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All About History 2017 Iconic Moments in Politics

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  More than any other force in history, politics has shaped the world that we live in today. Behind every great war or revolution, and every charismatic leader or head of state, is a political motivation and ideology. Great political moments are sometimes understated – the signing of a document, the delivery of a speech – but this belies their signi󿬁cance. The consequences of these decisions, agreements and denouncements can affect the lives of billions of people around the world, and they can profoundly alter the course of history, for good or ill. Throughout Iconic Moments in Politics you’ll see some of the most important political events in history brought to life through evocative imagery and expertly written features. From the great revolutionary movements in France, Russia and the United States, to more recent events like Brexit, the Watergate Scandal and the outbreak of the Arab Spring, we’ve collected a wealth of important entries that span both continents and centuries. We hope you enjoy it.
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