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  Extended Product Type:Product ID:EAN:Catalog Description:Long Description:Minimum Order Quantity:Customs Tariff Number:EAN:Product Net Depth:Product Net Height:Product Net Weight:Product Net Width:Package Level 1 Width:Package Level 1 Length:Package Level 1 Height:Package Level 1 Gross Weight:Package Level 1 Units:Number of Main Contacts NC:Number of Auxiliary Contacts NO:Number of Auxiliary Contacts NC:Rated Operational Voltage:Conventional Free-air ThermalCurrent (I th ):Rated Operational Current AC-1 (I e ):Rated Operational Current AC-3 (I e ):Rated Operational Power AC-3 (P e ):Rated Breaking Capacity AC-3 IEC 60947-4-1:Rated Making Capacity AC-3 acc. toIEC 60947-4-1:Short-Circuit Protective Devices:Rated Short-time Withstand Current(I cw ):Maximum Electrical SwitchingFrequency: General Information EK150-40-21 110V DCSK824441-DE7320500094280EK150-40-21 110V DC Contactor  A 4-pole Contactor suitable for Distribution and Rail way applications AC and DC switching. Operated with control voltage, versions from 24….690 AC, 50/60 Hz and 24-220 V DC Categories Products »  Low Voltage Products and Systems »  Control Products »  Contactors »  Block Contactors Ordering 1 piece853649007320500094280 Dimensions 200 mm175 mm4.3 kg200 mm Container Information 240 mm240 mm190 mm7 kg1 piece Technical 012Main Circuit 1000 Vacc. to IEC 60947-4-1, Open Contactors q = 40 °C 250 A(690 V) 55 °C 230 A(690 V) 40 °C 250 A(690 V) 70 °C 200 A(1000 V) 55 °C 80 A(220 / 230 / 240 V) 55 °C 145 A(690 V) 55 °C 120 A(440 V) 55 °C 145 A(440 V) 55 °C Q55C415V:145 A(380 / 400 V) 55 °C 145 A(500 V) 55 °C 145 A(500 V) 90 kW(1000 V) 110 kW(690 V) 110 kW(220 / 230 / 240 V) 45 kW(380 / 400 V) 75 kW(440 V) 75 kW(415 V) 75 kW8 x Ie AC-310 x Ie AC-3gG Type Fuses 250 Aat 40 °C Ambient Temp, in Free Air, from a Cold State 30 s 700 Aat 40 °C Ambient Temp, in Free Air, from a Cold State 10 s 1200 Aat 40 °C Ambient Temp, in Free Air, from a Cold State 15 min 250 Aat 40 °C Ambient Temp, in Free Air, from a Cold State 1 s 1800 Aat 40 °C Ambient Temp, in Free Air, from a Cold State 1 min 550 A AC-3 300 cycles per hour  AC-1 300 cycles per hour  AC-2 / AC-4 150 cycles per hour  EK150-40-21 110V DC  Rated Insulation Voltage (U i ):Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage(U imp ):Mechanical Durability:Maximum Mechanical SwitchingFrequency:Coil Operating Limits:Rated Control Circuit Voltage (U c ):Coil Consumption:Operate Time:Degree of Protection:Connecting terminals (delivered inopen position) Main poles:Terminal Type:Number of Main Contacts NO:Maximum Operating AltitudePermissible:RoHS Status:Ambient Air Temperature:General Use Rating UL/CSA:Instructions and Manuals:Data Sheet, Technical Information:Declaration of Conformity - CE:RoHS Information:ETIM 4:ETIM 5:Object Classification Code: acc. to UL/CSA 600 Vacc. to IEC 60947-4-1 and VDE 0110 (Gr. C) 1000 V8 kV10 million3600 cycles per hour (acc. to IEC 60947-4-1) Uc (at θ ≤ 70 °C) °CDC Operation 110 VPull-in at Max. Rated Control Circuit Voltage 60 Hz 900 V·AHolding at Max. Rated Control Circuit Voltage 50 Hz 52 V·APull-in at Max. Rated Control Circuit Voltage 50 Hz 800 V·AHolding at Max. Rated Control Circuit Voltage 60 Hz 44 V·ABetween Coil Energization and NO Contact Closing 20…40 msBetween Coil De-energization and NO Contact Opening 7.5…15 msBetween Coil De-energization and NC Contact Closing 10…18 msBetween Coil Energization and NC Contact Opening 15…35 msacc. to IEC 60529, IEC 60947-1, EN 60529 Coil Terminals IP20Flat type c/w screws and boltsScrew Terminals4 Environmental 3000 mFollowing EU Directive 2002/95/EC August 18, 2005 and amendmentClose to Contactor Fitted with Thermal O/L Relay (0.85 ... 1.1 Uc) -25…+55 °CClose to Contactor without Thermal O/L Relay (0.85 ... 1.1 Uc) -40…+70 °CClose to Contactor for Storage -50…+70 °C Technical UL/CSA (600 V AC) 200 A Certificates and Declarations (Document Number) 5309660-571SBC100122C02021SFA1-271SFC101035D0202 Classifications EC000066 - Magnet contactor, AC-switchingEC000066 - Magnet contactor, AC-switchingQ 
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