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KCMS JOURNALISM Monday, October 6, 2014 Volume 2, Issue 1 Grizzly Nation Inside this issue: College & Book Review Featured Elective 2 Sports 3 Friday Activities 4 Literacy Hotspot & Teacher Inter- views 5 Comics & Adver- tisements 6 Our first dance at KCMS was amazing! The DJ was playing great music that everyone loved. Can you guess who the DJ was? It was Mr. Salehi! There were so many great dec- orations that made you feel like you were act
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  KCMS JOURNALISM Monday, October 6, 2014 Volume 2, Issue 1 Grizzly Nation Inside this issue: College & Book Review Featured Elective 2 Sports 3 Friday Activities 4 Literacy Hotspot & Teacher Inter-views 5 Comics & Adver-tisements 6 Our first dance at KCMS was amazing! The DJ was playing  great music that everyone loved. Can you guess who the DJ was? It was Mr. Salehi! There were so many great dec-orations that made you feel like  you were actually in Las Vegas! Pizza, candy, card tables, and even a real slot machine! Cha-ching! Everything about the dance was great. We took pictures with a Las Vegas background and could win can-dy on the games! Everyone should attend our next dance, since this one was lots of fun. A FUN NIGHT IN LAS VEGAS by:BENJI P.   KC’s Pep Band at the Football Game by Betsua A. and SheilaV.   Were you at the First Pep band at the KC football game? They played at SHS on Sept. 20th. The band and drumline ensembles came together to form the Pep Band. They were so excited and more happy than anything to support our football team! Music they played were Jaws, We Will Rock You, Lady Gaga , and tradi-tion fight songs, which are nor-mally played at football games. They will be playing more songs October 11th. They will be playing against Terro-nez at Roosevelt High School. They will also play with the SHS and Terronez march-ing bands during varsity football games at SHS on October 16th. “ If you play an instrument or would like to learn how to play an instrument, we would love to have you join us, ” said Mr. Salehi. Did You Know?  October 18th-19 you can go to Kearney Park for extra credit if Mr. Esajian is your history teacher. You can see the re-enactment of the Civil War. Adults are $10 and children under 12 are $5.  Instead of having after-school SAC, you could be in room 60 to have lunchtime SAC.  Building Robots with Mr. Siechert by Lily Y. dents to know how it works. Cars are largely built by robots and many pharmacies use robots to dispense medicaons. Here ’ s a benet to being in the elecve : You can learn a new lan-guage ( robotC )! If you ’ re in the elecve, you will learn it by Christmas me.   Sadly, the class is currently full, so if you want to join contact Mr. Siechert who can give you more in-formaon on when they will be ac-cepng more students! Kings Canyon Middle School has upgraded their elective clas-ses! One of the elective choices is Robotics. Robotics is a class run by Mr. Siechert. He recommends that “ Students join this class if they find technology fascinating and like to build things .” They even have Mindstorms kits that allow students to build a mul - sensory robot! Since tech-nology is everywhere in our soci-ety now, it ’ s a benet for stu- Page 2 Grizzly Nation Did you know that Fresno was founded in 1911? Fresno State is located at the northeast edge of Fresno, California. The college is one of the 23 campuses of the California State University System, one of the largest systems of higher education in the world! For six units per semester the fee is approximately $2,000. The university enrolled more than 21,500 students last year and ap-proximately 4,400 students com- pleted work for their bachelor’s, masters, and doctoral degree and graduated in the Spring of 2013. The university offers shorter sessions in summer. The California Community College system has now grown to 109 campuses, en-rolling approximately 1.5 million students every year! Wow, that is a lot of students in my opinion!! Many teachers here at KC have completed their bachelor’s degree and teaching credential through CSUF and can give great advice about their college educa-tion. Go ask your teachers to tell you about their experiences and start planning for your future to-day! CSUF “Fresno State” by Chassidy Soto wears gothic makeup and wears clothing with pumpkins like it’s a year -round thing. Michael is a vampire. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He’s dating Eve. Imagine being a vampire and dating a human! You also live with two other humans. At least he’s not crazy like Claire’s boss Myrnin. He can be sweet and caring one Ghost Town by Rachel Caine is an amazing book. This book has crazy awe-some people in it! There is Claire, Shane, Eve and Mi-chael from The Glass House . Claire is a human and goes to Texas Prairie University. Shane, Claire’s boyfriend, is human and has long hair and he has a great smile. Eve is also human. She minute, then cold and alarming the next minute. If you like stories with a twist and humor, you’ll want to read Rachel Caine’s books. They are a lot of fun and she has a whole series of these books. The series is called The Morganville Vampires . Go check it out today!  Page 5 Volume 2, Issue 1 D.J or Teacher? By: Mary H. and Rhiana R.   fully fallen... just skidded. And lastly, the most ridiculous thing he says he’s seen is Mr.  Juarez win the “Fantasy Foot-ball League”. Well, we hope you learned a bit more about the amazing history teacher, Mr. Esajian! Do you know Mr. Esajian? There are many things you may not know about him. For example, he D.J’s on the weekends! He also coaches his kids soccer practice. He even loves basketball! He’s passionate about Journalism and has even owned a radio show! When we asked why he wanted to be a history teach-er for middle school, he re-plied saying with a smile, “The answer to that is I’m  just crazy, I’m kidding, well partially at least.”  He continued to say how he found history and teaching to be amazing. His favorite part of history is the Ameri-can Revolution because it explains how America came to be independent. The most embarrassing thing to happen to him is when he trips over students’ backpacks, though he’s never Optical llusions By Miranda X. Watch the clouds Roll by overhead And look at the different shapes That are created there. The next time you look at something  Just be aware- It could be there An optical illusion is there. By: David Harris Now an optical illusion Is when your eyes Plays a trick on you. It shows you things That are not really there. The old saying of only Half believe what you see  —   Has more truth in it Than you would believe As we don’t always see things  The way they are... Take an abstract painting. Take a closer look And see how many things Your mind can make. The one of a Kind Mrs Schmall By: ElisaRM Do you know what col-lege you want to go to? Mrs. Schmall went to Fresno City College and Fresno State. At Fresno State, she was able to work with farm animals. How cool, right? Now she even trains seeing eye dogs! If you don’t know Mrs. Schmall, you’ll wish you did!  Guess what? Mrs. Schmall teaches an elective and science. Her elective is JDA. In JDA, her students work hard, but they have a lot of fun. They work on organizational skills, take Cornell notes, and learn to be responsi-ble with their learning. Mrs. Schmall goes hiking in her free-time. She hikes 7-10 miles. “I love to be out in na-ture!’’ Mrs. Schmall says. Doesn’t it make you want to be active? It sure makes me want to go for a hike. Mrs. Schmall also loves to play softball. She says,’’ I’ve played since I was seven and usually am on a couple of teams every summer’’. I played softball in sixth grade and I loved it. If you want to hear a crazy story, ask her about the craziest thing she’s done. You’ll have to hear that one from her.   KCMS sure knows how to show their school spirit! Several staff members and sports teams participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for ALS. It all started when Mr. Brown from Gaston Middle School challenged KC’s principal, Mrs. Navarro. She stepped up to the challenge, welcoming Gaston Middle School into the FUSD family. After that, it was a chain reac- tion. She challenged KC’s VP, Mr. Wulf and the rest of the principals in the Sunnyside Region. Mr. Wulf challenged the football team, who then challenged the volleyball team. It seemed like every Friday someone was getting a freezing cold bucket of ice dumped on their head! It sure got the stu- dents’ attention and promoted a lot of school spirit! ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE by Isaiah E. and Raul M. Page 4 Grizzly Nation Club Day at KCMS!! by Tina Y. The teachers of KCMS stay after school to hold these clubs in their class rooms. The clubs are a fun way to engage in fun and educational activities after school hours. Club Day was fun for everyone. The clubs all had their own tents with information. For instance, Amer-Asian teaches stu-dents about the Asian culture. Club day was a hit stu-dents were excited to join, with long lists of kids for each club! On Friday, Sept.12, Kings Canyon held an event called “Club Day.” Club Day was held to promote the clubs that we have here at KCMS . Each club meets one day of the school week after school. There are many types of clubs such as Amer-Asian, Ornamental Horticulture, Mine Craft, Girls Who Code, Wild Life, and more. RHS and their Performing Arts by: Liliana G. A day to remember at KCMS was on Sept. 19th when Roosevelt’s very own dance per- formers came to Kings Canyon. They had various dances such as a solo hip-hop artist, a cheering pep squad and more! I wanted to know more about their background, so they were kind enough to come to speak to our Journalism class and we were able to ask them questions. I found out that they like to perform because it makes them feel good, gets you in good shape and they like to entertain people. The performers would like to make this their ca-reer one day. They said that when they first began danc-ing they were nervous, but then it just got easier as they went on. They were just so inspiring and said “Dance can be a really good escape if you’re having trouble at home or at school.” They also are all so supportive to each other and said “we’re like a family.” They all were vey ener-getic, creative, and so passionate with the way they danced. It was such a great experience for us all.
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