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Coat of Arms Rubric

Rúbrica Coat of Arms
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    Departament d’Ensenyament   Institut Torrent de les Bruixes COAT OF ARMS RUBRIC POOR FAIR GOOD EXCELLENT PERCENTAGE Color Little to no consideration for what colors were used. Color was well used but should have been considered further Consideration of color theory is apparent but not used through out piece Great use of color theory, a color scheme was considered and used correctly 20% Design Little to no consideration to design Design was planned out but should have had more details Design could have been developed further, needed to consider the Principles of Design more and the Rule of Thirds Design is srcinal and very creative, the use of the Principles of Design is apparent, and the use of the Rule of Thirds is apparent 20% Completion Project was far from being complete Less than 70% Complete Project still had a good bit to complete 70-80% Complete Project was not quite completed 80-90% Complete Project was completed to the specifications. 100% Complete 10% Creativity Very little or no creativity was shown Some creativity was shown Was very creative but student could have pushed it a little more Over all design was very creative and went above and beyond my expectations 20% Craftmanship Lacking good craftsmanship . All areas that are cut out are messy, many areas never cut out, 7 or more pieces of stained glass paper are overlapping. Could have made lines straighter or paid closer attention to detail. Lots of the cut out areas are messy, 3-7 pieces of stained glass paper are overlapping. Good attention was paid to details, but could have pushed it a little more. Some cut out areas are neat clean, others were messy, 1-3 pieces of stained glass paper are overlapping. Close attention was paid to details. Cut out areas are neat and clean, no overlapping of stained glass paper. 30%   
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