PULSE: A History, Sociology, and Philosophy of Science Journal. Central European University: Spring 2013, Issue 1.

PULSE: A History, Sociology, and Philosophy of Science Journal. Central European University: Spring 2013, Issue 1.
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  P • U • L • S • E A HISTORY, SOCIOLOGY, & PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE JOURNAL ISSUE 1   • VOLUME 1 • JULY 2013 Intellectual Babel: Knowledge between Sciences and Let- ters BY   Alexander Dmitrishin   • Real, Digital and (neo)Ma- terial: Thinking Digital Dualism through Media Archaeology BY   Eva Zekany   • The Synesthetic Scientist: The Induction of Sense-Mixing to Open New Frontiers in the Laboratory BY   Emily D. Š aras   • Silent Witness: the Construction of Photo-graphic Truth in Forensic Science BY   Victoria Fomina • Medi-calization of Masturbation Travels East: a Serbian Case Study aids Crisis BY   Chris Zivalich   •   Codifications of Man:Handbooks, Guides, and Iron John BY   Frank G. Karior-is   • Serresian Xenobiophilosophy, or How to Think (the)Alien Life of(f) the Planet BY   Manta Alexandra Claudia   •  Humanized Mice and the Deleuzian Differentiation BetweenScience and Philosophy BY   Maria Temmes   • Review of OxanaTimofeeva. (2013). History of Animals: An Essay on Negativ-ity, Immanence and Freedom BY   Manta Alexandra Claudia BY   Ljiljana Pantovic'  • The Medicalizationof the Internet: TheMedical Self and theCase of Diabetes BY   Frank G. Karioris& Ezgican Özdemir   • The Desire to Discov-er Gay Brains: Neuro-science after the hiv/   !    EDITORIAL TEAMEditor-in-Chief: Frank G. Karioris  Managing Editor: Emily Daina Š aras  Content Editor: Alexandra Claudia Manta  CREATIVE TEAMCover & Logo Design: Ákos Polgárdi  Journal Design and Layout: Emily Daina Š aras  CONTRIBUTORS  Alexander DmitrishinVictoria FominaFrank G. KariorisAlexandra Claudia MantaEzgican ÖzdemirLjiljana Pantovi ć  Emily Daina Š arasMaria TemmesEva ZekanyChris Zivalich     3  ABOUT PULSE P ULSE is affiliated with Central European University (CEU) through the Gen-der Studies Department. Centered within the interdisciplinary field of Sci-ence Studies, P ULSE is a peer-reviewed international journal that accepts pa-pers from undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students. The EditorialTeam accepts submissions of written or creative materials at PULSE . SCISTUDIES @ GMAIL . COM . We consider all scholarship related to the gen-eral themes of the journal, or to specific thematic issues.Contributors retain full property of the work submitted to the journal. Nopart of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, ortransmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy-ing, microfilming, recording or otherwise, without the prior written consentof the authors. Obtaining permission from the authors is necessary for deriva-tive works, including translations and compilations. P ULSE will assist in con-tacting the authors upon request.The Editorial Team accepts no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconven-ience sustained by persons using the resources contained within the journal.Editorial and contributors' views are independent. Unless stated otherwise,all photos and illustrations are srcinal contributions by P ULSE design artists,authors and/or editors. Reproduction of the material published in P ULSE inany form, by any means, without prior consent, is a violation of copyright andappropriate action may be undertaken.
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