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Describing and Supporting the Distributed Workspace: Towards a Prescriptive Process for Design Teams

PhD thesis on virtual design teams.
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  Describing and Supporting the Distributed Workspace:Towards a Prescriptive Process for Design Teams  by Steven Patrick MacGregor A thesis submitted to the University of Strathclydefor the degree of  Doctor of Philosophy Department of Design, Manufacture and Engineering ManagementUniversity of StrathclydeGlasgow, Scotland, UK 2002  ii The copyright of this thesis belongs to the author under the terms of the UnitedKingdom Copyrights Acts as qualified by the University of Strathclyde Regulation3.49. Due acknowledgment must always be made of the use of any materialcontained in, or derived from, this thesis.  iii Acknowledgements My PhD experience has been a highly rewarding physical and mental journey, and hasinvolved a range of special people encountered in different places and at different times.First, my thanks to the EPSRC for financial support and to Mac Roberston and the RoyalSociety of Edinburgh for helping facilitate the research tour of North America. Also, mysincere thanks to the supervisory team of Professor Neal Juster and Dr. Avril Thomson. ToAvril for getting me involved in the PhD process and helping me make a good start and to Neal for his guidance and professionalism, particularly in suggesting painful but necessarychanges near submission. I am also indebted to those who reviewed my work towards theend of the process. Thanks to Jillian MacBryde, Crispin Hales and Malcolm Black.To my local work environment I salute the ‘bounders’ present in the CAD Centre 1999-2002and friends and colleagues in DMEM where I have grown since my undergraduate days. Mytravels have been a highlight of the last few years and I owe a lot to the people I have metalong the way. First, I am grateful to the industrialists who have enabled this research, particularly the case study groups in ABB Vetco Gray and Lever Faberge. My thanks also toa range of inspiring academics, particularly Andy Milne, Larry Leifer, Saul Greenberg andEswaran ‘sub’ Subrahmanian for being generous hosts and engaging in a range of fruitfuldiscussions. To Dana Hilinski and Chester Fitchett, thank-you for offering friendship andsecurity in my ‘homes from home’.Finally, may I offer a special thank-you to those who have been with me every step of theway. Without them this work would not exist and I would be much the poorer for their absence.To Anne-Marie, my mentor the past three years, who has looked after my physical andmental well-being. She has enabled me to aspire to much more than just sporting success.To Stuart, my brother and hero, who has been my best friend, father, and coach. For manyyears he has given me security, led by example through his commitment and ensured I‘stayed in the race’.To Pamela, my best friend, who has been with me all the way through, showing patience andsupport. Her love and belief has made me stronger. I hope and believe we have many moreadventures to come.To my dear Mother, Flora, who has been the greatest inspiration in my life. She has nurturedmy faith, enabling God to be a constant companion in my life. Her daily, unstinting supportand utter selflessness is a true blessing. She gives a kind and generous love and has instilledin me the courage to pursue my dreams.Steven MacGregor GlasgowDecember 2002  iv Abbreviations The following abbreviations are used in this thesis. Abbreviation Meaning CAD Computer Aided DesignCSCW Computer Supported Co-operative Work D4D Design for DistributionDDJourney Distributed Design JourneyDDSpace Distributed Design SpaceFMCG Fast Moving Consumer GoodsFMEA Failure Modes & Effects AnalysisHCI Human Computer InteractionKID Knowledge, Information and DataKM Knowledge ManagementMatrix Matrix of Characteristics
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