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       Grant Smith Professor McGrew Interpersonal Communication 5 February 2019 My Coat of Arms During the medieval times, cultures found in Europe, Asia and Africa made a coat of arms to show who they are as an individual or as a family. A coat of arms is a shield with four quadrants and in each quadrant is a symbol representing something unique about you or your culture. I have created a coat of arms and plan on describing the culture, gender, social comparison and reflected appraisal behind each of the symbols on my shield. My coat of arms is unique to me because no two people are the same. Self concept is a “relatively stable set of  perceptions you hold of yourself”(Oxford University Press 70). In this assignment I will be explaining how my self concept is developed through culture, gender, social comparison and reflected appraisal. On the culture quadrant of my coat of arms I put an image of an American flag. Culture is, “the language, values, beliefs, traditions and customs people share and learn”(Oxford University Press 38). I was born and raised in the United States of America and along with that I have picked up the cultures within it. Since the colonization of the United States, it has been known as the “melting pot” of cultures bringing in many cultures from Native Americans, Latin Americans, Africans and Asians. The United States government has not declared an official language of the country, however, according to “ninety percent of the US  population speak and understand English”(Zimmermann 8). Nearly every language in the world    is spoken in the United States, with the most popular non english languages being Spanish, Chinese, French and German. My family speaks English and english only so I have understood it from an early age. In 8th grade I began taking Spanish classes and took them through my sophomore year of high school, each year learning more and more about Spanish. By taking these classes I developed a basic understanding of Spanish language and culture. With the ability to speak and understand both English and Spanish I believe I fit in more with the American culture because of the vast amount of languages spoken within the US as well as the many foreign cultures found in the United States that I have come to understand. Similarly to language, nearly every religion is practiced within the United States. In the US population roughly 71% identify themselves as Christians according to Pew Research Center. My mother was raised in a Catholic family and attended Catholic church often growing up. My father was raised in Protestant family and attended a Protestant church. Since both of my parents were raised in different forms of christianity, they raised my brother and I in a non-denominational christian church. My family believes and worships the word of the Bible and christianity, but don’t do a specific version of it like a Catholic, Protestant or Lutheran would. I belong in the American culture because most Americans speak their primarily of English and believe and worship Christianity. For the second symbol on my coat of arms shield representing gender, I put the male symbol with the circle and arrow sticking out northeast. Gender is, “social and psychological dimensions of masculine and feminine behavior”(Oxford University Press 119). I identify myself as the male gender because socially, I surround myself with other males that consider their gender to also be male. Together we play baseball and football which are predominantly played     by the male gender. While I’m shopping at the store, I purchase things advertised for males to wear or use. When it comes to my hair, I go to the barber shop to get my haircut by employees trained to specifically cut men's hair. If I need to use the restroom in a public place I do so in the designated bathroom for males. Psychologically, I am attracted to the female gender. I feel the need to provide for those around me, whether it is paying for my girlfriend’s dinner or making sure my family is okay and well. Since my childhood I have chosen to dress and act in a way that is masculine. The male symbol ties in with how I identify myself because I behave socially and think psychologically in many ways that males do. Reflected appraisal is the third symbol found on my coat of arms shield. Reflected appraisal is, “ a mirroring of the judgements of those around a person. To the extent that you have received supportive messages, you have learned to appreciate and value yourself.” (Oxford University Press 72). I chose a laughing emoji symbol for my reflected appraisal symbol. When I’m around my friends I always enjoy having a nice laugh. I think laughing makes people happy and for a slight second, we get to forget about the stresses and problems going on in our lives. So when I’m around my friends and family I like to make jokes and have a laugh to enjoy life. I am often called a “funny guy” from how much I like to joke around and have fun. The feedback I receive from those around me when I make them laugh makes me happy as well. The appraisal I receive from someone when I make them laugh gives me a sense that I’m valued and appreciated  by others. The laughing emoji is an accurate symbol for my reflected appraisal because I am often called funny by me peers and laughing has become apart of who I am as a person. The final symbol on my coat of arms shield stands for social comparison. Social comparison is “ evaluating ourselves in terms of how we compare with others”( Oxford
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