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Lesson plan format Language School San Cristobal BA in English Language Teaching Program 5 th semester Teaching Oral English Professor Norma Flores Date: October 27nd, 2014 Time: 11:00-1:00 p.m. Institution: Type of school: College Trainees: Group profile: No. of students: 20 Average age: 19-20 years old Level: upper Number of years of study: they have studied Engli
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  Lesson plan format Language School San Cristobal BA in English Language Teaching Program 5 th  semester Teaching Oral English Professor Norma Flores Date : October 27nd, 2014    Time : 11:00-1:00 p.m  . Institution : Type of school : College Trainees: Group profile: No. of students : 20 Average age : 19-20 years old     Level :  upper Number of years of study:   they have studied English for over 6 years Background information:  (writing)  All of the language learners are young adults, most of them are students from the Autonomous University of Chiapas Campus III, most of them are visual learners whereas others as kinesthetic. Recent work    we have been working on the production on their writing, they have taken many trainees for doing this.   Relevant information about class and local conditions: The class takes place at 11 to 1 o´clock on Monday. This is a general English course. The term comprises 15 weeks,. The classroom facilities are adequate light and air, although the lamps make a funny noise when they are on. There are chairs for the students, plus 10 extra, a desk and a chair for the teacher, whiteboard. There is computer and a projector to work with. Overall Aims:   To make students practice and   accurate perception and production of a target   item which can be letter of application Learning objectives:   By the end of this lesson learners will have -    Accurate perception -   Recognized different type of vocabulary. -   Produced their own letter of application Lesson focus:   writing production..    Assumptions of prior knowledge:   Students are expected to know also how a letter of application is important to know how to write it and learning new vocabulary on the way.   Anticipated problems and possible solutions (language activities)  As students may find it difficult to talk about this topic, the teacher will provide with several situations in which lying is a common practice. Because students might be interested in knowing the meaning of some words in the text, the teacher will emphasise the instructions to make it clear that vocabulary questions may be solved at the end of the lesson. Personal development aim:  As this is a topic of personal interest, I might find it hard to stand back and let students room  for participation, I will try to intervene in the class only when necessary and to attend individual call. Due to class size and classroom facilities, I find it hard to make myself available for all students; thus I will try to accommodate the class in groups so as to have enough space in between to walk around the class at will    Letter of application Stage& timing Procedure (activity) Objective Interaction Materials and sources Reflection Warm up 3-4 min    1.   T greets students 2.   T asks Ss to say some positive adjectives related to the topic. 3.   T shows to students some vocabulary related to positive adjectives. 4.   T shows an example of an advertisement job and asks Ss to say what kind of adjectives are needed for that advertisement To make students concentrate in the target language Lock step Realia slideshows Pre- writing 5-7 min    1.   T tells Ss the objectives of the class 2.   T shows to Ss the parts of a letter of application. 3.   T asks Ss to say more things related to the topic and according to the slide 4.   T provides new vocabulary and  phrases useful for a letter of application throughout the  presentation To make students aware of what they will be able to do by the end of the class To focus Ss attention on new vocabulary of  phrases. To make students be aware of the parts of a letter of application Lock step S-S S-WC Whiteboard, Markers Slideshows during 1.   T shows to Ss a letter of To get Ss know the Lock slideshows  writing 3-4 min    application finished 2.   Ss checks 3.   T shows two more letters and students are asked to identify which letter of application is better. whole structure of a letter of application  And identify the register. step S-S Post reading 6 min    1.   T pair Ss 2.   T shows a job advertisement to Ss 3.   Ss are asked to write a letter of application in about 120 –   180 words. 4.   T sets the time. To produce the knowledge acquired throughout the  presentation Lock step S-S T-Ss Slide shows Ss Closing 1-2 min    1.   T takes attendance and thanks the class for their cooperation and effort 2.   T asks Ss to deliver their work.   To acknowledge Ss effort and work T-WC --- T= teacher S= student Ss= students *
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