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  VÖGELE   AB 500 and AB 600   AB 500AB 600 www.voegele.infoBasic Width 2.55mMaximum Pave Width 8.5mScreed Versions TV, TP1, TP2, TP2 PlusBasic Width 3mMaximum Pave Width 9.5mScreed Versions TV, TP1, TP2, TP2 Plus VÖGELE Extending Screeds AB 500 and  AB 600  VÖGELE   AB 500 and AB 600 VÖGELE Extending Screeds 2 3 The Highlights of the New Generation   Hydraulic crown adjustment   Ergonomic screed console   Safe and convenient ascent   Highly efficient screed heating   Excellent paving behaviour due to optimized geometry of tamper bar and screed plates   Hydraulic side plates conveniently adjustable in height  VÖGELE   AB 500 and AB 600 VÖGELE Extending Screeds 4 5 compaction models with one or two pressure bars (TP1 and TP2). What‘s more, we also offer the screeds in the TP2 Plus version, another option for maximum compacting effort when placing thick layers for roadbase or when paving “hot on hot“.Due to the wide range of possible combinations with tractors and the numerous screed versions as far as equipment with compacting systems is concerned, the range of applications for VÖGELE Extending Screeds is almost unlimited.The VÖGELE AB 500 and AB 600 Extending Screeds are ideal for all applications requiring variability and adaptability. With the single-tube telescoping system for infinitely variable screed width control, the screeds cover an extensive range of pave widths extending from 2.55m to 9.5m. The new VÖGELE screeds can be combined with all SUPER pavers of the “dash 3“ generation with a basic width of 2.55m or 3m. Depending on the paver type, they can also be equipped with various compaction systems, ranging from the version with tamper and vibrators (TV) to the high VÖGELE Extending Screeds – Range of Applications Almost Unlimited 7 VÖGELE   AB 500 and AB 600 VÖGELE Extending Screeds 8   VÖGELE   AB 500 and AB 9 The Highlights in Detail 123465 6 VÖGELE Extending Screeds   RedesignedsideplatesExcellent floating and paving behaviour of the screedErgonomic screedconsoleSafeandconvenient ascentHighly efficient screedheatingHydraulic crown adjustment  With the particularly ergonomic,hydraulicallycontrolledsideplates,alladjustments can bemadecomfortablyandsafelyfromthescreed‘s walkway. Themechanicalsideplates areveryeasilyadjustablein height. The optimized geometry of thetamper bar and screed plates allows for an even flatter screedplaningangle,improving the floating behaviour of thescreed. The result is excellent compaction plus enhanced evenness. Therobustlydesignedscreedconsoles areperfectlyequipped for tough job-siteconditions. The brilliant colour displayis easyto readfromanyangle. TheSmartWheeloffers two speeds for screedwidth controlwith absoluteprecision. The middle ascent allows theoperator to acess his platformquicklyand conveniently. Awide,vibration-dampedwalkwaymakesforsafeandcomfortableworking. New,powerfulgenerators providean even greater heatingcapacity. Thescreedheats upmorequicklyandevenlythanks to theenhancedheatingperformance. Hydrauliccrown controlis providedas standard for the AB 500 and the AB 600screeds. Adjustment is carriedout swiftlyandpreciselyusingthepush-buttons on thescreedconsole. Thevaluefor thecrown is shown in thedisplays of both screedconsoles. 142365
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