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CBSE 2014 Question Paper for Class 12 Home Science - Delhi

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Board Examination Question Papers for Class 12 for Accountancy Subject. For All CBSE Board Question Papers for Class 12 of 2014 Year visit: For All CBSE Resources visit:
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  Series : OSR/I *]*,. 6gtl 3lr{-gRirfis'{q-ls vr s{-d{q fnrd r Candidates must write the Code on the title page of the answer-book. rtai Roll No. r yr<r vi-e orrt ioqq sl<-qd { gka gwl t r r vsq-q:{ ii (i{i aq s1 s*'{fsq Trq +tsaqr+} el-d eTrt-gk+r * 5e-gsqrfe,fl} r o Tqqrqiqs{dfotscf{-qdif lo c[{t r o {rr{rr 'rFrtFrrff faqqrlrrrer{+ * qrd, rrror m'qio wEsqferi t . w trl;r-q,{ si c-6+ + fu's ts fo+a qr qqc fflr .rqt t r cs-{-{d s,I flqc{or piqt ii to.ts vi tscr q1}r11 I 10.15 qi + 10.30 {q ils-Er* #+e c5-q* al c}i etr W s{qfu + qhn d ffir- gk-+rwot$e-trr$fuili r . Please check that this question paper contains 4 printed pages. . Code number given on the right hand side of the question paper should be written on the title page ofthe answer-book by the candidate. o Please check that this question paper contains 30 questions. r Please write down the Serial Number of the question before attempting it. o 15 minutes time has been allotted to read this question paper. The question paper will be distributed at 10.15 a.m. From 10.15 a.m. to 10.30 a.m., the students will read the question paper only and will not write any answer on the answer book during this period. 116fuirl;T ffi{6) HOME SCIENCE (Theory) fo1ffr1sqq;jEil1 fatfti6dcaiq:70 Time allowed : 3  hoursl I Maximum Marks : 70 qtqrqGrfu: (i) mf  c'rdt#rdrd&(' I (ii) wwn-wfiWsowqi t 1i ii; nw-dwr t -s d* go iir *r'r-+ { Fn# rar q6 cr a} flfl il dfuq r gl nw+iwr o-1e 76 al ii+l #rr+d; ffisdr to-zotql Cd&s' r (r) wq-(iqr zo-zo aq ah dot i vw { ffi aar zo-sa vrei Cd&q r (vi) vw-riwrzT-30dzF vrr;i##w-+d fuiSsdrnptql CE?fo' r Oiil qai emyqqai' arym rrcrrr vFa rrn s+fu(, l lP.T.O. AglaSem Schools  General Instruclions : O All questions are compulsory. (ii) There are total 30 questions. (iii) Questions no. I - 5 are.for I mark, lo be answered in one or two lines. (iv) Questions no. 6 - 19 are of 2 marl<s, to be answered in 10 - 20 words. ( ) Questions no. 20 - 26 are of3 marl<s, to be answered in 20 - 30 words. (ri) Questions no. 27 - 30 are of 4 marlcs to be answered in 40 word* (vii) Support your answer with suitable examples wherever required. 1. { =ii 6i s} + * +1 v-cei q{r+-q ss-dr w* Eerq{ffi 6-d q} qrfr t ? When is the first dose and the first booster dose of DPT given to chil&en ? 2. qtitd <i 6Tt-+, {dpsfu+*+nq mcg+1+1q-oqoqfr t r State any two factors which would increase the cost ofa fabric. 3. \'s-oq|q 4 tEa qr +.t 3rY'{ '+q-d q-t-Rfl-{ +t E$+ + las wT{f, fua .HEq I Draw suitable symbols for tumble dry and dry clean only on the label ofa shirt. 4. f{.,.isii Fd{ro-d.n \'.FErprs \'s'6rf{ {dT( r Mention one benefit and one limitation of investing in chit funds. 5. {deT + +d-iT rrffi qrq q}l sr qr-q+-tq-6 iqrT qftq t rdflTF i-fi-d} q E} E{-+1 q-rqc 3nqa;ssti ? Which standard mark should you look for while buying a bottle of squash ? How can you identify that this mark is not fake ? 6. sTq i kr-fu-drs qi-a * erffir CrritrrD dr TsT{ff ft1 q6qT{ ss+ t+q qn frit +t fris{ol s{-+stn ?  2 Which four features would you check to ensure that the lining of your readymade coatis of good quality ? i. cEt 3rqfu ed qrrt$egqflqq'tilr-*iqq+kqs{rq-+1*kT sFr 3rTq6fr t t 2 List any four long term goals for which your savings will come handy. 8. +{ s{q i€l s E: qr6 o1 nr$ +6a c-{r;r t l 6rd slc-+ {AIT lul st-d'e-ra i efiraqffi  st vo-frtr  2 Three year old Tracy and six months Mini are feeling very happy. State two ways each by which they would express their emotion. g. qf*dr q+ kdli (clothing and textiles) 61 Hre-6.(degree holder) t 3tt { s+ frqtEii + Uia-{ it Hs dfil t r eTc+ w {H q V{rqTq-dT s} {6 €zi S q+qrq ii 1+.-r qR TC6 i s+r iorvqfrt: 2 Kavita, a graduate in clothing and textiles and is good in designing. In what four ways can she use her knou,ledge and creativity in her own business ? 10. \rrm sr gsl{qrr eiqi qr6di fti B.t-i qt +i-{ S si s;frftni emr ss-dr } ? w {s i + List two malpractices a shopkeeper can adopt to deceive his constuners. What are yourtwo responsibilities in this context ? ) AglaSem Schools  1 1. qTt€i €t q's +-d+ trqfud sq t qr+ qTml..r+qfri qkf,r(' siFrs-d{H€r rt& t r ss* qn s.RUIqf,Eg t z state four reasons why pregnant women who regularly visit an ICDS centre, are likery to be healthy. t 2. cr ieTq-Ffi it dt{ s{ + qeii + fu+ sqt + er<{ Ei {-*i qd c-r}is-{ 61 fuip+ + H q{g{H*FilE I z Mention four indoor recreational facilities which can be provided in a crdche for three year old children. 13. q{r <rm sJ te +r ysri wirro sre +s foflqc s1 q6-q-a 61ffi e r{s'r <rq qdr{E r {s lMqrT+.t fitereqq{+{tcigwniivoitr 2 Use visual examination to identify dal like adulterant in chana dal and name it. write two health hazards of consuming such a product. 14. --IF dm fir{ qrss{ at qi'( e'.{+ * ffi qrc oret g*,n q{ qrs-{ s{rirr qk{ +€ + tdn Et, Fs+s{tdft-ff enq erqqi+dqngrqqrffi srqni,} ? 2 ' Apart from buying reputed brands from reputed shops, what four precautions would you adopt to buy unadulterated red chilly powder ? 1 5. qf.qrfr-qr o{rq ii qk * shq * eri q{ rtt qrd qn tt sqt or gar+ t lw w o{rqr+ t +s- mr$qvcn*t r z Suggest four specific ways by which you can easily help in reducing your expenses and contribute  to your family income. 1 6. ec-+ stq qc fi qtn q fr'€i t \r*. cftqT{ st +{ s} qK qq-*qtari qt qrrfl q'In rrg: {F6itt t: ) Predict four problems a family can face if it does not maintain a record of its house- hold expenses. 17. €tfr \'6Qd ckdT +fuS {Et q qroq oT ft-qrfi qrT {fi tffi Tqr( t& t r qq 6r{ il qe o-or * qrt n-re) q'r r-qlr irt Ei r z Swati wants to design a sari and blouse for a woman who has fat arms. show her how she can use all the four elements ofdesign in designing this dress. 18. scrsfl ffi-t e 6qt{ w'r{r qrEnt t r gs q}eirs ii Eq q q5s fri mr pffi o'.{i +q}-<i ilfr+e-dTq+ r  z Upasana wants to wear a skirt and a shirt. Illustrate two ways by which rhlthm andemphasis can be checked in this dress. 19. E: cT6 + qrqr( sq rt( + err+ M s&ii si qd + ksrdr dt l-+ sfdtrR qrcr I w . a+'sn*'vrceE{rkdsRq{dr{+ t 2 After six months, when Neetu took out her silk saris from a box, she found them damaged. List four possible reasons that could have caused this damage. 20. s: cr{+ cti{ 61 riflTe-*', slclfus q Tr(qrffi6. eTc-dr( \rqrsrcrq E-.n +S t I w q'prr +t gfusi-EigErfi.Tts{dfus r 3Six month old Mohan's cognitive, social and motor abilities are similar to that of anaverage child. Support this statement with the help of two examples each. 6etr 3 [p.T.O. AglaSem Schools
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