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City of Stillwater NEWS For Immediate Release ã May 19, 2014 Contact: Sherry Fletcher, Director of Marketing and Public Relations Phone: 405!4 #$% &'(ail: sfletcher)still*aterorg +eb: still*aterorg Contact: Stacy De,ano, Still*ater Public ,ibrary Phone: 405'$! '$%$$ -#. 4 &'Mail: sdelano)still*aterorg +eb: librarystill*aterorg Destr!tio # Co str!tio for dads a d $ids o Fat%er&s Day ' t%e li(rary /S01,,+20&R, 34,2 5 May .6, 0.47 8 0he Still*ater Public ,ibrary and City of Still*ater Con
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  City of Stillwater NEWSFor Immediate Release ã May 19, 2014 Contact: Sherry Fletcher, Director of Marketing and Public RelationsPhone: 405!4 #$% &'(ail: sfletcher)still*aterorg+eb: still*aterorg Contact: Stacy Deano, Still*ater Public ibraryPhone: 405'$! '$%$$ -#. 4&'Mail: sdelano)still*aterorg+eb: librarystill*aterorg Destr!tio # Co str!tio for dads a d $ids o Fat%er&s Day ' t%e li(rary /S1+2&R, 32  May .6, 0.47 8 he Still*ater Public ibrary and City of Still*ater Con9enience Collection Center are artnering for a Father;s Day rogra( on Sunday, <une .5 fro( .:$0'$:$0 ( he rogra(, =Dr Destructo,> gi9es kids and their dads a chance to *ork together in taking aart a 9ariety of aliances, electronics and  ?unk, and then constructing so(ething srcinal *ith the arts=hese take'aart acti9ities are fascinating for children because they get to see *hat is inside the (achines they use e9ery day,> said &li@abeth Murray, children;s librarian =Plus, it is a fun *ay for the( to get ti(e to send *ith their dads>2ccording to Murray, the rogra( is not li(ited to dads=ids can bring any (ale figure in their li9es,> said Murray =2 granddad, older brother, uncle or e9en a fa(ily friend>he rogra( *ill begin *ith a short set of safety instructions and handing out of safety goggles to use during the take aart acti9ities Fa(ilies *ill then be turned loose to in9estigate and e-eri(ent a *ide 9ariety of (achines and aliances ools for taking the ite(s aart *ill be ro9ided, along *ith ideas and (aterials for (aking creations after*ard=+e;ll ro9ide e9erything you need for a fantastic afternoon of Father;s Day fun,> said Murray =2ll you need to bring is the kidsA>he aliances, electronics and other (achines are being ro9ided by the Con9enience Collection Center and include ite(s being recycled by co((unity (e(bers=+e areciate the oortunity to hel *ith the library;s =Dr Destructo> e9ent,> said Sean &isens(ith, Collection Con9enience Center coordinator =2nyti(e kids can get 9aluable and Buality ti(e *ith their fathers or other role (odels is beneficial in their  gro*th and so(ething *e like to suort +e hoe they ha9e a great ti(e and a ay Father;s DayA>Dr Destructo is free and oen to children four years and older 1t *ill be held in the library;s auditoriu( Particiants are asked to register by going online to htt:tinyurlco(dr'destructo, by calling 405'$! '$%$$ or by e(ailing askalibrarian)still*aterorghe Still*ater Public ibrary is located at ..0! S Duck St /the corner of Duck and . th 29e7 Eisit the library online at htt:librarystill*aterorg END
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