Abby's Day

just a story I've been writing, maybe I'll keep going or finish it, feel free to read and give any advice
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  The Dawn of a New World Brothers will fightand kill each other,siblingsdo incest;men will know misery,adulteries be multipliedan axe-age, a sword-age,shields will be cloven,a wind-age, a wolf-age, before the world¶s ruin. Not able to prevent any of the signs« even after knowing the time and place of theevents« all that is left, is to bravely and defiantly face our bleak destiny.The gods, having the mightiest of them fallen, can only watch as the world perishes.But not in sorrow they watch, they feel realization as the world is consumed, for theyalready knew it would happen.The sun grows dark, stars fall from the sky, the sea invades the land, and fire flies over the entire world. People flee their homesteads in fear. With death as their destiny, thedoomed and trembling human race walks that road towards death. Finally, witheverything consumed, the charred and devastated Earth sinks into the sea. The Lady of Holy Sorrow:Abby¶s Day She was still asleep when her father left, he worked early, and he was a business man,so he usually left very early to work. Her mother was still asleep; she worked afternoonsand night shifts at the local hospital.Abby got into the shower, still asleep, tired, what had she dreamed about? Couldn¶tremember anymore. Only a memory of coldness was still in her body so vivid, likemany dreams she¶d been having lately. The faint cries of the birds outside kept her nowin that dreamlike state where she could almost recall what had happened in her dream,Abby was holding on to that quickly fading sensation, only grasping now a minusculesegment of that cold feeling, yet it was hard, it seemed her consciousness while in her dream was different from her own. She was tired of the trip. Two weeks away doingcommunity service as part of her school graduation project, she almost did not make it, being away for so long, though Abby had been with her classmates so it wasn¶t so bad.She felt sad as she accepted she was awake, as the hot water from the shower washedaway her feeling of coldness« If only she would remember; she was the kind of peoplewho believe dreams can be signs, omens.She got out of the shower, and headed for her room to get dressed up; realizing she¶dleft her pc on after using it until a bit earlier, working on a science presentation sincelast night when she had just gotten home. Resting on her mailbox was a subscriptionmail from a tarot website. It was funny to her the way the e-mail said so many things  that didn¶t came true along the day, but still« it was like a hobby, reading those predictions.Turn the pc off, save energy, save money« her father¶s words echoed through her mind. It¶s not like they needed to save that money, her family was not just economicallystable, they could even afford a lot of luxuries; Abby knew if she wanted somethingshe¶d just ask for it.She picked up the money her father had left for her on the kitchen table and her bagfrom her room, then headed out.Running late for school again, she had forgotten to turn on the alarm on her cell phonelast night; she had been so tired from the trip. Half-asleep she noticed a text messagefrom Carl in her phone ³Don¶t forget to get our science presentation; Mr. Clancy said itwas do today!´Carl« always worried about grades and stuff. She was also worried about school, butnot as much as Carl.Abby ignored the message, their science presentation was on her bag, but still she knewfrom a trustworthy source that there would be an assembly during math class, andwould last all day. No need to worry about Mr. Clancy¶s science class. Not that she didn¶t like science; it fascinated her, but to be honest« Mr. Clancy was nother favourite teacher. He was a young and good looking teacher, she had to admit that.She just didn¶t feel good around him.When she realized, she was looking through the bus window, even though she couldn¶tremember getting on the bus. But it wasn¶t weird to Abby, often she would wander about in her mind and when she realized she was where she wanted, as if her body wasused to the monotony of her daily live.She didn¶t give it much thought, she kind of liked it, it was like if her mind could go onand on and her body would make sure she was safe. She liked it that way.As she got down and walked trough the big wooden gate of her old style high school,she saw Carl standing at the entrance, as if waiting for her.³Did you bring it? You didn¶t forget it did you? Tell me you didn¶t forget, Abby!´ Hewas agitated.³Calm down, it¶s in my bag´ Abby said, getting from her bag a yellow folder and agreen pen drive, - she liked those colours-.³Oh good, I almost have an attack! We still have to work on it and its do today!´³Hey! My part is very good; it¶s you the one who didn¶t work on his. Besides, we willmiss science class today, there¶s a meeting for the prom committee, and Mr. Clancy isin it.³Really? I haven¶t heard anything about it, how did you know?´ Carl asked withinterrogative eyes.³Well« I have my sources´ She smiled. Abby knew about the meeting from her friendJane, the principal¶s daughter. Abby didn¶t want to mention Jane to Carl. He had had acrush on Jane about a month ago. Jane had blown him up. Abby didn¶t want to get himdown again.³Whatever, class or no class I should work on my part. I¶ve been so busy lately.´³Work on it, remember the grade is for both of us.´ Abby was frustrated; she didn¶twant to have Carl as her science partner.  Carl was kind of a nerd,- a good looking nerd, no glasses, kind of tall, and nice curlyhair, but overall a nerd.- Abby wouldn¶t even talk to him if he wasn¶t a friend of Seiji¶s.³That¶s right! Have you seen Seiji?´ Abby asked with a hopeful voice, as if she hadremembered the whole porpoise of her existence.³Oh yeah, he said he had to go buy something across the street, he¶ll probably be here just in time for the bell´ Yelled Carl while disappearing behind a class door.He was right, the bell was about to ring and that would mean Abby wouldn¶t catch Seijiuntil the second period. They had a lot to talk about; she had missed him greatly this lasttwo weeks. It always comforted her to talk to Seiji; he was her best friend, whenever she would have one of her existential crisis, he would always be there for her and vice-versa, she would help him get trough tough times, she loved Seiji in a way no one butthem could understand, it was something beyond couple¶s love. No one understood it,and she didn¶t care. That was their special thing, their innermost secret. She loved it asmuch as she loved him.Still sleepy« damm« hadn¶t she rested enough last night? That dammed dream« ithad kept her mind working. At this rate she would fall asleep during math class; Abbyknew she couldn¶t afford to miss it with the exam so early next week. Got to find a wayto keep herself awake.³Hot coffee for the mistress?´Abby raised her sight; it was Seiji, holding towards her a cup of smoking coffee, mocha,her favourite-she could smell it-. As if some unknown force had once again broughtthem together.³Girl this is hot, are you gonna just stand there looking at me or are you gonna take it?Did you forget what I looked like while you were away?´He had always had a somewhat strong but caring voice; she loved it when he smiledasking a question, the way his eyebrows were raised, like just now.³Just how did you know I needed one of these? I doubt you just carry these around andoffer them to people´ Abby was a bit surprised he had shown up with the answer to her  problems out of nowhere« but then again, it wasn¶t the first time Seiji had done that.³Abby you should know by now I¶m a psychic´ Seiji was smiling. She stared at himwith a sceptic face and a little smile. ³« ok you got me, I was on my pc last night andsaw you online all night, I guessed you were pulling an all-nighter on some project, so Ifigured you would be really tired today´ He was smiling again.³Well let¶s leave it that way.´ She said drinking her coffee. Sweet, sweet hotness«Yep, Seiji knew what she liked.The bell started to suddenly ring, and a sea of students started to swarm the hall, movingtowards their classes,³Well my dear, I shall go now, knowledge awaits me.´ He said poetically.³Yeah sure, I bet you¶ll fall asleep as soon as you get to your sit.´ He had seen her online last night, which means he was also awake all night long.³You know me so much my dear.´ Seiji stared at her, and she could see their deep lovein his eyes, but there was something else, something in the way Seiji was looking intoher own eyes. Suddenly she felt his arms around her; Seiji embraced her deeply and socomfortingly. ³I love you Abby, don¶t ever forget it´. She was touched by this gesture.³I love you too Seiji, but... why this so sudden?´ ³Oh so I can¶t tell how I feelnow?´Seiji chuckled while slowly walking away, ³Gotta go my dear. Oh and Abby« I  missed you´ ³I missed you too.´ Abby answered smiling, then he was gone behindanother class door.Abby felt renewed, it wasn¶t just the coffee she drank, it was Seiji«People always said there was a dark atmosphere around him, it was true, she felt thatway too, not only was it the way he always dressed in black, with his long hair and deepvoice, nor the way he would always speak his mind, not caring who he hurt or whatothers would think. It was something else altogether, she could feel it, and others couldfeel it too. But there was something in him Abby found, refreshing; Seiji was the springin her dessert of confusion. Abby always thought of her life as a journey, asking herself all the questions nobody else would, all she wanted was answers, to find a reason to bein this senseless world, and Seiji wanted the same. They were a team now; they madetheir own philosophy, their own conclusions, it fascinated her, the way they both couldtalk about anything for hours and hours« But still, it seemed there was a constantassumption in their debates, that they were somehow different from everyone, and thatno one else would never fully understand them.It was a somewhat fatalistic conclusion, but it had time and time again proved to betrue. Not a single being she had known had managed to understand the way she thought,and the ones that came close ended up being full of crap. A dessert with only Seiji andher, she felt that way. Abby had had many love relationships in her life, all the same,ending a bit tragically. The only two loves that never failed her were her violin andSeiji. Other ethereal loves could only fill a vague need in her heart. Yet every time shehoped it would be different.Seiji wanted to make it different; he had told her so more than once, he wanted to be theone who would complete her and evolve with her, he thought that way they wouldfinally find the answers they both longed for.In a way, he already had made it different; it was because of him that she could go onwith their quest. Abby knew Seiji was deeply in love with her. She just couldn¶t agree,couldn¶t take the chance, she was still afraid things would turn out the same with him aswith every other guy« She just couldn¶t afford to lose her spring.Abby left for her class, trying to focus now, she had a long day ahead.She headed towards her salon, speeding up her pace, didn¶t want to be late for mathclass with the upcoming test. As soon as she entered the classroom she noticed everyonewas goofing around, Mr. Tanner the math teacher wasn¶t there yet, a bit of relieve.³Don't worry; Mr. Tanner is in the prom committee, he won¶t be coming´ It was Jane,she was beautiful as usual, with her long curly hair and green eyes, no wonder Carl hadfallen for her. ³Really? What about tomorrow¶s test?´ Abby asked. ³We still have a lotof doubts on the assignment and...´ ³Don't worry my dear, Mr. Tanner postponed thattest, it¶s for next week now. So catch your breath and relax for a while´Well... that was it for today... Every teacher of every assignment she had today was onthe committee, which meant she was free to roam the school or do anything she wanted.Unsurprisingly for her, the first thing that came to her mind was Seiji. Abby wonderedif he would also be free, she didn¶t have time to deeply discuss with him as they usuallydid, that was all she needed to make her day perfect. Abby was about to leave theclassroom to find Seiji when the door opened, showing the tall and skinny figure of 


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Dec 18, 2017
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