Excerpt from America: Imagine A World Without Her by Dinesh D'Souza.

Excerpted from America: Imagine A World Without Her by Dinesh D'Souza. Copyright 2014 Regenery Publishing. All Rights Reserved. Reprinted With Permission.
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   EXCERPT FROM “AMERICA: IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT HER” BY DINESH D’SOUZA. COPY RIGHT 2014 REGENRY PUBLISHING ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION. ...America invented something new in the world. There are very few truly world-changing inventions. Fire is one of them. The wheel is another. The invention of agriculture is a third. In this book I will show that America is a society based upon  perhaps the most important invention of all time: the invention of wealth creation. For most of human history, wealth was presumed to be finite. Consider a  boy on the playground with ten marbles. How can he get more marbles? There is only one way. He has to take someone else’s marbles.  In the same way, wealth was mostly in land and the only way to get land was to take it. Conquest, in other words, was the natural mode of human acquisition. That’s how most countries were founded, through force and conquest. Slavery and feudal economic exploitation were simply extensions of the conquest ethic. You get stuff by grabbing it or, as Abraham Lincoln once put it: You work and I eat.” [1]   Conquest was not merely the way of the world; conquest was seen as a legitimate way to acquire wealth. It is still seen that way in much of the world. This idea is hard for us in America to understand. The ethics of conquest are rooted in the ethics of tribal solidarity. Our tribe is the most worthy of our allegiance, and therefore its interests are paramount. Our job is to ensure the protection and  welfare of our tribe. Therefore we should attempt to take subjugate other tribes,  before they do the same to us. The ethics of conquest are the ethics of a football game; we want our team to possess the ball at all times, and we cheer when our guys knock down and run over the other guys. If we recall the Old Testament, we see how the victories of Israel over its enemies are considered by the Israelites to  be unambiguously good. It’s either them or us, and it may as well be us.  Recognizing that conquest had been the universal ethic, America developed a new ethic, the ethic of wealth creation. America is founded on the understanding that wealth can be created through innovation and enterprise. Through the system of technological capitalism, we can go from ten marbles to twenty marbles without taking anyone’s marbles.  Obviously there were inventors and merchants around  before America. But America is the first society to be based on invention and trade. America is the capitalist society par excellence. In this book, I will show how this new system of wealth creation is fair and just, and how it produces a  better life for little guys in America and around the world. I will not shy away from addressing the progressive arguments that earning is itself exploitation, that  profits are plunder, and that America’s global actions are a disguised form of thievery.    I intend to turn the progressive critique on its head. I will demonstrate that the  progressives are the real thieves, in that they use the power of the state to seize the  property and possessions of people who have earned them. In the name of the ordinary citizen, progressives have declared war on the wealth creators. Yet they are not on the side of the ordinary citizen, because their policies lead to stagnation, impoverishment, indebtedness, and decline  —  all in evidence today. It is  progressives who rely on government seizure and bureaucratic conquest to achieve their goals and increase their power. We work, and they eat. As we shall see, the  progressives have a comprehensive scheme  —  one that relies on deceit  —  to win  political support for their wealth confiscation. Most recently, in order to quell dissent, the progressives are implementing a chilling policy of national surveillance and selective prosecution  —  using the power of the police to harass and subdue their opposition. Ultimately what the progressives seek is a suicide of national identity, a dissolution of the American era. This involves not merely a diminution of America but a diminution of Americans.   I intend to blow the whistle on these people, starting with Obama and continuing with Hillary Clinton and the whole progressive menagerie. Once the ordinary  American understands how moral terms have been inverted, and how he is being conned by his self-styled partisans, he will rise up and repudiate his new oppressors who are none other than his old oppressors under a new name. America remains now, as it has long been, a solution to the global problem of scarcity and the human problem of how to achieve prosperity and happiness. The world needs America, but only Americans can restore the formula for prosperity and human flourishing to the benefit of untold millions, here and everywhere, now living or yet to come.  
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