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  Additional Features Lecture 7  L7.2 Solving Contact Problems with New Capabilities in Abaqus Overview ã Contact Constitutive Models ã Pressure-Overclosure ã Friction ã Tie Constraints ã Rigid surfaces  Pressure-Overclosure Models  L7.4 Solving Contact Problems with New Capabilities in Abaqus Pressure-Overclosure Models ã The default  physical pressure- overclosure model is “hard” contact ã  Although this model is not always strictly enforced in the numerical solution due to: ã Softening in the numerical constraint method ãExample: Penalty method (finite rather than ∞ constraint stiffness)ã Convergence tolerances for the Newton iterations ã Example: Accept as converged despite very small negative contact pressure h < 0  h = 0 No penetration; no constraint required Constraint enforced; positive contact pressure -  h p , contact pressure Any pressure possible when in contact No pressure h , penetration Idealized “hard” pressure vs. penetration behavior 
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