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Phototherapy Light Status Report (June 2013)

This paper discusses the objectives, related literature work, and achievements of the Tala Phototherapy Light Project in June 2013. The Tala Phototherapy Light Project aims to provide cheaper but effective alternatives to phototherapy light for the
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  Phototherapy LightName:  Galera, Maria Teresa B. (3, AB PSY – AB DS) Lee, Jennifer (2, BS ME) Lim, Hadrian Pal! (3, BS "!E) AIC Adviser:  Mr. Pal "a#a$n%an Nature of Project:  A&" Pr!'e$ Period Covered by the Report:  Aril 2*+3 – Jne 2*+3 Objective: Jandi$e is resen in m!s ne#!rns and is sall- #eni%n (M!ers$el, "ian$iars! /Tra$-, 2**0). & affe$s 1* !f e fllerm infans and 0* !f remare infans in e firs ree da-s !f #ir (Henn-Harr- / Tr!man, 2*+2). & is als! said a am!n% e fa$!rs a in$rease e li4eli!!d in $!nra$in% 'andi$e are l! in$!me, !sial sein%, and %enei$s. &n addii!n, ers!ns !f Afri$an, Medierranean, Middle Easern, !r S!eas Asian des$en are m!re li4el- ! $!nra$ 'andi$e (Grle-, Halder, Sreafield, Sa55ad, Hda, H!ssain / L#-, 2*+2).6i is in mind, e ma- infer a 7iliin!s #el!n%in% ! l!erin$!me !se!lds  !ld #e m!re ss$ei#le ! is disease, and s! are $!mmniies i lile a$$ess ! medi$al ser8i$es.A se$!ndand !!era- li% ni $!ss r!%l- +**, ***  i$ ma4es i i%l- finan$iall- ina$$essi#le ! #li$ !sials and $!mmni- eal $eners #el!n%in% ! e l!in$!me #ra$4e. 6ile ese eal$are fa$iliies ma- #e a#le ! aff!rd ese !!era- li% nis, $an$es are, e nm#er !f nis ill n! #e a#le ! 4ee  i e nm#er !f aiens in need !f reamen. Ts, mlile aiens ma- a8e ! sare i a sin%le !!era- li% ni and #e e9!sed ! e !!era- li% in a s!reran!imal eri!d !f ime: s %ein% s#;ali- reamen i$ ma- resl ! e re$rren$e !f e disease !r, !rse, is ersisen$e.6e a8e ! n!e a am!n% e effe$s !f i% le8els !f #ilir#in (e main indi$a!r !f  'andi$e) $ased #- raid <B" mea#!lism is e in$reased le8els !f $ar#!n m!n!9ide in e #!d-, i$ s!meimes $ases ner!l!%i$ d-sfn$i!n (M!ers$el, "ian$iars! /Tra$-, 2**0). Jandi$e ma- als! #e lin4ed ! Heaiis E =irs (HE=), sin$e #ilir#in relies !n e li8er ! #e eliminaed fr!m e #l!!d sream and HE= $ases a d-sfn$i!n !f e li8er. &n rn, an !8erl- raid in$rease !f #ilir#in in e #l!!d sream ma- als! ma4e in%s diffi$l f!r e li8er ! r!$ess, ma4in% e li8er m!re 8lnera#le ! HE= (Grle-, e al., 2*+2). Teref!re,  e a8e ! n!e a e re$rren$e !f 'andi$e !r is ersisen$e $an a8e as!ndin% and l!n%sandin% effe$s !n e eal and !8erall elfare !f e $ild.Te !#'e$i8e !f is r!'e$ is ! ma4e !!era- li% m!re a$$essi#le ! l!in$!me !se!lds, rral eal nis, and r#an #li$ eal$are $eners #e$ase !!era- li% nis are e9remel- e9ensi8e. Sin$e alernai8es li4e e9!sin% e #a#- ! dire$l- ! e sn is resen, m!s !sials and eal$are $eners ! ! n! a8ail !f  !!era- li% nis. H!e8er, e als! a8e ! $!nsider a is alernai8e als! e9!ses e #a#- ! !er li% se$ra and 4inds !f li%, s$ as e >= ra-s, and is ma- #e armfl ! e $ild laer !n. Li4eise, e $ild ill n! re$ei8e e !imal am!n !f #le li% r!% is me!d #e$ase i is e9remel- ime#!nd. Snli% is n! a8aila#le drin% e e8enin%s and is armfl ! e s4in f!r m!s !f e da-, ese$iall- fr!m lae m!rnin% ! mid afern!!n, meanin% a e $ild ma- !nl- #e e9!sed ! e sn in e m!rnin%s, and !nl- f!r a limied am!n !f ime. Tis ma- als! !se diffi$lies in insan$es en e sn is n! resen, s$ as !n rain- da-s and in e resen$e !f -!!ns and e inermien$e !f e reamen ma- $ase e ersisen$e !f e disease. Current technologies and their limitations: Te lar%es limiai!n !f e e9isin% e$n!l!%ies in !!era- li% remains ! #e is ina$$essi#ili- de ! is ri$e. As as re8i!sl- meni!ned, a se$!ndand ni $!ss ar!9imael- +**, *** . 7r!m is, e $an ded$e a #rand ne nis !ld $!s a leas a fe ndred !sand es!s?s!mein% a- #e-!nd a l!$al and #li$ !sials $an aff!rd ! sell !.@!neeless, s!me !r%ani5ai!ns eam  i #li$ !sials and d!nae !!era- li% nis. ne !f ese !r%ani5ai!ns is e 7irefl- Pr!'e$, i$ d!naes infan !!era- li% nis ! !sials. H!e8er, e ri$e !f e !!era- li% sill remains an isse, #e$ase as e ma- see in #lised ari$les !nline, e !!era- li% e 7irefl- Pr!'e$ r!8ides is limied and se8eral #a#ies a8e ! sare a sin%le ni.M!s !!era- li%s are $!m!sed #- Li%Emiin% Di!des (LEDs) and ese deeri!rae !8er ime. H! l!n% #ef!re e- deeri!rae is s!mein% -e ndeermined and ! is deeri!rai!n affe$s e !en$- !f e r!d$ is s!mein% als! -e ! #e dis$!8ered #- e eam. H!e8er, e eam as de8i$ed a a- ! mainain and 4ee in%s in $e$4 r!% e !!sens!r and e se$r!meer. Te !!sens!r deermines eer e LED is +** fn$i!nal and e se$r!meer $e$4s eer e a8elen% !f e LEDs remain $!nsan and is ar!riae f!r $rin% 'andi$e.P!!era- li% nis are als! mainl- rn #- ele$ri$i-, ma4in% i deenden !n e sa#ili- !f ele$ri$al lines. Te r!#lem i is is a ele$ri$i- ma- #e $ in imes li4e -!!ns, r!i$al deressi!ns, and ea8- rains. Ha8in% a #a$4 s!r$e !f ele$ri$i-, s$ as a s!lar anel !r #aeries ma- res!l8e is isse.An!er limiai!n !f e resen e$n!l!%- and e r!'e$ is is aesei$ aeal. &n is ase$, e eam inends ! in8ie e!le fr!m e fine ars ! el in e $!n$eali5ai!n !f m!re aesei$all- leasin% de8i$es.  escription of !or" Te firs in% e eam a$$!mlised as ! d! a reliminar- resear$ !n 'andi$e and !!era- li%. 7!r is, e- l!!4ed  ari$les !n !nline '!rnals and r!$eeded fr!m ere.6i 8ales fr!m relaed lierare a8aila#le, e eam en r!$eeded ! e9erimenai!n. 7!r -es !f li% ere s#'e$ed ! e9erimens LED "rismas Li%s, Ble "!ma$ 7l!res$en Li%s ("7L), M!!r "-$le Tail Li%s, and LED sris. Te e9erimen in$lded measrin% e a8elen% and irradian$e !f e ari$lar li%s, i$  as en $!mared ! e fi%res saed in e lierare. Tis as made !ssi#le r!% e d!i-!rself se$r!meer i$ in8!l8ed a e# $amera (laer !n, a $ell!ne $amera) i a D=D sri $!ain% ! all! e rism ! ass r!%. & as en$l!sed in $ard#!ard and e reslin% ima%e as l%%ed in! an !ens!r$e se$r!meer !nline. Te resls !f is se$r!meer ere $!mared ! a $!mmer$ial se$r!meer fr!m e P-si$s Dearmen and e eam dis$!8ered a e fi%res $!n'red #- e ! se$r!meers ere r!%l- e same: !nl- a e !ens!r$e se$r!meer la%s #- 2 nan!meers (nm). Tis la%, !e8er, ma- #e res!l8ed #- s!fare ma%nifi$ai!n r!% 6ind!s E9$el.Te resls s!ed a e LED "rismas Li%s r!8ide e se$ifi$ fi%res a ma- #e f!nd in e lierare ereas e LED sris and e m!!r $-$le ail li% la% a lile farer #eind, # n! si%nifi$anl-. Te Ble "7L is $!mleel- re'e$ed #e$ase i emis li% fr!m e %reen se$rm. 6ile e LED "rismas Li%s r!8ide e e9a$ fi%res, e r!#lem i !ses are e f!ll!in% is #l4- #l#s are diffi$l ! mana%e f!r la-! r!ses, i as lsin% sein%s a $!me i e r!d$ and $!mleel- irrele8an ! e r!d$, $!sin% 2C* – C** , i als! is si%nifi$anl- m!re e9ensi8e an LED sris i$ $!s !nl- 1* , and i $ann! #e d!ns$aled easil- de ! is ele$r!ni$ $!nfi%rai!n (LED sris ma- #e $ ! %r!s !f ree, ereas "rismas li%s re;ire m!re r!$esses ! re$!nfi%re). Te $!i$es ere en #eeen e m!!r$-$le ail li% and e LED sris # e LED sris  ere $!sen f!r eir fle9i#ili- and $!n8enien$e in la-!in%.6i is, e r!!-es ere #il. Bel! are ima%es.  Afer ma4in% e de8i$e, e- nderen sress es ! see if i $an las f!r a l!n% eri!d !f ime i! eain%  !r malfn$i!nin%. Te eam f!nd a, afer 2 !rs !f $!nin!s se, e LED emerare didn %! i%.Afer e ess, r!!-in%, and !er e9erimenai!ns, e eam $!na$ed e #aran%%a- $aain !f Baran%4a ! dis$ss e !ssi#ili- !f del!-men and r!!-in% !f e de8i$e and esin%. Te$ni$al resls !f e ess are a8aila#le !n re;es. Problems still need to be solved# lessons learned# insights made: Am!n% e r!#lems a sill need ! #e res!l8ed !ld #e ! find a a- ! #e a#le ! l!% e a$i8iies !f e de8i$e and e reamen eri!d !f e #a#ies. 7!r is, e ill a8e ! a8e arnersis i -si$ians and eal $are nis. 6e ill als! need ! a8e $!nsan $!na$ i e $lini$s f!r daes a#! e de8i$e. Te eam als! needs ! add !er ars, s$ as addin% sens!rs !r se$r!meers ! $e$4 e inensi- !f e se. An!er r!#lem is ! $reae a frame ! se e de8i$e ! e !imm inensi- i e leas m!8in% ars and re;irin% e leas am!n !f mainenan$e. Presenl-, e de8i$e relies !n dire$ l%in, s! e eam ill a8e ! add !er ars s$ as imers and si$es ! e de8i$e. Lasl-, i e %!al !f ma4in% !!era- li% i l! $!s, !!era- li% nis a8e ! #e r!d$ed e l!es $!s, %reaer effi$ien$-, and aesei$ aeal.ne in%s ! reali5e a#! is r!'e$ is a i $an #ran$ ! ! !er r!'e$s. 7!r e9amle, e D&Y se$r!meer as #een sed #- !er mem#ers !f e fa$l-, s$ as Dr.  Gre% Tan%!nan f!r eir al%ae r!'e$ and Mr. "arl!s s !f e E""E Dearmen als! sa e 8ale !f a l!$!s se$r!meer and r!$eeded !n a4in% !ne !f e r!!-es.6i is, e ma- $!n$lde a in%s ma- #e r!d$ed m!re $eal-, and r!d$s s$ as ese ma- #e r!d$ed l!$all-. Tis resear$ as a l! !f !enial, definiel-, and e r!#lems in8!l8e m!re !f e s!$ial ase$, m!re an an-in% else. Te Piliines %i8es lile im!ran$e ! diseases s$ as 'andi$e. Li4eise, de8el!men f!r resear$ and inn!8ai!n isn a field %i8en m$ im!ran$e. H!e8er, is d!es n! mean a e ill all! is ! amer !r siris and s!. References A#delLaif, D., Sa#r-, <., Y!ness, &. <., / 7a-, G. A. (2*+2).Te effe$ !f !!era- !n e !9idan sress sas in ne!naal -er#ilir#inemia. International Journal Of  Academic Research , 4 (), +F22. d!i+*.F0+32*FC+2.2*+2A.3Grle-, E., Halder, A., Sreafield, P., Sa55ad, H., Hda, T., H!ssain, M., / L#-, S. (2*+2). Esimain% e #rden !f maernal and ne!naal deas ass!$iaed i 'andi$e in Ban%lades !ssi#le r!le !f eaiis E infe$i!n.  American Journal Of Public Health , 102 (+2), 22022C. d!i+*.2+*CAJPH.2*+2.3**F Henn-Harr-, "., / Tr!man, H. (2*+2). Eidemi!l!%- !f ne!naal 'andi$e a e >ni8ersi- H!sial !f e 6es &ndies. The West Indian Medical Journal  , 1 (+), 3F2.Jandi$e. (2*+3). !olumbia "lectronic "nc#clo$edia% th "dition , +.J!4ar, I., Gerami5ade, B., 7anai, S., Mir5ai, M., De%ani, S., Ha%i%a, M., / ... Ta#ei, S. (2*+3). L! &n$iden$e !f + Anir-sin Defi$ien$- am!n% Ba#ies i Pr!l!n%ed Jandi$e.  Archi&es Of Iranian Medicine 'AIM( , 1 (+), 232.Kmar, P., Mr4i, S., Mali4, G., "ala, D., De!rari, A., Kari, @., / ... Sin%, S. (2*+*). Li% emiin% di!des 8erss $!ma$ fl!res$en #es f!r !!era- in ne!naal  'andi$e a mli $ener rand!mi5ed $!nr!lled rial. Indian Pediatrics , 4)  (2), +3++3F.M$@amee, M., "ardell, "., / Paers!n, ". (2*+2). @e!naal 'andi$e is ass!$iaed i a small in$rease in e ris4 !f $ild!!d -e + dia#ees a meaanal-sis !f !#ser8ai!nal sdies.  Acta *iabetolo+ica , 4, (+), 030F. d!i+*.+**Fs**C2*++*321CM!ers$el, S., "ian$iars!, L., / Tra$-, L. (2**0). A ra$i$al ar!a$ ! ne!naal 'andi$e.  American -amil# Ph#sician , ))  (), +2CC+212.@adir, S., Saleem, @., Amin, 7., / Mam!!d, K. (2*++). <ai!nal >se !f P!!era- in e Treamen !f P-si!l!%i$ Jandi$e @e!na!rm.  Journal Of Pharmaceutical .ciences / Research ,  (+), F3F.%nlesi, T., / %nlesi, 7. (2*+2). 7amil- s!$i!dem!%rai$ fa$!rs and maernal !#seri$ fa$!rs inflen$in% ar!riae eal$are see4in% #ea8i!rs f!r ne#!rn 'andi$e in Sa%am, @i%eria. Maternal And !hild Health Journal  , 1 (3), 1FF10.
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