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Its a resume about the Coffee's Lady in Colombia
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  Flavors of Bogota Quick Guide to Specialty Coffee Shops Karen Attman © 2016 Flavors of Bogota All rights reserved. No part of this guide may be used or reproduced in any manner ithout ritten permission.  Let’s start at the eginning  !ou and have something in common. #no something about you $ you love coffee. And you #no something about me. %m &aren Attman' oner and founder of Flavors of Bogota.  And hat you #no about me is that (ust li#e you' love coffee. )f course' not (ust any coffee $ although on chilly Bogota mornings do get tempted to accept nearly anything that%ll arm up my hands* +hat both you and ant is the best coffee e,perience possible. -erhaps you%re visiting Bogota for (ust a fe days and ant to get the most out of the uniue specialty coffee scene here. )r maybe you live here and ant to find out the secret places that specialty coffee e,perts go to. !ou #no $ here the baristas hang out in their free time.  /he Flavors of Bogota offee hop /our is an education in specialty coffees in olombia. f you have enough time during your stay in Bogota' you%ll ant to return again and again to the places e visit on the tour. But time on the tour is limited' so e can only ta#e you to a handful of places. !ou%ll also ant to chec# out those places e didn%t have time to visit. /he coffee shops that produce national baristas. /he coffee shops that ill train you to be an e,pert coffee taster. offee shops here the passionate oners are loo#ing out for the farmers' helping them produce their best coffee. /he places here the roasters #no ho to coa, out of the coffee beans the best flavors' body and fragrances. f you ta#e our tour you%ll learn ho to find the best taste e,periences. Afterards you can put that #noledge into practice by visiting specialty coffee shops and reuesting your coffee li#e apro. Because you%ll #no hat breing methods to reuest.  !ou%ll be able to discuss flavor profiles li#e a professional cupper.  And you%ll impress    the baristas  . !lease  impress the baristas. /hey%ll love you for it and let them #no here you got all your coffee #noledge3. So here ill you go to sho off your kno ledge#   A $ord aout Specialty Coffee Shops in Bogota  Although in Bogota you can find tinto  heavily seetened blac# coffee3 on nearly every street corner' high uality coffee shops have been harder to uncover. /he good nes is that over the past fe years more specialty coffee shops have been opening up around Bogota. 4any of these small shops put independent groers and roasters on center stage' focusing on their stories and their efforts to produce the best uality coffee possible.5isting all the coffeehouses in Bogota ould be impossible in such a short guide' but here are afe to get you started. 4any of these are small' independent groers and roasters ho care about more than (ust the bottom line or ho' at times' completely forget the bottom line to promote certain coffees and farmers3. 4any have roasting and tasting rituals that get you involved in detecting those subtle flavors in each coffee. And you%ll get a closer loo# at the deep pride olombians feel at being a part of the coffee process $ hether a farmer' roaster' cupper or barista. .
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