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  MEERUT INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY MEERUT (068) Mechanical, B.Tech-4 rd Year (7 th  sem) (Pre University Test), 2017-2018 Computer Aided Manufacturing (NME-031) Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100 Section A 1. Attempt all parts 10x2=20 (a)  What do you understand by Dwell programming? (b) What is sequence number search? (c) Define tool compensation. (d) What is drive, part and check surface? Draw a neat sketch showing all surfaces. (e)  How can you specify a plane in APT? Explain with examples. (f) Explain the basic difference between NC and CNC machines. (g)  Compare between NC machine Vs robots. (h) Differentiate between ACO and ACC. (i) Define the part families used in group technology.  (j) What types of layouts are used in manufacturing cell design?   Section B 2. Attempt any five of the following questions: - 5x10=5 (a) In an NC drilling operation, two holes must be drilled in sequence at the following co ordinate location; Hole1: x=2.00 y= 2.50 Hole2: x=4.00 y=2.50 No preparatory or miscellaneous words are required. Tool is changed manually, so that so that no t-word is required. The holes are to be drilled to half inch diameter at 75 rpm/min and 0.005 inch/ rev. write the two instruction block in each of the three block formats. (b)  Write down the APT geometry statements for the following (i) Line: Tangent to two circles C 1  and C 2 . (ii) Circle of radius R : Tangent to two lines L 1  and L 2   (c)  What is the difference between linear and circular interpolation? Explain each term in the following block of information: N035, G90, G02, X40, Y42.5, I15, J25 (d) Write the geometric statement and motion statement used in APT programming? (e) What are canned cycles, Subroutine and macro? (f)  What are the advantages of CAPP? Describe the salient feature of variant type of CAPP system. (g) What is CIM? Mention various elements of CIM. (h)  What is an FMS? Differentiate between dedicated and random order FMS. What functions are performed by material handling and storage system of an FMS?  Section C Attempt any two of the following questions: 2x15=30 3. (a) Explain the various robot configurations. Write application of robot.  (b) .Write NC part program for following job. (All dimensions are in mm) Work material= Aluminum Blank length= 40 mm Blank Diameter= 19mm Depth of cut= 0.25mm Φ18mm   Φ16mm  10mm 20mm 4.  What is group technology? Discuss in brief, its application in manufacturing. Give list of the methods used for coding and classification parts. Describe the two important types of coding schemes. 5. (a) What do you understand by robot joints, degree of freedom, payload, and work volume? What are the reasons for successful applications of robots in manufacturing industry? (b) Write an APT program to drill holes in a plate as shown in figure below. Spindle rotates at 500 rpm and required 65 mm feed rate is 0.05 mm per revolution to drill the hole. 65mm 12mm 70mm 15mm   30mm 70mm 30mm 7mm
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