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  Instructions for use   WASHER   Summary   This is   Spanish 1   This is   GB   Inglés, 13   Installation 2-3   Unpacking and leveling, 2   Electric and water connections, 2-3   The first wash cycle 3   Technicians, 3 Data   Washing machine description, 4-5   Control Panel, 4   Indicator lights 5   Starting and Programmes, 6   Briefly: starting a program, 6   Programme table, 6   Customizations 7    AVL 82   Setting the temperature, 7   Setting the spin 7   Functions 7   Detergents and laundry, 8   Detergent dispenser, 8   Preparing your laundry, 8   Special items, 8   Woolmark Platinum Care, 8   Precautions and tips, 9   General safety, 9   Eliminations 9   Respecting and conserving the environment 9   Care and maintenance 10   Cutting off the water or electricity supply, 10   Clean Machine 10   Clean the detergent dispenser 10   Caring for the door and drum, 10   Clean the pump 10   Controlling the water supply pipe 10   Troubleshooting 11    Assistance 12   Before calling for Assistance 12   1    Installation   This is   consult at any time. In case of sale,   of transferred or moved, make sure the   accompanies the washing machine to inform the new owner    river on the operation and provide the corresponding   teeth warnings.   important information on the installation, use and   security.   Keep this manual for power    Levelling provides stability   and avoid any vibrations, noise and displacement   coughing during operation. When installed   and carpet, adjust the feet   under the washer keep a space sufficient   I for ventilation.   Read instructions carefully: they contain   Electric and water connections   Connecting the water inlet hose   Unpacking and leveling   Unpacking   1. Unpack the washing machine.   Two. Sure that the machine has not been damaged   during transport. If it were not damaged   connect and contact your retailer.   Three. Remove the 3 screws   protection for    transport and washer    rubber with the corre-   respective spacer,   located in Part   later (see the figure).   A   1. Insert seal A   at the end of tube   Supply and   screw it to a faucet   cold water with mouth   Threaded 3/4 gas   (See the figure).   Before connecting,   run water    until clean.   Two. Attach the tube   feeding to the   screwing machine   in the water inlet   corresponding loca-   da at the rear    above and to the right   (See the figure).    April. Plug the holes with plastic plugs   supplied with the appliance.   . 5 Keep all the parts: when the machine should be   transported again be placed again.   Packaging materials are not children's toys.   Leveling   Three. Verify that the tube is not kinked or throttling   gulations.   within the values given in the table of contents   Technical data (see the next page).   1. Install the machine on a flat sturdy floor, without   resting it up against walls, furniture or any other appliance.   Two. If the floor is not   perfectly horizontal,   compensate for irregularities   ties loosen or    screwing the feet   front (see the   figure); angle   inclination measured on   work surface,   should not exceed 2 °.   The water pressure at the tap must be-   enough, contact a specialist store or an   authorized technician.   If the tube length is not long   2    Connecting the drain hose   Do not use extensions or multiple sockets.   nes.   65-100 cm   Connect the tube   unloading, without to fold, to   a stand pipe   located at a distance   including floor    between 65 and 100 cm;   This is   Installatio   The cable must not be bent or dangerously compressed-   The power cord should only be replaced by   technicians.    Attention! The company denies all respon-   ity if these rules are not   respected.   alternatively, place the edge of    a sink or a   tub, fastening the guide   supplied with the   apparatus, the tap (See   the figure). End   Free tube des-   load should not perma-   I necer submerged in   water.   Descripti The first wash cycle    After installation and before use, make a   wash cycle with detergent and no laundry, setting-   nando the program at 90 ° C without prewash.   ProgramDetergen However, if necessary, the extension   must have the same diameter as the srcinal hose and must not   exceed 150 cm.   Electrical connection   You should not use extension tubes, of    Technical data   Model    AVL 82   59.5 cm wide.   height 85 cm.   52.5 cm depth.   from 1 to 5 kg.   Precautio Before connecting the appliance, check that:   ? decision has grounding and has been made   according to the law;   ? The socket can withstand the maximum load   power of the machine indicated in the table   Technical data (See opposite);   ? the power supply voltage falls within   the values shown in Table Data   technical (See opposite);   ? the socket is compatible with the plug of the washing   dora. If not, replace the socket or the plug.   Dimensions   Capacity   Connections   Power    Connections   water    Speed   spin   Programs   est according to   IEC456 directive   Maintena Voltage 220/230 volt 50 Hz   1850 W maximum power consumption   maximum pressure 1 MPa (10 bar)   minimum pressure 0.05 MPa (0.5 bar)   drum capacity 46 liters   maximum 800 rpm    Abnormas   Program 3; temperature 60 ° C;   made 5 kg. load.   This machine complies with   established by the following   European Community Directives:   - 73/23/EEC of 19/02/73 (Low   Voltage) and subsequent modifications   - 89/336/EEC of 03/05/89   (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and   subsequent amendments   even if the place is ready, as it is very   dangerous to leave it exposed to rain and storms.   should be easily accessible.   The washing machine should not be installed outdoors, or     Assistanc   Once installed the appliance, the outlet   3    Description of the washer    Control panel   This is   Indicator lights   Legend   Buttons   FUNCTION   Button   ON / OFF   Indicator light   ON / DOOR   LOCKED   Detergent dispenser    Button   Command   Command   Command   PROGRAMS   START / RESET   TEMPERATURE   SPIN   Detergent dispenser: to add detergent and   additives (See p. 8).   Caption: to query each point a   synthetic scheme of the programs: is opened by pulling   gray tab out.   Indicator lights: to follow the progress of    wash program.   If the Start Scheduler function is selected   program ', indicate the time remaining to the   implementation of the program (See p. 5).   Command SPIN: to select the   centrifugation or exclude (See p. 7).   Buttons FUNCTION: to select functions   tion available. The corresponding button on the   selected function will remain lit.   Command TEMPERATURE: to select the   temperature or the cold wash (See p. 7).   Button ON / OFF: to ignite   and switch the machine off.   Button START / RESET: to launch   programs or cancel any incorrect settings.   Indicator light ON / DOOR BLO-   LATCHED: to see if the washing machine is on   and if the door can be opened (See p. 5).   Command PROGRAMS: to choose the programs   most. The knob is retractable: to remove   press lightly in the center. During   the knob does not move.   4  
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