EE3950 Class Notes Chapter 12 Hambley 3-12

EE3950 Class Notes Chapter 12 Hambley 3-12
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  Objectives Understand MOSFET operation. Use the graphical load-line technique to analyze basic FET amplifiers.  Analyze bias circuits. Use small-signal equivalent circuits to analyze FET amplifiers.  Objectives Compute the performance parameters of several FET amplifier configurations. Select a FET amplifier configuration that is appropriate for a given applications. Understand the basic operation of CMOS logic gates.  Transistors These are three terminal devices, where the current or voltage at one terminal, the input terminal, controls the flow of current between the two remaining terminals.  Transistors Can be classified as:  FET  –  Field Effect Transistor;  Majority carrier device;  Unipolar device;  BJT  –  Bipolar Junction Transistor;  Minority carrier device;  Bipolar device.
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