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CBSE 2014 Question Paper for Class 12 Home Science - Outside Delhi

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Board Examination Question Papers for Class 12 for Accountancy Subject. For All CBSE Board Question Papers for Class 12 of 2014 Year visit: For All CBSE Resources visit:
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  69 1 P.T.O.  narjmWu H moS >H mo CÎma  -  nwpñVH m Ho _w I  -  n¥ð >na Adí` {bIo § & Candidates must write the Code on the title page of the answer-book.   Series OSR  H moS> Z§ . 69   Code No.    amob Z§. Roll No.    J¥h {dkmZ (g¡ÕmpÝVH )   HOME SCIENCE (Theory) {ZYm©[aV g_` : 3 KÊQ>o  A{YH V_ A§H : 70    Time allowed : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 70     H¥ n`m Om±M H a b| {H Bg àíZ  -  nÌ _o§ _w{ÐV n¥ ð> 7  h¢ &   àíZ  -  nÌ  _| Xm{hZo hmW H s Amoa {XE JE H moS >Zå~a H mo N>mÌ CÎma  -  nwpñVH m Ho _w I  -  n  ¥ð> na {bI| &   H¥ n`m O  m±M H a b| {H Bg àíZ  -  nÌ _| > 30  àíZ h¢ &     H¥ n`m à  íZ H m CÎma {bIZm ewê H aZo go nhbo, àíZ H m H« _m§H Adí` {bI| &     Bg àíZ  -  nÌ  H mo n‹T>Zo  Ho {bE 15  {_ZQ >H m g_` {X`m J`m h¡ & àíZ  -  nÌ H m {d  VaU nydm© ã _| 10.15   ~Oo {H `m OmEJm & 10.15  ~Oo go 10.30  ~Oo VH N>mÌ Ho db àíZ  -  nÌ  H mo n‹T>|Jo Am¡a  Bg Ad{ Y Ho Xm¡ amZ do CÎma  -  nwpñVH m na H mo B© CÎma Zht {bI|Jo &   Please check that this question paper contains 7  printed pages.   Code number given on the right hand side of the question paper should be written on the title page of the answer-book by the candidate.   Please check that this question paper contains 30  questions.    Please write down the Serial Number of the question before attempting it.     15 minutes time has been allotted to read this question paper. The question paper will be distributed at 10.15 a.m. From 10.15 a.m. to 10.30 a.m., the students will read the question paper only and will not write any answer on the answer-book during this period. AglaSem Schools  69 2 gm_mÝ` {    ZX}e    :   (i) g^r àíZm| Ho CÎma Xr{OE &    (ii)   Bg àíZ  -  nÌ _| Hw b 30  àíZ h¢ & (iii)   àíZ  -  g§»`m 1  –  5   VH EH A§H Ho àíZ h¢, {OZHo CÎma EH `m Xmo   bmBZ _| Xr{OE & (iv)   àíZ  -  g§»`m 6  –  19   VH Xmo A§H m| Ho  àíZ h¢, {OZHo CÎma 10  –  20  eãXm|  _| Xr{OE & (v)   àíZ  -  g§»`m 20  –  26   VH VrZ A§H m| Ho  àíZ h¢ , {OZHo CÎma 20  –  3 0  eãXm|  _| Xr{OE & (vi)   àíZ  -  g§ »`m 27  –  30  VH Mma A§H m| Ho  àíZ h¢ , {OZHo CÎma 40   eãXm|  _| Xr{OE &   (vii)   Ohm± A mdí`H hmo Cn`wº CXmhaU g{hV CÎma Xr{OE &    General Instructions : (i)  All  qu estions are compulsory. (ii) There are total  30  questions. (iii) Questions no. 1  –  5  are for 1  mark, to be answered in  one or two  lines. (iv) Questions no. 6  –  19  are of  2  marks, to be answered in 10  –  20  words. (v) Questions no.  20  –  26  are of  3  marks, to be answered in  20  –  30  words. (vi) Questions no.  27  –  30  are of  4  marks, to be answered in  40  words. (vii) Support your answer with suitable examples wherever required. 1.    ~ƒm| H  mo ~r  .gr.Or.  H m Q>rH m H ~ d Š`m| bJm`m OmVm h¡   ?   1   When and why is BCG vaccine given to children ? 2.    H n‹S>m|  H s ~mhar {XImdQ> H mo à^m{dV H aZo dmbo  {H Ýht Xmo H maH  m| H m C„oI H s{O  E   & 1   Mention any two factors which would influence the appearance of a fabric. 3.  EH H _rµ  O Ho bo~b na ‘  Q>å~b S´>mB© Z H a| ’  Ed§ ‘  ãbrM Z H a| ’  H s OmZH mar Xem©Zo Ho {bE  Cn`wº {M   ã   ~ZmBE & 1   Draw suitable symbols for ‘ Do not tumble dry ’  and ‘D o not bleach ’  on the label of a shirt. 4.  S>mH Ka _| ~MV ImVm ImobZo H m EH bm^ d EH hm{Z ~VmBE & 1   Mention one benefit and one drawback of opening a Savings account in a Post office. AglaSem Schools  69 3 P.T.O. 5.  H m° µ\ s IarXVo g_` AmnH mo H m¡ Z  -  gm _mZH {M   ã   Xo IZm Mm{hE ?  Bg {M   ã   Ho ZµH br Z hmoZo  H s nhMmZ Amn H¡ go H a| Jo  ?   1   Which standard mark should you look for while buying coffee ? How can you identify that this mark is not fake ? 6.  AnZr {gbr  -  {gbmB© noÝQ> H s Oo~m| H s AÀN>r JwUdÎmm H s Om±M Ho {bE, Amn CZ_| {H Z  Mma Jw Um| H s Om±M H a| Jo ?   2    What four features would you check to ensure that the pockets of your readymade pant are of good quality ? 7.  Eo gr {H  Ýht Mma AmnmV pñW{V`m| H s gyMr ~ZmBE {OZHo {bE AmnH mo AnZo ~MV  {H E JE YZ H m  à`moJ H aZm n‹S> gH Vm h¡ &   2    List any four emergency situations for which your savings can come handy. 8.  VrZ  -  df  u` Q´>ogr d N>h _mh H s {_Zr H mo S>a bJ ahm h¡ & Eogo Xmo -  Xmo VarHo ~VmBE  {OZgo do AnZo g  §doJ A{^ì`º H a gH Vr h¢ & 2    Three-year-old Tracy and six-month-old Mini are feeling afraid. State two ways each by which they can express their emotion. 9.  H {dVm  J¥h  -  à~§Y _| ñZmVH h¡ VWm {S>µ  OmBqZJ _| ^r AÀN>r h¡ & ñd`§ Ho H mamo ~ma  _| AnZo  Bg kmZ  d aMZmË_H àd¥{Îm H m Cn`moJ dh {H Z Mma VarH m| go H a gH Vr h¡ ?   2    Kavita, a Home Management graduate, is good in designing. In what four ways can she use her knowledge and creativity in her own business ? 10.  XmofnyU© VamµOy Ho A{V[aº , EH gãµOr ~oMZodmbm AnZo J«mhH m| H mo R>JZo Ho {bE H m¡Z  -  go Xmo  VarHo AnZm gH Vm h¡, CZH s gyMr ~ZmBE &    Bg g§X^© _| Amn AnZo Xmo CÎmaXm{`Ëd ^r  ~VmBE & 2    Besides using a defective balance, list two other malpractices a vegetable  vendor can adopt to deceive his customers. Mention two of your responsibilities in this context. AglaSem Schools
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