LICEO SCIENTIFICO LEONARDO DA VINCI REGGIO CALABRIA ANNO SCOLASTICO 2015/2016 P r o g r a m m a di L ii n g u a I n g ll e se CLASSE I sez. c Prof. Borrellllo Italliia Daniiella Libro di testo PERFORMER
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LICEO SCIENTIFICO LEONARDO DA VINCI REGGIO CALABRIA ANNO SCOLASTICO 2015/2016 P r o g r a m m a di L ii n g u a I n g ll e se CLASSE I sez. c Prof. Borrellllo Italliia Daniiella Libro di testo PERFORMER Zanichelli- Dialogues from the textbook UNITS 1/12 Contenuti: Spelling - To be-present simple-this\that;indefinite article a\an-plural nouns, personal pronouns - possessive adjectivies. Numbers Functions and skills: Describing people- making request- asking and giving permission- talking about ability- giving instructions.- talking about states and routinesexpressing frequency-describing places and facilities- describing weekend activities-describing what s happening now-talking about people-expressing possessions. Contenuti Have got- can (ability) Imperatives Present simple- adverbs of frequency- prepositions of time-there is,there are Present simple and continuous Question words Possessive adjectives and pronouns. Negative forms Functions and skills: Talking about past events - Describing what was happening asking for and giving reasons.irregular verbs.adverbs of manner Contenuti: Past simple: affirmative and negative- past simple: questions and short answers- past continuous- Why? Because- adverbs-object pronounsprepositions of direction Some/any How much/many- Countable and uncountable nouns.the future.will,be going to,present continuous as future; May.might for possibility;the present perfect. Making comparisons-superlative adjectives Vocabulary. Contenuti Comparative and superlative adjectivies- Dialogues and readings. A hobbit house Houses in the Uk Top attractions in London A walking tour through literary London British and American celebrations The wonders of the world Phil is at a travel agency The coolest Londoners are at Camden Lock Shopping in London Clothes La docente Prof.ssa I.Daniela Borrello LICEO SCIENTIFICO LEONARDO DA VINCI REGGIO CALABRIA ANNO SCOLASTICO 2015/2016 P r o g r a m m a L i n g u a di I n g l e s e Classe II C 1 2 Fase di raccordo e warm-up con le funzioni e strutture espletate nell anno precedente come tecnica di reinforcement UNIT 1/12 Contenuti: Spelling - To be-present simple-this\that;indefinite article a\an-plural nouns,this\those to have simple present and past - Modal verbs - Simple Past of to be - Simple Past of regular and irregular verbs - Numbers - Possessives - Demonstratives - Subject and object personal pronouns Making arrangements Talking about future plans Talking about future actions Talking about the past Talking about unfinished time Talking about experiences Talking about recent activities likes and dislikes - Expressing opinions - Writing e- mails - Writing paragraphs. Contenuti: The Continuous Present for future actions Future time expressions - one/ones - my own your own - Revision of the Simple Past - Reflexive pronouns Comparative adjectives - Intensifiers with comparatives - The Present Perfect - Past participle Present perfect continuous-superlative adjectives - Superlative and comparative quantifiers - - Question words: what?which? who? - Sentence word order - Compound sentences - Direct and indirect objects - 3 Talking about obligation asking for and giving advice Talking about facts Identifyng parts of the body - Talking about health Talking about the future Discussing future plans and intentions - Talking about inventions and discoveries Talking about environmental issues - Contenuti: Be going to - Must/Have to - Must don't have to - Revision of countable and uncountable nouns - Quantifiers - Revision of prepositions - Between/among - Should/shall - Present Simple passive - Past simple passive - Relative pronouns - Talking about the future - Agreeing and disagreeing - Talking about the weather - Talking about recent events - Talking about school subjects - Talking about length of time - Describing people - giving personal information - Writing a letter - Describing people - Talking about feelings - Making deductions - Talking about personality - Learning how to deal with difficult words and sentences - Learning vocabulary Contenuti: Modal verbs: will - Will be able to - Will have to - less than, fewer than - Comparative adverbs - Present perfect + yet, already, just - Still/yet - Have been/have gone - each other - How long? - Present perfect + for and since - May, might, could - Zero conditional - If + may, might, could - Be going to - 4 - Talking about conditions - Talking about actions in progress in the past - Asking politely - Reporting statements and questions - Expressing wishes and regrets - Writing short stories Contenuti: Tag questions - Stative and active verbs - Verbs of perception - as as/as as not - First conditional - If, when, as soon as, before - Past continuous - Past continuous vs past simple - Can, could - Contenuti Second conditional - If + were + would Past PerfectModal verbs for the past- Third Conditional-The passive-reported speech Letture scelte: Inventions-Being an inventor My friend,the mobile phone Sightseeing in Ireland Living in a small town Jekill s experiment Melbourn and Dublin My Dublin diary The natural beauty of Ireland 5 William Butler Yeats:The lake Isle of Innsfree Blogs and bloggers A week without technology Animals have feelings Would you choose homeopathy? Currency The City of London and the bank of England My year in Hong Kong What makes celebrities happy? Becoming an actor Welsh love spoons Lesley goes to see the doctor HIV and Aids in South Africa How to be healthy and fit in today s world The creation of a human being Conflict in Northern Ireland Perfect English Extraordinary animals The Australian landscape Richard Parker Why do we love crime entertainment? Policing Britain Was it fate? Cork Barbara March The Koala Gli alunni La docente 5 6 Liceo Scientifico Statale Leonardo da Vinci - Reggio Calabria Anno scolastico 2015/2016 Classe III C Prof. Borrello Italia Daniela Programma di lingua inglese Libri di testo ONLY CONNECT- NEW DIRECTIONS-Zanichelli- Macro-argomenti 1. From Early Britain to the middle ages 2. From the Renaissance to the Puritan Age. CONTENTS THE BIRTH OF A NATION The Celts -Roman Britain The Anglo-Saxson invasions The seven Kingdoms- Beowulf and Grendel.the fight Anglo Saxson culture The Viking invasions The literary genres:the poem Anglo-Saxson literature Old English Early metaphors Early poems Beowulf (an extract) Beowulf and Grendel:the fight Cultural issues:good vs evil Britain after the Norman Conquest The Norman Conquest-A feudal society-the Domesday Book The influence of French and the rise of Middle English A time of reform-church and state: Murder in the Cathedral John Lackland signs the Magna Carta-A war of succession- The Black Death The Peasants Revolt The rise of the merchants-a new sense of time The explosion of trades. The Gothic cathedral-the Wars of the Roses Literature in the late middle ages Medieval poetry The ballad: Lord Randal The birth of Parliament The three orders of medieval society GEOFFREY CHAUCHER Life and works A portrait of English society THE CANTERBURY TALES-A collection of stories-middle English The Prioress The Wife of Bath Comparing literatures:the narrator s voice:chaucer and Boccaccio Medieval drama Miracle and mistery plays-morality plays THE RENAISSANCE (1485) The roots and the spirit The centrality of man New learning HOTLINK : Italian influences of the English Renaissance The rise of modern science From Tudors to Stuarts The Tudors The Reformation-The age of religious persecution- The reign of Elizabeth I -The myth of Elizabeth - the battle for naval supremacy. The years after Elizabeth Literature during the Renaissance A literature of questions: the influence of Plato RENAISSANCE Poetry The sonnet: the English and Italian sonnet. SHALL I COMPARE THEE TO A SUMMER DAY RENAISSANCE Drama The human condition Elizabethan theatre,the structure The Globe(1599) The production of plays The world of Drama Drama,Play,Theatre William Shakespeare( ) Life and works Shakespeare s plays Shakespearean English Shakespeare s Authorship Romeo and Juliet:The balcony scene Hamlet: To be or not to be Othello :Eros and Thanatos The metaphysical poetry J.Donne Some units from the text Success : 01 A fresh start (present and past tenses,articles) 02 The body language -Actions speak louder than words CLIL The Enviroment:pollution,atmosphere Water cycle The skeleton The Cell La docente PROGRAMMA DI LINGUA e LETTERATURA INGESE CONTENUTI Cl. IV C Puritan mind The Civil war and the Commonwealth : Paradise Lost : Satan s speech Scientific rigour and intellectual clarity The Restoration Literature and science Royal Society The Augustan Age Industrial Revolution Journalism: Steele and Addison The rise of the novel: different types of novels- main features D. Defoe: An empirical science ; Robinson Crusoe : Man Friday J. Swift and the tradition of wit; Gulliver s travels Gulliver in the land of giants, the Laputians ; Mad Scientists, L. Sterne and the non-novel: Tristam Shandy Emotion versus Reason The Age of Revolutions The concept of Sublime The Gothic Novel M. Shelley : Frankenstein and the Modern Prometheus; Frankenstein (Text 1) The Age of Transition W.Blake.The visionary poet-the Lamb; The Tyger. T.Gray. Elegy written in a country churchyard Romanticism Historical background-literary features W. Wordsworth: Preface to the Lyrical Ballads : Daffodils ; My heart leaps up. Coleridge:The Rime of Ancient mariner- Shelley: England 1819 Keats : A thing of Beauty is a joy forever CLIL The skeleton-staying healthy-drugs and alcohol La Docente Programma di lingua e letteratura inglese. 5C Modulo di raccordo Romanticism J.Keats :'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'. 'La Belle Dame sans Merci' ' Prose J.Austen-Pride and Prejudice- 'Darcy's proposal' THE VICTORIAN AGE( ) Historical background Victorian Compromise Prime Minsters The moral code The mind Victorian Novel C.Darwin The Origin of Species Colonialism Kipling The Jungle books Conrad Heart of Darkness The social novel C.Dickens Industrial setting 'Hard times':'nothing but facts' 'Coke town' 'Oliver Twist':I want some more' E.Bronte Wuthering Heights: 'I am Heathcliff' 'Catherine's ghost' The Edwardian Age Aestethicism Oscar Wilde Life and works 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'-Preface-' Dorian stabs the picture The double Stevenson:Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde The Door Sigmund Freud:the Father of psychoanalysis Modern Age Modernism The main authors The interior monologue J.Joyce 'Ulysses'(themes-techniques) J.Joyce:'Molly's soliloquy' Dubliners:'Evelyn' T.S.Eliot The Waste Land (structure of the work) 'Unreal City' A famous American author: Walt Whitman:'O Captain,my Captain!' Emily Dickinson:'I am a nobody' An influential voice of the 20th century G.Orwell-Animal farm:'old Major's speech' '1984'(the anti-utopian novel)text 1 DRAMA The Theatre of Absurd S.Beckett: Waiting for Godot. I seguenti autori saranno presentati entro l 8 Giugno: E.Hemingway 'A farewell to arms' THE PRESENT AGE Key points Doris Lessing 'The grass is singing Jack Kerouac 'On the road' A modern perspective The art of persuasion Martin Luther King 'I have a dream' Clil:HISTORY of ART Turner and Constable.( Oil on canvas) Rain,steam and speed;the great falls of the Reichenbach;The shipwreck.(turner) Hadleigh castle; The Hay wain.(constable) WORLD WAR II L'insegnante Prof.I.D.Borrello
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