An Explanation of Fasting and Its Effects on the Body

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   An Explanation of Fasting and its Effects on the Body  Fasting is practiced by religious people around the globe. Recent studies show that fasting is actually good for your health by exposing cells to mild stress, improving hormone composition and reducing bodyfat, while giving your digestive system a healthy break. There are people who swear on fasting to lose body fat and improve general health. But what actually happens inside your body during a fast? Body fat and Glycogen uring the fast you lose a lot of water, even if you drink during the fast, you can lose more than a liter of water per day. This is caused by the metabolism of glycogen. !hen the body is deprived of food it will burn its own energy stores. The body has main energy stores# $dipose tissue %body fat&, glycogen %stored carbohydrates& and amino acids%muscle tissue&. The first energy store your body will burn is glycogen. 'lycogen is a carbohydrate that is stored in the liver and in small amounts in the muscles. !hen your  body burns ( gram of glycogen for energy, it also uses ),* grams of water. Because of this you will rapidly lose %water&weight when fasting. !hile the glycogen storage is gradually depleting, the body will burn relatively more body fat. !hen the glycogen stores are depleted, the body will run entirely on body fat. The body will also use some amino acids during the entire fast. )+ grams of amino acids will provide the body with ( gram of glucose. because this is not very efficient the body will try to save amino acids asmuch as possible. Resistance training has been shown to reduce the use of amino acids significantly.  Ketosis !hen the body is completely reliant on body fat as an energy store, which happens when all the stores of glycogen are depleted%*+-)h&, it will gradually shift from lipolysis%glucose& to ketosis%ketones&. From a metabolic perspective this is more efficient.our body will now use ketones as an energy source instead of glucose. The brain still needs glucose to function properly however. The glucose that the brain needs will be made from amino acids. Growth Hormone spike uring a )+hour fast, /'/ levels increased an average of ( 00 percent in women, and nearly )000 percent in men. !hen /'/ levels are this high it means the body will try to save muscle tissue. The preferred source of energy will be fats and carbohydrates. $s youcan see on the picture, your body will secrete more and more /'/ the longer you fast and the amount of free fatty acids that are available increase significantly. This shows that  the body wants to keep as much lean tissue as possible while burning adipose tissue for energy. Health benefits Fasting has been linked to# ã 1ncreased 'rowth hormone levels ã 1mproved insulin sensitivity ã Reduced blood pressure ã 1ncreased /2 %good cholestorol& levels ã Reduced body fat levels ã 1ncreased longevity Do you fast? ã  es, once per week  ã  es, once per month ã  es, once per year  ã  3o, but i am considering it ã  3o, i don4t fast 5ee results without voting My personal experience 1 fast every week on sunday which i have been doing for about ) months now. For ) hours i eat nothing. 1 only drink water and green tea. 1 usually feel my stomach growling throughout the mornings, but the hunger slowly subsides after a period of time.1t is recommended that you have something to do, so you wont be thinking about food all the time. Thinking about food usually makes me hungry. 1t is also hard to decline food that is offered to you. 6eople will usually tell you that you are cra7y while they eat their french fries and pi77a. $ctually, most people think you will drop dead if you don4t eat for some time.The breakfast on the next day usually tastes ama7ing, and it doesn4t even matter what it is8 Fasting really resets your taste. Food tastes at least twice as good after a day of fasting. 1 believe fasting once a week is great for fat loss and health. 1 usually feel more energetic after a day of fasting. 1 highly recommend fasting one day of the week, especially if other methods don4t work for you.  Make your own Hubs! Do you want to write about the things you love and earn a passie income  with it? Join hubpages now and make this world a better place by sharing your knowledge.Click here to register.  Water fasting: The fountain of Youth ater asting  About water fasting Water fasting is the act of taking in nothing but water. No other substances, for a duration of time. t has been a primary means of healing for thousands of years and is also a means of spiritual growth in many religions. !he primary ambition behind water fasting is to allow the body a period of physiological rest. iving it an valuable opportunity to cleanse itself. # great deal of the bodies energy is directed to digestion. When one embarks on a water fast they allow their digestive system a much needed break, and in turn this digestive energy is redirected to other processes in the body. $pecifically, the process of deto%ification. !his is where the healing power of fasting comes into play.&ver the years we are taking in chemicals'to%ins from every direction. (rom what we eat, what we put on our skin, what we clean with, prescription medications, the air we breath, and the water we drink. !hese are )ust a few. *ut many of these to%ic sources are the daily routines many people. #nd that means the bodies healing processes are weighed down in its need to deal with these disturbances in a safeand timely manner.+arely is our body given the rest time to catch up on this to%ic load and cleanse itself. *ut id we were to the stop the intake of these to%ins, and increase the energy used for healing we can reverse the downward spiral of our health. !his can be achieved through the redirection of digestive energy to deto%ification and giving your body the physiological rest it needs. # typical amount of time to notice significant change in an individuals health is around - days. With longer fasts used for even greater healings reaching up to / days. !he longer the fast the more profound the results. *ut for some a shorter fast is more highly recommended.
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