1. Semiotic Kristeva: Chora -Oneness -Subjectless -Borderless Symbolic Lacan: Mirror Stage -Otherness -Subject -Borders ABJECTION Julia Kristeva :isthe rejectionof…
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  • 1. Semiotic Kristeva: Chora -Oneness -Subjectless -Borderless Symbolic Lacan: Mirror Stage -Otherness -Subject -Borders ABJECTION Julia Kristeva :isthe rejectionof certainpartsof oneself, like sourmilkordung. It is the processof denyingthe primal narcissisticidentificationwiththe mother. This processof spittingandexpellingformsthe ‘I’,and setsbordersand helpstoestablishthe ‘self’. Positive It helps the child to get to the borders of subjectivity through Linguistic Articulation of the symbolic world Negative Abjectiondoesnotrespect boundaries, so it creates the subjectsand threatens it simultaneously Kinds of Abjection Abjection of sour milk, dung and even the hug. The child starts abjecting the one introduces these things to him (his Mother). Mother Abjection: The child has to renounce its identificationwithitsmothertosetthe ‘Borders’ that create the subject. Abjection of Cadaver: Here,borderbetweenlife and death is broken. This time, the corpse abjects the ‘I’, not the ‘I’ abjects Borders of Abjection Child’s Double-Bind Child Child Mother Father Semiotic Symbolic gggg Borders Longing for the narcissistic reunion with his mother. The need to renounce this union to become a subject. The subject must be alert to keep these borders from falling. Therefore, the abject continues haunting the subject
  • 2. Freud: Return of the repressed Kristeva: Maternal Abjection Both agree that abjection is on the periphery of consciousness and a companion to it Kristevasaysthatthe longingto the semiotic and the threat of losing the borders of subjectivity made some cultures set certain rituals to purify and to face this threat like banning certain kinds of food because they threaten the identity or the social order. Religion created acts of purification through rituals to help facing these threats. But with the decline of religions, Arts take the role of catharsis. Literature is also cathartic. Literature helps us to survive the trials of abjection, depression...etc., which afflict our souls through working through these conflicts, so that the subject is not doomed to act them out Abjection is Cathartic So, Art takes over the function of purification by conjuring up the abject things it seeks to dispel. Literature becomes the Abjection’s signifier It helpsthe authorand reader towork throughabjectionandpsychicproblemsso that the subjects will be purified and will not be doomed to act them out.
  • 3. K Kristeva Literature = Signifier Abjection = Signified Resistance to abjection Discharge of abjection Kristevan Model Neurosis Psychosis - He hasPersonality disorderbutstill has a good grasp of the symbolicdiscourse. - He can be treated psychoanalytically. - He can say meaningful things coz he is aware. - He cannotuse the culture’ssymbolic modesof signification. - He isina narcissistic state because his symbolicstructure is collapsed. - He saysmeaningless things.Sohe is treated withmedicationsonly. - Theirbordersof self are seriously threatened. - Theyhave tenuous holdon the symbolic. - Theycan barely control their semioticaffects (Drives).
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