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   E-mail: Abdul Ghafoor   M ob: +971-507785092 Credentials ã Post Graduate Diploma in Electronics Technology ã B.E Electrical Engineering – Marine Automation (4 year course) ã Diploma in ManManagement ! ndustrial Administration. ã Marine #a$ety %ourse& Ad'anced ire$ighting Techniues and irst Aid. !e iali#ed Courses ã #iemens electrical motors and s*itchgear repair training at GE+MA,- ã TMDE %aliration course ã #pecialist in Electrical/Electronic Automation %ontrol o$ Main #0BD& Emergency #0BD. ã E1pertise in electronics Go'ernor %ontrol (0ood*ard) ã Main s*itchoard $ault diagnosis& generator paralleling& synchroni2ing and related 3os. ã amiliar *ith codes and standards lie   ABS, IEC, DNV, IEEE and NEC, NFPA70, API RP 500. $ro%e t A om!lishments ã Ballast *ater treatment plant 5cean sa'er M6 installation to Alutouriya 7,G carrier $or ,-6 ship management. ã Ele tri al&'nstrumentation u!er(isor for $ro%e t )**$-10-2512 re!la ement of $$*s at ,A for )**$. Coordinatin/ ith )**$ team and onta tors for !ro%e t om!letion as !er the )**$ rules and re/ulations. ã ,e* uilding o$ 6A,55 48 $or 6A,55 #hipping& class9 D,: ã %on'ersion o$ P#5 ; %5MBA $or #aipem& %lass9 AB# ã ,e* uilding o$ po*er plant $or star cements +A6 <.A.E. ã Main s*itch oard modi$ication $or Maers Alaama $or Maers line.  e hni al ills ã Pro3ect management ! site super'ision $or marine and industrial Pro3ects *hich *ill include Electrical& nstrumentation and Mechanical related pro3ect e1ecution. ã 5il and gas industry e1perience in production construction& =uality %ontrol ! precommissioning/ commissioning acti'ities. ã nterpret detailed dra*ings on electrical& instrumentation& hydraulics and mechanical dra*ings ã >ands on e1perience $or installation commissioning and troule #hooting and de$ect analysis electrical machineries& electronic euipment 5/B 'arious types o$ marine 'essels. ã >ands on e1perience to installation commissioning ! $ault diagnosis/ recti$ication o$ oiler automation including urner management ! urner controls ã >ands on e1perience $or installation G system controls& gas analy2ers troule shooting and calirations. ã nstallation commissioning on Main s*itchoard synchroni2ations& po*er management& generation and related troules shooting.   E-mail: Abdul Ghafoor   M ob: +971-507785092 ã Troule shooting and maintenance o$ central alarm systems& engine maneu'ering controls& $ire alarm systems& deadman alarm& %5? alarm systems. ã Troule shooting and maintenance o$ engine room o'erhead cranes ! dec cranes ã Testing and caliration o$ measuring euipment. ã Maintenance o$ Electrical& Electronic and %ontrol systems& remote operated programmale electro 'al'es etc. ã Maintenance o$ Electrical systems o$ ndustrial light and po*er installations ã Maintenance o$ %entrali2ed Air conditioning plant ã E1perience in inter$acing et*een di$$erent contractors and third party 'endors and class inspectors ã Pro3ect tracing reporting and *or coordination including managing sucontractors or similar technical *or $orces. ã <nderstanding and i@mplementing 'arious aspects o$ sa$ety at *orsite E!erien e ummar3   4or E!erien e C -ears es!onsibilities 6 ,ob )es ri!tion: ã  years @@?88F in Paistan ,a'y (Assistant %ommunication Engineer) ã F years ?88F?88 in Duai Dry doc ( nstrumentation Technician) ã F years ?88?88@ in ohn Diesel (Automation Engineer) ã  years ?88@#eptemer?84 in DA+T A<T5MAT 5,(#r. Electrical #er'ice engineer) ã ?84 to present A,AM engineering and automation ser'ices (#r technical ad'isor )  $ersonal 'nfo Date o$ Birth? nd  an& @H#e1 & Marital #tatusMale& Married,ationalityPaistaniPassport ,umer  AD 4182622

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Jul 23, 2017
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