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  M.H. ALSHAYA an international retail franchise operator - Started in Kuwait 1890 - Earlier it traded “Pearls and Spices”  Under the guidance and leadership of our Executive Chairman, the business is led by our Chief Executive Officer. Each of the brands within Alshaya sits within one of seven business units(with brands): 1.   Fashion & Footwear - Mothercare, H&M, American Eagle Outfitteres, Victoria’s Secret   2.   Food - The Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks, Pinkberry 3.   Health & Beauty  –    The Body Shop, M.A.C, VaVaVoom  4.     Pharmacy - Boots  5.   Optics  –    Solaris, Vision Express  6.   Home Furnishings  –    Pottery Barn, West Elm  7.     Leisure & Entertainment  –    KidZania  Coming soon brand BABEL Babel is a unique Lebanese restaurant, renowned for its dynamic architecture, outstanding hospitality, and its signature twist on Mediterranean classics Each brand is led by a Vice President or Business Director. Ultimate brand responsibility and P&L accountability sits with business unit Presidents who report directly to the CEO. Operating in (9 Middle East, 2 North African, 4 European Countries) 1.   Kuwait 2.   Saudi Arabia 3.   UAE 4.   Oman 5.   Jordan 6.   Iraq 7.   Bahrain 8.   Qatar 9.   Lebanon 10.   Egypt 11.   Morocco 12.   Poland 13.   Czech Republic 14.   Turkey 15.   Russia  Profiles on Campus Food Division   Logistics Corporate Marketing Fashion Division   Facts And Figures Alshaya's first international franchise business, trading as M.H. Alshaya, was established in 1983 with the opening of our first Mothercare store in Kuwait . Here's a brief overview about the company. 1.   We are part of the Alshaya Group of companies, a family business established in 1890.  2.   Our Executive Chairman is Mohammed Abdul Aziz Alshaya , part of the third generation of the family business. 3.   We manage over 70  brands, bringing the best international names to new consumers. 4.   Our 2,600  stores occupy over   9 million  sq ft / 850,000  sq m of retail space and we continue to grow at pace. 5.   We operate across the Middle East and North Africa, Russia, Turkey and Europe. 6.   We employ more than 40,000  people from over 110  nationalities. 7.   We make over 430 million  transactions and serve over 140 million  guests in our stores, cafés and restaurants. 8.   We operate across diverse customer sectors  - Fashion & Footwear, Food, Health & Beauty, Optics, Pharmacy, Home Furnishings and Leisure & Entertainment. 2013 Summers experience- IIM Calcutta process GD General retail topics like growth of retail in India, disruption in retail created by e-commerce. They don’t like candidates with aggression. Good points and professional conduct is what will get you through PI    What do u know about retail?    What do you know about the Alshaya group?    Are you fine with working in Kuwait?    How long do you plan on working abroad?    Which department would you like to join?    What are your long term goals and how do they align with the Alshaya Group    Typical HR questions  31 Interns Last Year With 26 PPOs Advantages of the Franchising Model : 1. Requires less initial capital than independently starting a company 2. Franchisees are provided with significant amounts of training, not common to most entrepreneurs. 3. The franchisor benefits because it can expand rapidly without having to increase its labor force and operating costs, using much less capital. 4. Franchised stores have a higher margin for the parent company than company-owned stores  because of minimal operating expenses in maintaining franchised stores. 5. It offers instant recognition to an enterprise. Drawbacks : 1. Franchising stores reduces the amount of control that the parent company has over its products and service, which may lead store quality to vary greatly from store to store. 2. Franchisees must pay a percentage of their revenues to the parent company, reducing their overall earnings. Trends and Future of Franchising 1. Regional business leaders  (area developers): Instead of searching out hundreds of mom-and- pop franchisees, many American concepts are partnering with a deep-pocketed overseas developer who can navigate the culture and open and operate numerous units at once. 2. Digital Ads & Developing websites : Site Analytics and other online services are used on an increasing basis to help franchisors decide the franchisees they should select and where should they set their stores. 3. Increasing franchises in fast foods : The ease of opening up undifferentiated and location driven fast food chains like yogurt, frozen desserts and burgers. 4. B2C E-Commerce : An increasing number are taking an additional step and actually selling  products/services to customers on-line. A number of franchised businesses are moving to establish their own sites that sell, in order to build and protect market share. 5. New Disputes : Development of Internet, all the positives aside, is also responsible for an increasing number of disputes between franchisors and franchisees. Most franchisors want to control Internet development and do not want franchisees to start their own websites.  Kuwait:    Sovereignty over nine small islands in the Arabian Gulf    Petroleum is the principal driver of the economy    Kuwait has the oldest directly elected parliament among the Arab States    Approximately 10-15% of the cars are taxicabs, so it is not difficult finding one when you need one.    The traffic is heavy, and it is much more behaved than that in China, but it is dangerous nevertheless. (Mentioned about dangerous traffic in PPT)      Most of the people in Kuwait are foreigners. According to one source I read, only 45% of the people living in Kuwait are Kuwaitis    There are a few English language newspapers, and there is allegedly freedom of the press in Kuwait, although certain subjects are taboo, such as anything that might insult God, and anything that could interfere with national unity.
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