ABELARD Originality and Influence of ABELARD Upon the MEDIEVAL Thought 2011

Abelard: Originality and Influence of Abelard upon the Medieval Thought
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  QUIDAM HOMO EST ASINUS: THE ORIGINALITY AND INFLUENCE OF PETER ABELARD UPON MEDIEVAL THOUGHT By: Timothy Ernst B.A. Hanover College 2005 A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty o the College o Arts and Sciences o the University o Louisville in Partial Fulfillment o the Requirements for the Degree o Master o Arts Department o History University o Louisville Louisville Kentucky December 2011  QUIDAM HOMO EST ASINUS: THE ORIGINALITY AND INFLUENCE OF PETER ABELARD UPON MEDIEVAL THOUGHT By: Timothy Ernst B.A. Hanover College 2005 A Thesis Approved on November 28 2011 by the following Thesis Committee Blake BeJiUie Thesis Director Ann Taylor ikn \ Thomas Maloney 11  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I wish to thank my adviser Dr Blake Beattie as well as Dr Allen and Dr Maloney for their their patience and support in assisting me with completing a difficult project in what has been a challenging time for many o us. I would also like to thank my colleague Stephanie Honchell for reading the first draft marking my errors and offering advice for improvement. I also wish to thank lon-Paul Moody and Lee Keeling for helping navigate the university forms and procedures and for helping keep me sane through the less the easy times with their wit and humor. I also must thank Dr Thomas Mackey for giving me pep talks and swift kicks in the pants anytime I got discouraged.  ABSTRACT QUIDAM HOMO EST ASINUS: THE ORGINALITY AND INFLUENCE OF PETER ABELARD UPON MEDIEVAL THOUGHT Timothy Ernst November 28,2011 Historians and philosophers alike remember Peter Abelard as the most brilliant, srcinal, and influential philosopher o the twelfth century. Much o this reputation stems not from Abelard s intellectual contributions but due to Abelard s scandalous personal life and the nonexistence o documents o Abelard s contemporary philosophers. Though brilliant, Abelard exerted little influence through his ideas. Unlike a modem professor who changes the paradigms o his discipline with innovative theses, Abelard was a skilled teacher who sought to teach students the skills they required to advance their careers within a reformed Catholic Church, which was newly interested in logic, philosophy, and theology. Seen from this perspective, Abelard has much more in common with his contemporary intellectuals and is more consistent with the context o his age than the secondary scholarship typically recognizes. IV
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