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Abby - Letter of Agreement

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  **Hello , This Sia from AFG funding. We are a direct lender out of Miami Florida. We provide woring capital for !usinesses lie ours in #ust a!out $% hours with ver little paper wor and regardless of our personal credit. Are ou in the maret to o!tain woring capital to e&pand our !usiness' **(f the said ), Then than them and hang up**(f the said +S, Then ou will sa . Great-- an ( ase ou couple of /uestions to mae sure our programs fits our needs'**01A2(F(3 01ST()S456Ma ( have the !est num!er to contact ou' Would lie to have the cell 7$6How long have ou !een in !usiness Min 8 months 96What is our average revenue on a monthl !asis for the last 9 months' Min :5;mail95$<=>%$?=lliss stocardStocard llc:$;6$>no loanslooing for :$;c! 6 %pm<>%$;$<;=5 6 5@9;<599;>8><;?%?9?><=>$ 6 interested on monthl pa ment%;<$<$?8<;Anthon ritt 6 interested9;><>9%8<5 6 9pm<<;?5$9$%<$;<8=;8%9; 6 c!?95<9=<>;; e&t <$>$Mart $58$5=%>=% 6 c!B(TC? ears:8; 6 :?;G H B General ontractor 2lc!#ohn 6 transferD>;%9%><;%5 6 ver interested9;9>>;=5=8 6 c! needed**After the /ualified /uestions ou can Sa , Than ou for the info, )ow ( would lie to transfer ou to our underwriting team, The will !e a!le to go over all the details and answer all of our /uestions. Elease hold on.9;>%$;>8;>  9;>=><8?>8**This is how ou transfer a client4Hello Sia, ( have Mr. acson on the phone , Elease Help him out. E.S( strongl suggest for the agents to sta throughout the conversation after the transfer to learn and develop their sills further. ose Salaar<5%<%<><?$The 2ittle Truc Sales (nc:5;;,;;;$9?$;==5;9Mie H(2TS9 ears:5$>looing for :5;;
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