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Arabic Type Of Writing

Arabic writing style being an art tendency has appeared in ways of representation of religious facts
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   Arabic Type Of Writing  Arabic writing style being an art tendency has appeared in ways of representation of religious factsof Quran, the famous sacred book of Muslims, and portraying the holy phrases - Allah, Muhammad - at the landscape of Muslim religious houses and houses.Inside the early Islamic era two kinds of fonts found their application - they both srcinate from various types of Nabataean alphabet. The very first was a stringent mathematical printing of rectangular design and was called Kufic (with respect to the city of Kufa in Iraq). It had been used tocreate the very first handwritten copies of the Quran along with the new decorations in the earliestdecades of the Islamic state. Another fashion - Naskh - srcinated by the famous scribe of Ibn al-Bawwab; it'd more rounded italic design and was employed for writing letters, business documentsand wherever required higher rate writing than finesse and elegance of form. From the end of the12th-century, Cufic font has dropped its reputation and nowadays is shown by Magribi type of publishing in the North Africa. As time approved fresh beauty fonts appeared within Arabic culture, which might be appealed toTaalic, used in Iran. It's reflected by horizontal shots of characters and words tend to be composedat an angle. Later another elegant font appeared - Nastalic, which combined the Arabic Naskh alongwith the Local Taalic.The religious customs of Islam is really a huge barrier in progress of graphic arts, which explainswhy it was compensated inside the advancements of calligraphy. Therefore, about the surfaces anddomes of mosques one might take notice of the speech of such decorative fonts as Suls and Cofi. Thesurfaces were covered with geometric designs, mirroring the names of Allah as well as the Prophettogether witharabic style font free arabic fontsmany religious parables and aphorisms. Art pictures of mosques have become a specific trend in  calligraphy. It goes without stating that the letters to the paper is drastically different from themural paintings. For such work the master needs to have been able to find the proper color tone,fitting the architecture of mosques, to find the calligraphic type, to take into account the coverage of the areas, and even to take into consideration this tradition of the folks. Though, inside our days the-art of calligraphy lives a full living while in the Arab world, as well as in cases when literature isbased on the Arabic font.In addition, Arabic calligraphy is srcinal and pretty national issue, whichcontributes to the worldwide visual arts gradually.
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