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Transcript definitions abduct  [ab- duhkt ] ExamplesWord Origin Explore These Words OnlyExist BecauseSomeone Messed UpInsults We ShouldBring BackThese Famous PeopleHave Their OwnWords in theDictionaryThese Are the SaddestPhrases in English Origin of abduct 1825–35; < Latin  abductus, pastparticiple of abdūcere  to abduce   See more synonyms for abduct   on verb (used with object) to carryoff or leadaway (a person)illegallyand in secret or by force,especially to kidnap.1. Physiology  . to move or drawawayfromtheaxis of thebody or limb(opposed to adduct).2. Others Are Reading The Oldest Words inEnglishAvoid these words.Seriously Word of the Day piacular   #ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZBrowse the Dictionary:SlangEmojiAcronymsPop CultureMoreBrowse by Category: About|Cookies, Terms, & Privacy
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