya Karyalay   (Ward Office) to do a reality check. They looked for things like general cleanliness in the school campus, the state of toilets, availability and quality of free meals, adequacy of teachers etc. They also wished to know whether there was any issue the school would like to take up with the PMC. They spoke to the children, the teachers and also to the principal. K. Shamrao Sripati Barate Prathmik Vidyalay  –  Digambarwadi, Warje Malwadi     In this school, to their surprise, more or less things were in order. The only issue this school was facing is that they were 3 teachers short. They have already sent an application for this and expected the teachers to join shortly. Some classes did not have benches but there were mats for children to sit on. PMC School No. 116B / 196 - Banabai Balona Barate School - Ramnagar, Warje Malwadi     Here the head master was very welcoming. He immediately took the team into the staff room and asked all the teachers what issues they were facing. They listed following issues: 1.   Top priority: The children's toilet had no water supply. It has an overhead tank but as construction work is going on (a third floor is being added to the building) some construction material had fallen. 2.   Second priority: They had a computer lab and had got 30 new computers for it. But there were just 6-8 tables which already had some old computers. 3.   As mentioned, a third floor was being added but it did not have a toilet. So if any student wanted to go to the toilet they had to climb down 3 floors and then walk around the building. So they wanted a toilet built on the third floor. 4.   There were two tanks in which drinking water was stored. They wanted a third one as on some occasions they ran out of drinking water. 5.   This school is surrounded by bastis and as the walls weren't high enough they faced security issues. They wanted the walls raised. As Arvindji has said, most of the problems people face are easy to solve. e.g. their most pressing issue of replacing the toilet tank can be done in less than Rs 10,000! Their second issue of not enough furniture in computer lab will also not take too much to solve.  Follow Up  After visiting this school the team went to the Ward office and met the Asst Commissioner Mr Umesh Mali. Luckily at that time the civil work in-charge was also there. Hence the team could actually get the toilet water issue resolved. For the computer lab furniture they raised the issue with Assistant Commissioner, Mr Umesh Mali, whose ward office this school falls under in the Mohalla COmmittee meeting. He informed that this work was not under his jurisdication but under the education department. The team is following up with this department now. Good thing is that the Asst Commissioner and other staff at the Ward office are very co-operative, though it requires a lot of follow-up to get something done. Research Initiative Meanwhile, AAP Volunteers Pavan Iyengar (Visting Faculty, IBB, Savitribai Phule University) and Vaijayanti Aphale (BEd) are already in the education field and also teach at a PMC school. They are using their experience to add to the education research effort at AAP, to improve learning levels in public schools, as also to formulate an education vision for AAP Pune. The focus is on and how best to implement Right to Education (RTE) Act in public schools and otherwise, in law and in spirit, to: 1.   Improve students ’  learning levels 2.   Use of toys, other innovative strategies to enhance learning 3.   Formulate Evaluation strategies. RTE has replaced traditional exams with Continuous Comprehensive Assessment. Thus, assessment is to be used not to judge students and give marks but to give them feedback and adjust learning strategy so as to reduce gaps in their learning. A research document on RTE has already been prepared. Also, an RTE checklist has been prepared for PMC schools. The infrastructure and other provisions at each school can be evaluated against this list and steps taken to address the gap one by one. If any of you are interested in any of the following: 1.   Helping with education research through internet, filing RTI, visiting schools, conducting surveys, volunteering for teaching etc. 2.   Visiting PMC schools, understanding their problems and helping them overcome the same by representing their case in respective mohalla committees or relevant authorities Please contact: Pavan: # 020 25514966 (before 10 am, 8:30-10:30 pm)   Vaijayanti:  # 9881250451   Hel us learn the riht wa …   …we are this nation’s future    The AAP Real Estate Research Team has now made the full transition to action mode to help people fight real estate corruption and get conveyance deed in particular. The team realized that most flat owners, even post graduates, were so ignorant of conveyance deed. Presently, they are in touch with 22 flat owners to cover about 15 apartments and societies. This should help 3000   flat owners to get their Conveyance Deed and hopefully create many sympathizers for AAP. This is truly a team effort of seven to eight very dedicated volunteers, each playing their part with utmost deligence. Rajesh Chaudhari takes the lead in meeting society people, training the volunteers. He has contacted various Societies, Flat Owners, AAP Prabhags Volunteers to give more information about Housing and Conveyance Deed. Deepak and Srivatsa take care of the co-ordination. Arun answers emails. Queries, looks into research and training materials. Captain Narayan helped in creating Social Media Ads. Doctor Abhijit helped in creating Marathi versions. Divyang Baldota helped with Social Media.  AAPians Aditya Mane, Ajay Munot, Pavan Iyengar and Sushil Kumar and Vaijayanti Aphale have also given their valuable inputs. The team is using social media to a great extent to attract attention. They are now building a platform where flat owners and effected people can meet, discuss solutions. Every mode of interaction, from physical meetings and conferences to emails groups is being explored. Forms have been prepared for different aspects of real estate counsel as follows, which are being distributed through various media. For guidance in Housing Society or Conveyance Deed:   For checklists, forms, steps on how to form a Housing Society: URL of the Groups Page:!forum/housingsocietypune   The next step would be to pressurize the government to:    Pass a law that grants conveyance automatically.    Punishes Builders for not providing what was promised in the brochures. The Government has created laws but not actually put any builder behind bars for fraud. Eventually, they plan to use the research and experience to make a policy draft and execution plan on how to build good, clean and affordable cities in India.
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