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last semester show - 2nd ep

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  LAST SEMESTER SHOWSECOND EPISODEWritten ByQ’ayyim MckoyLast Semester Show - SecondEpisode is the property ofwriter, Qayyim Mckoy. Thisscript is protected by U.S.Copyright Laws: is not to bedownloaded or reproduced inany way without the writtenpermission of Qayyim Mckoy.©Copyright Qayyim Mckoy. AllRights Reserved.(678)  A USED CONDOM SLITHERSACROSS THE SCREEN: |SINGLE MOTHER, CAKE!| EXT. FRONT YARD - BRIGHT SKYA beautiful house stands tall at the end of a cul-de-sac. Infront of this house are singing fully blossomed starfighterpink lilies and red freesias. The green grass is thegreenest grass you’ve ever seen.INT. LIVING ROOM - BRIGHT SKYA little boy, JAYDEN, African American, 5, wearing abirthday cap and casual clothing: sits at the end of a longdinner table. Jayden’s friends surround him (*playing withballoons, throwing confetti in the air, and running around).MS.JOHNSON, African American, mid-20’s: walks out thekitchen --- towards her son with a huge CAKE in her hands.Jayden is so excited, a great big smile stretches across hisface. His mother shows him his cake and he looks down at it.On the cake are candles and reads: YOU WILL ALWAYS AMOUNT TONOTHING JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER (*written in delicious andcolorful icing).Jayden’s smile is totally flipped upside down. He looks upand stares straight ahead, ignoring everyone as they singhappy birthday to him.A WEREWOLF HEADSPINS ACROSS THE SCREEN: |CUTAWAY & PROMO: ACID FACE| A MAN and WOMAN’s floating heads pop up on screen and theystare (*addressing the audience). They both blink and theireyes become hypnotic.A heart appears between them and they smile. Suddenly, theman and woman begin to scream as their faces begin to melt.Their flesh changes different colors as they melt. A TITLECARD appears on screen reading: LAST SEMESTER SHOW.A WHISTLING PINEAPPLE WALKSACROSS THE SCREEN: |DOUBLE MUSIC VIDEO SEGMENT|  2. Vision - Potential / Valentino - Same Sh*t (Prod. by DeCiccoBeats) A 1991 BIMMER DRIVESACROSS THE SCREEN: |TACO| INT. KITCHEN - AFTERNOONWith an uncontrollable hunger, DAISY, female, early-20’s,wearing a long Graphic Tee and socks: rushes into thekitchen, towards the refrigerator. Daisy opens therefrigerator and searches for her taco but she can’t findit.DAISYWait a minute, where is it?Moving around ITEMS: milk & juice carts, containers of food,etc. out of the way, Daisy instantly recognizes a smell frombehind her. The smell farts in her nose and she turnsaround.DAISYHold up, that smells like my-Before she could finish her little brother, RABBIT,mid-teens and wearing only his underwear’s: stands behindher, eating a TACO.DAISY (CONT’D)Hold up Rabbit (x2), I’m heresearching for my taco ... How dareyou stand there eating it!?Rabbit continues on eating the taco, taunting her.RABBITHey sis, look!Rabbit takes a huge bite out of the taco. Very angrily,Daisy stares at Rabbit.DAISYYou motherf*ka!Daisy’s eyes turn orange and ORANGE LASERS shots out of hereyes. Rabbit screams. Rabbit gets hit by the lasers and heturns into a GIANT DELICIOUS TACO. The giant taco drops ontothe floor. Daisy walks over to the giant taco and savagelyeats its insides.  3.A BUTTERFLY FLIESACROSS THE SCREEN: |CUTAWAY: BOMBS AWAY| In the middle of the screen is a bomb with a burning fuse.The bomb EXPLODES and canary-colored slime burst onto thescreen.CANARY COLORED SLIMEDRIPS DOWN THE SCREEN: |PEACEVILLE| EXT. STOREFRONT - SUNNY DAYThe bright sunlight bounces off a rusted street sign thatreads, PEACEVILLE. A MAN, mid-20’s, African American, andwearing a sweaty crop-top and short-shorts: holds a goldBOOMBOX on his shoulder, walks pass a corner store.On each side of this corner store are different spectrums oflife: children are joyfully playing hopscotch (*left) and agroup of men is playing dice (*right).A young man, JARED, early-20’s, African American, andwearing a baseball jersey and biker shorts: opens hisfavorite pop while he walks out the store. He breaks the 4thwall.JAREDHey, young boys and girls, don’tlet anyone tell you, you can’t dowhat you love!Jared takes a sip of his pop.JARED (CONT’D)You all have the power to bring joyto the-Suddenly he’s punched in the jaw by a GIANT HOOF, bloodbursts out his mouth as he falls to the pavement.Three very unusual MEN, all boar-humanoids, and one of themis a police officer, a KKK member, and a slave owner. Theybum rush Jared and begin beating him senseless. These men;with their weapon of choice: the police officer uses hisclub, the KKK member uses a wooden bat with nails boltedinto the bat, and the slave owner uses a whip.
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