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  Abstract: This assignment was written to prove the talk of William Shakespeare: “ Love is not love ….” By three works a walk to remember by Niolas Spark! "ne #ay by an$ the Sensible Thing by . % walk to remember tells a story abo&t two st&$ents in high shool! 'amie an$ Lan$on was an$ "ne #ay! we fo&n$ that! the (&otation of Shakespeare was right b&t in the “% Sensible Thing” we $isovere$ that! after hanges! their love has hange$. So we think that! in this short story! may be! the relationship between % an$ B may not the love! may be )&st something more than frien$ b&t not love. % walk to remember was retol$ by Lan$on *arter when he+s now ,- years ol$. n the story! he sai$ that: “.. then yo& will ry!…” he has &se the .. effet to get the attention from rea$er. The story tol$ the story when Lan$on was /- years ol$. 0e was a na&ghty boy! la / ke pha phah! $an $&m! hoi boi! that was show in the “…” 1 when he talk 2 letter wor$ to the bo &a 'amie! not many people like him. %n$ 'amie! a very kin$ an$ h&moro&s! she always help people in the village so thatevery ol$ people in the village love her. 0owever! she $i$n+t have many frien$s at shool bea&se she was reserve$ an$ o&t$ate$. Lan$on an$ 'amie like a 3 parallel lines an$ never ross till one $ay Lan$on took part in lop $ien kih. 0e aske$ for the help from 'amie an$ 'amie warn he “not to fall in love with her” b&t at the en$!Lan$on ha$ felt  love 'amie. Their love ha$ met many hallenges. the forbi$$en of 'amie+s father b&t Lan$on has aske$ an$ th&yet ph& ong $e ong $ong y “…”. 4inally! he has permitte$ 'amie for going o&t with Lan$on. 0e has $isover the  bea&ty insi$e her an$ help her th& hien tat a nh&ng $ie& &o &a minh. their love keo $ai khong la& thi Lan$on biet $&o 'amie bi ma benh…! she annot song $&o la&! 'amie $a o mot &o ng&yen la $ ket hon vs ng&oi minh ye& va hen the trong nha tho. *&oi &ng khi 'amie het thi Lan$on van l&on ye& o va anh noi rang hnh 'amie $a gi&p anh tro nen tot $ep hon."ne $ay:  Tinh ye& khong hi 5ay ra $o o s& th& thah hay bat ki $ie& gi! no ton tai trong h&ng ta! o $ie&! ban tha h&ng ta o th& s& m&on $ie& $o 5ay ra hay khong va ho $& gap kho khan gi
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