Male Reproductive System

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  MALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM INTERNAL GENITAL ORGAN  Accessory Glands ã 1) PROSTATE GLAND ã 2) SEMINAL VESICLES ã 3) BULBOURETHRAL GLANDS  The combined secretion of these accessory glands account for most of the volume of MALE EJACULATE [SEMEN]  Semen averages 2 to 5 mL per contains 20 to 250 million spermatozoa/ml.  These cells constitute about 10% of volume of ejaculate. The secretion of the seminal vesicles account of 60%, for prostate gland account of 30%. But for the bulbourethral glands contribute an insignificant amount of semen, only drop  1) PROSTATE GLAND  SHAPE : CHESTNUT  This gland is the largest of accessory glands of the male reproductive system.  Its about 4cm in diameter, lies under the apex of the urinary bladder.  Its vertical diameter is about 3cm, its anteroposterior diameter is about 2cm.  Substance is traversed by the prostatic part of the urethra that passes through the center of the gland.  It is within the gland that right and left ejaculatory ducts join the urethra.
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