ACI AFRICA ABUJA. IER Sales Vice President Europe and Africa. Moving towards the airport of the future, a vision of the passenger experience

ACI AFRICA ABUJA Jean-Luc RAULINE IER Sales Vice President Europe and Africa Moving towards the airport of the future, a vision of the passenger experience September 17th, 2010 IER, a subsidiary of the
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ACI AFRICA ABUJA Jean-Luc RAULINE IER Sales Vice President Europe and Africa Moving towards the airport of the future, a vision of the passenger experience September 17th, 2010 IER, a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group The Bolloré Group is one of the 500 largest companies in the world and is active in services, industry and media: Transport and logistics Fuel distribution Dedicated terminals and systems (IER) Plastic films for capacitors and packaging Communication and media Net sales Bn Employees More than in 108 countries IER combines expertise in self service, access control and asset tracking Air transportation Ground transportation Other industries Self service Access control Goods tracking 3 Check-in counter IER is known for Multi use Printers ATB & BTP Deployed in Nigeria by 1 Feed Ethernet/IP USB RS Feeds ISO PDF 417 AZTEC Datamatrix QR Deployed in Nigeria by Traditional Boarding IER is also known for gate readers IER 600 Flat Bed Barcode Scanner IER 602 The best way to enhance your brand image and experience barcode & RF HF 13,56 Mhz technologies AIRLINE Business Trends VIRTUALIZATION FROM HARDWARE to SERVICES & SOFTWARE e-services More software «multi-technology» readers FURTHER COST REDUCTION : automated luggage processing More shared resources Extreme reliability and availability Automated bag-drop Community approach RFID Self Service Remote monitoring Managed Services CUPPS GROWTH OF ANCILLARY SERVICES Payment modules on kiosks Upgrade of existing check-in software Net income FY2009 (in US$ millions) 1,500 Emirates TAM Linhas Aéreas Air China Cathay Pacific Gol Transportes Aereos Qantas THY Turkish Airlines Singapore Airlines Thai Airways Malaysia Airlines AirTran Holdings Alaska Airlines easyjet Southwest Airlines Skywest Airlines China Southern Airlines JetBlue Airways Hainan Airlines Iberia China Eastern Airlines ExpressJet Air Berlin Air Canada All Nippon Airways Korean Air Lufthansa Virgin Blue US Airways Ryanair Continental Airlines SAS British Airways United Airlines Japan Airlines Delta Air Lines AMR Air France - KLM 1, ,000-1,500-2,000-2,500 Potential Solutions Further grow your revenue by encouraging ancillary services Use your agents to sell and no longer to take care of passenger check-in Ask your passengers to do it themselves Potential Solutions Changes are necessary : In passenger flow process In agent s job In enabling technologies From IER From : IER 2000 IER 557 ATB Printer To To IER 2010 The goal : Simplify & let the passenger control the process Overview of the solution Check-in Bag-drop Security Boarding Passengers with bags Self service bagdrop Self scanning Passengers with no bags 15 The ANZ exemple on domestic flights No more check in counters in most of their stations Focus given on kiosk or e-pass check in No more queues, regardless of the peak periods Airport check in takes 2 minutes inclusive of baggage drop Agents dedicated on helping passengers, increasing customer satisfaction Passengers with e-pass able to show up at the airport 10 minutes before flight departure Significant cost cutting while improving the flow and the customer service, and bringing value to their high value customers 16 You tag on your own bag. Everyone can do it! The kiosk delivers the bagtag The bagtag has been redesigned to be self explanatory Scales are accessible for weight verification Passengers are allowed 1 bag of 25 kg Second bag is charged 15 USD Before the implementation of this process the maximum weight was 20 kg and passengers had to pay for all extra kg Excess weight is paid at the kiosk 17 Bag drop: can it be simpler? Putting a bag on a conveyor belt is the simplest and fastest bag drop Concern about bag reconciliation? Concern about safety? Before thinking about complex technologies, consider having roving agents 18 To retain high value customers, some simple technical innovations are better than complex FF scheme A product called epass reserved to frequent flyer with high mileage Gold Elite, Gold or Silver Airpoints member or Koru member epass is a RFID sticker that stores an identifier Passenger needs to indicate this identifier at booking This epass is enough to go all the way to the gate But regulation requires that passenger holds e-ticket confirmation At boarding the passenger places the cell phone close to the reader to be given access epass also gives access to lounges 19 ANZ is not the only exemple of passager facilitation using Self Service check-in: SAN JOSE AIRPORT SKYTEAM FLYBE NORVEGIAN What will be the next step for passenger facilitation? Use of NFC? Automatic drop off? IER Drop off solution 22 Is this Science fiction for the African Airports? The passengers are now used to self service and they are looking for the same level of service everywhere when they travel Queuing is not a fatality! Your passengers are now used to perform a lot of tasks themselves and are happy to do so Thank you for your attention 24
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