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    ZHU Mingzhe 朱明哲    Tel : +86 134 6658 2173 Email :   C URRENT E MPLOYMENT   •   Associate Professor, China University of Political Science and Law   D ISSERTATION   •   Dissertation:  Natural Law Theories in the Third French Republic: a contextualist study   •   Supervisors: Professor Christophe Jamin and Professor    Frédéric Audren   E DUCATION   •   2015, Ph.D in Law, Sciences Po, Paris. •   2012, M.A. of Jurisprudence, Law School, China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL)   •   Dissertation:  Natural Law Theories in the Context of Laicisation , Distinction, Supervisors: Professor    Shu Guoying   •   2009, B.A. of Public Administration, CUPL   •   2007: Invited and sponsored student , “Oxford - CUPL” Summer School, in Oriel College, University of Oxford   R  ESEARCH I NTERESTS   •   History of Legal Thought, Political and Legal Philosophy, Law & Climate Change T EACHING A PPOINTMENTS   •   2017, Lecturer, “Global History of Legal Theories” , Faculty of Law of Zagreb (in English); •   Since 2017, Lecturer,   “Advanced Studies of Comparative Law”, CUPL  (in English); •   Since 2017, Lecturer,   “Seminar of Legal Philosophy”, CUPL;   •   Since 2016, Lecturer, “General Introduction to Comparative Law”, CUPL;   •   Since 2015, Lecturer,   “Sociology of Law”  , CUPL; •   Since 2015, Lecturer,   “Philosophy of Law” , CUPL; •   2012, Lecturer, “Legal Analysis of Major International Crises” , Sciences Po. (in English); A RTICLES   1.    Nov 2018: Structure of Champs juridique   at the China’s Republican Moment,  Political Science and Law ; 2.   Mar 2018: Political Theories in Justice: French Republican Laicity and Equality in Jurisprudence Concerning Religious Symbols,  Jurist  ; 3.   Jan 2018: “ Eurocentrism in Th e Modernisation of Chinese Law”,  Journal of Comparative Law ; 4.   Dec 2017: Natural Law in Front of Social Questions, Tsinghua Law Review ; 5.   Dec 2017: ‘In the Name of the Republic: Family Reforms in the “Republican Moments”’ , China Law Review ; 6.   Dec 2017: “French Legal Education in Globalisation” , China Review of Legal Education ; 7.   Mar 2017: “  Natural Law at Service of Legal History ” ,  Journal of East China University of Political Science and Law ; 8.   2016: « L’Histoire du droit au service du droit naturel   : entre l’éternité et la mutualité  », dans Nader H AKIM  (dir.),  L’   Histoire du droit entre la science et la politique , Bordeaux, PUB, 2016 ; 9.   Dec 2016: “ On the Combative Notion of French Laicity ” ,  European Studies ; 10.    N ov 2016: “Legal Universalism in Front of Nationalism, or the Defeat of French Natural Law Between Wars”,  Pekin Law Journal  ;    11.   Jan 2016: “French Legal Philosophy after World War II”, Graduate Law Review ; 12.   Mar 2015: “Legal Transplant, Transplant of Doctrines and Tradition”, Tsinghua Law Journal  ; 13.   2015 : “On Contextualism in Historiography of Legal Theories’, Collection of World Congress of Chinese  Legal Philosophers ; 14.   Dec 2014 : “Developments of Natural Law Theories since John Finnis’  Natural Law and Natural Rights ”,  Tsinghua Journal of Rule of Law ; 15.    Nov 2014 : “The Travels of French Legal Doctrines in China”,  Peking University Law Review ; 16.   Jul 2014 : “The Images of ‘Legislators’ in the Renovation of French Civil Law Doctrines (1880s - 1930s)”, Soochow Law Journal  ; 17.    Nov 2013: “ The Laicisation of Natural Law Theories: a political history in Belle Époque” , Tsinghua Review of  Historical Law School  ; 18.   Jun 2011: “ On the Theory of Social Imagination of Claude Lefort and its Application in Legal Theory ” ,  Beijing Institute of Technology Law Review; 19.   Jun 2010: “ Tension between Freedom and Rationality in Weberian Theory of Bureaucracy ” , CUPL Graduate  Law Review ; 20.   Jun 2010: “ On J. G. A. Pocock  ’ s Contextualist Method of Historiography ” , Chao-yang Law Review (Remin University of China) Dec 2009: “ Constitutional Problem in Who We Are ” , World Affair  ; 21.   December 2009Jun 2009: “Study of the Psychological Assistance in the Post-disaster Recovery of 2005 London Bombing” , in Ma & Li ed.  Local Crisis Management: Legal Regulations, (China Society Press, 2009) 22.   Jun 2008: “Religions, Patriotism and Constitution”, CUPL Graduate Law Review   R  EVIEWS   1.   Jan 2019: Le droit international et la justice chinoise en contexte d’une diplomatie active, in Géopolitiques : le Grand continent   ; 2.   Dec 2018: Jurisprudence étrangère intéressant le droit international public (Chine), sous la direction de Raphaële Rivier, in  Revue générale de droit international public , n o 4, 2018 ; 3.   Dec 2017: Jurisprudence étrangère intéressant le droit international public (Chine), sous la direction de Raphaële Rivier, in  Revue générale de droit international public , n o 4, 2017 ; 4.   Jun 2016: Book Review “ I nternational Law and Imperial China” ,  Journal of the History of International Law ; 5.   Dec 2015: Book Review “ Sources and Methods of Law in Imperial China ” ,  Revue d'histoire des facultés de droit et de la science juridique ; 6.   Dec 2015: Jurisprudence étrangère intéressant le droit international public (Chine), sous la direction de Raphaële Rivier, in  Revue générale de droit international public , n o 4, 2015 ; 7.   Dec 2014: Jurisprudence étrangère intéressant le droit international public (Chine), sous la direction de Raphaële Rivier, in  Revue générale de droit international public , n o 4, 2014 ; 8.   Apr 2011: Book review, reviewed work  Meditation of Legal Philosophy, Review of Comparative Law ; V ISITING R  ESEARCH OR P ROFESSORSHIP   •   Sep 2013-Sep 2014: University of California, Berkeley, US; •   Oct 2017-Nov 2017: University of Zagreb, Croatia; •   Jan 2019: University of Warsaw, Poland; W ORK E XPERIENCE &   I NTERNSHIPS   •   Sep 2009-Sep 2011: Office of Foreign Affairs, Law School, CUPL •   Organised the academic activities of foreign students and professors in CUPL      •   Oct 2008-Sep 2009: Academic Panel, 24 th   IVR Congress •   Promoted the event and contacted with participants   •   Translated plenary session speeches, edited the proceeding and brochure   •   Feb 2007-Mar 2008: Legal Department of China National Offshore Oil Corporation S OCIAL S ERVICES &   V OLUNTEER E XPERIENCE •   Dec 2006-Sep 2008: Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad  Professional Volunteer, Language Service •   Oct 2005-Mar 2008: School for the Children of Migrant Workers, Changping, Beijing Voluntary English teacher, taught 5 th  grade weekly   A CADEMIC H ONORS &   A WARDS •   Sep 2017: First Prize for Comparative Law, China Law Society   N ON -A CADEMIC A PPOINTMENT   •   2012: Festival “Lector in fabula, parole in festival” , invited correspondent •   Completed six reports on China ’ s politics, particularly on the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party L ANGUAGE S KILLS   •   Chinese Mandarin & Cantonese (Native Speaker)   •   English (C2, Proficient)   •   French (C2, Proficient, l’Alliance française)   •   German (B2, Beginner)  
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