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  BeforeEach, AfterEach, BeforeAll, and AfterAll-------------------------------The BeforeEach and AfterEach commands allow you to define setup and teardown tasks that areperformed at the beginning and end of every It block. This can eliminate duplication of codein test scripts, ensure that each test is performed on a pristine state regardless of theirorder, and perform any necessary clean-up tasks after each test.BeforeEach and AfterEach blocks may be defined inside of any escribe or !onte t. If theyare present in both a !onte t and its parent escribe, BeforeEach blocks in the escribe scopeare e ecuted first, followed by BeforeEach blocks in the !onte t scope. AfterEach blocks arethe reverse of this, with the !onte t AfterEach blocks e ecuting before escribe.The script blocks assigned to BeforeEach and AfterEach are dot-sourced in the !onte t or escribewhich contains the current It statement, so you don#t have to worry about the scopeof variableassignments. Any variables that are assigned values within a BeforeEach block can be used insidethe body of the It block.BeforeAll and AfterAll are used the same way as BeforeEach and AfterEach, e cept that they aree ecuted at the beginning and end of their containing escribe or !onte t block. This isessentially syntactic sugar for the following arrangement of code$escribe #%omething# & try & 'BeforeAll !ode (ere) 'escribe Body) * finally & 'AfterAll !ode (ere) **+ote about synta and placement-------------------------------nlike most of the commands in a ester script, BeforeEach, AfterEach, BeforeAll and AfterAll blocksapply to the entire escribe or !onte t scope in which they are defined, regardlessof the order ofcommands inside the escribe or !onte t. In other words, even if an It block appears before BeforeEachor AfterEach in the tests file, the BeforeEach and AfterEach will still be e ecuted. ikewise, BeforeAllcode will be e ecuted at the beginning of a !onte t or escribe block regardless ofwhere it is found,  and AfterAll code will e ecute at the end of the !onte t or escribe.E amples-------------------------------escribe #Testing BeforeEach and AfterEach# & /afterEach0ariable 1 #AfterEach has not been e ecuted yet# It #emonstrates that BeforeEach may be defined after the It command# & /beforeEach0ariable 2 %hould Be #%et in a describe-scoped BeforeEach# /afterEach0ariable 2 %hould Be #AfterEach has not been e ecuted yet# /beforeAll0ariable 2 %hould Be #BeforeAll has been e ecuted# * It #emonstrates that AfterEach has e ecuted after the end of the first test# & /afterEach0ariable 2 %hould Be #AfterEach has been e ecuted# * BeforeEach & /beforeEach0ariable 1 #%et in a describe-scoped BeforeEach# * AfterEach & /afterEach0ariable 1 #AfterEach has been e ecuted# * BeforeAll & /beforeAll0ariable 1 #BeforeAll has been e ecuted# **


Nov 18, 2018


Nov 18, 2018
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