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Sardor Milano: «I’ve arrived in America to have a world-renowned musical career»This young man is from Uzbekistan. He graduated from Moscow’s famous Gnesinka.…
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Sardor Milano: «I’ve arrived in America to have a world-renowned musical career»This young man is from Uzbekistan. He graduated from Moscow’s famous Gnesinka. He won the very popular Russian singing competitions The New Wave-2017 and the Russian version of Britain’s The X Factor, and has reached the final stage of the Russian version of the American TV show The Voice. Anyone who had a chance to witness his live performance or a recording would notice his bright talent. Well-known Russian producers Konstantin Meladze, Igor Krutoi and Philipp Kirkorov have spotted this talent and mentored him. His name is Sardor Milano. Now he resides in Florida, and any resident or guest of our state can enjoy his three and a half octave range voice. Now, «Florida & Us» readers have a unique opportunity to get to know Sardor better.We spoke with Sardor Milano at the end of September, a few weeks after his victory in The New Wave, since the day after his triumph, he came back to Florida to actively continue his work style. Sardor, first of all we’d like to congratulate you for taking first place in The New Wave. We know it’s not the first time you’ve won a Russian singing competition, however, what kind of feelings did you have after another triumph and show of appreciation?- The New Wave was the first festival that I’d watched as a child, I was about twelve years old when I saw it for the first time. Just getting to participate in this event became my childhood dream. And now I can say I’ve been there and came out with a victory! Of course, I experienced the overwhelming feelings of happiness and joy. If one tries to type your name into Google search bar, the very first suggestion that pops up is «Sardor Milano family». Let’s talk about your parents. They weren’t directly related to the music industry, but you endedup singing on stage since very young age. How did that happen?– My parents always had a good taste. They liked listening to music and had hosted very cozy gatherings. During that time, almost every family had a music center and a microphone. We weren’t an exception. In our family, most of the time I was the one with the microphone, even though I was only 5-6 years old. When my parents were told that I had potential musical talent, they sent me to music school. Google’s second popular suggestion is «Sardor Milano final». You have had an opportunity to work with various mentors and producers during numerous festivals you’ve participated in. What special talents have they discovered in you? In the TV show The Voice, four judges liked you and wanted to work with you: Leps, Bilan, Gagarina and Agutin. Do you think your musical career would be different if you chose another mentor?– It happened really unexpectedly. I barely had any time to make a choice, because I didn’t expect all four to be willing to work with me. So I thought that Leonid Agutin has his own unique music style that, from my point of view, I didn’t fit in. Grigorii Leps already had my good friend Aleksandr Panayotov on his team. I didn’t know Polina Gagarina as coach and mentor at that time, yet she was a13phenomenal singer in my eyes. So, in my opinion, the only person who would get me and understand me well was Dima Bilan. That’s why I chose him. However, we didn’t really have a chance to get to know each other well because he made a choice against me during the very next stage of the show. This is when Polina Gagarina saved me, and then she became my true guide during this show. We both knew that it might be difficult to find some commonality in our music, mainly because we sing in different genres: I tend to do more classical music, while Polina represents pop music. That’s why a lot of our work was based on intuition. Polina was helping me to be more natural in the material that I was performing in the show The Voice. I’m very grateful for the duet performance in the final show. I think there are no people in our lives that we meet by accident. Polina used to be coached by Konstantin Meladze, and this has also played into us working well with each other. My true mentor is Konstantin Meladze, who played a great part in the fate of the young performer Sardor Milano, when he discovered me during the event The X Factor. I was so comfortable working with him that we got to the final and won the whole thing. It was somewhat unexpected, since everybody thought that the genre I perform in is not yet popular in Russia. And we didn’t think that many viewers would support us, and didn’t make winning this competition our goal. But when it happened, it was a sign: Audiences have changed; they now have interest in contemporary classical music.24You perform in a unique, neoclassical style. Why did you choose it? What influenced you to make this choice?– Actually, this style is called by different names around the world. It’s most known as crossover – mix of styles. They call it neoclassic in Russia. Personally, I define it as something classical, but with elements of a lighter contemporary sound. The greatest artists of this style are Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. I have to say that everything played a part in my choice of neo-classical style. I graduated from a music college as a classical pianist. This coincided with me losing my voice when I was around 15-16 years old. I barely sang during the next three years. During that time I became deeply absorbed by complex classical music: Shostakovich, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Dubois, Prokofiev… These great composers played the main role, they submerged me in the classical music, and I didn’t see myself without it. SO when I began to sing again, I tried various musical genres, but I’ve been attracted to classical, because classical is like an open book that has many beginnings… I love difficult music. My voice capabilities have also influenced the decision. Speaking of future plans. Another popular Google search suggestion on you is «Sardor Milano voice». We spoke already about the show (The Voice).You mentioned your voice breaking when you were in your earlyteens. Not many performers who achieved certain success and became popular early in adolescence get through this period in life without breaking up. You obviously couldn’t be sure if your voice would remain capable of performing on a high level. Did you think about something else to do with your life during that time? Did you pick up any other interests or hobbies?– Fortepiano became my distraction from being depressed and broken. However, finishing classical music education I realized that I wouldn’t become a great pianist. You have to be born one. And then study and play the instrument many hours a day from childhood. This opportunity was gone. After graduating, I decided not to continue my musical career as a pianist. By that time I think I’d adapted and was okay thinking that I probably wouldn’t become a singer, and life would go on. I even began looking into other occupations. In fact, I still see myself as a social enthusiast. For example, I have plans to start an international organization to support victims of mental violence and abuse. I would love to be a part of such a charitable organization. Does this dream of yours have any personal background?– To be honest with you, I have experienced psychological pressure during my school years. Thankfully, my parents were there for me and58they helped me out. I’m on great terms with my family, and we have a very trusting and supportive relationship. I’ve never hidden my emotions from them: if I felt like someone was hurting me I’d always share with my parents, and they helped me. At the same time, some of my friends didn’t have the same trusting relationship with their parents and couldn’t tell them everything that was bothering them. And I saw them really struggle with it and be really hurt because of that. Unfortunately, violence in the world is on the rise. I’m especially upset with violence against children. Bringing awareness to both physical and mental violence are very important in the United States. For instance, October is traditionally a month when attention is brought to the problem of domestic violence. In the past, you’ve mentioned that one of your goals in America is Hollywood. Do you want to try yourself in the movies?– I think that show business has no borders. A lot of artists in America also play roles in movies. Never say never, I don’t exclude this possibility. I’m also writing a lot. I promised myself that one day I’d write an autobiography consisting of many short stories from my life. On top of all of this, I’m fond of the fashion industry and see some potential in me being the editor of a fashion magazine. Clearly, you see your potential in show business as limitless. If you had6an opportunity to work with any producer, whom would you choose?– I’m always searching for collaboration. Not even for the end result, I do enjoy the work process – prep work, practices. Undoubtedly, I would love to have a chance to work with many outstanding professionals. For example, Simon Cowell – who is one of the greatest modern producers. He is simply brilliant, it would be an honor to work with him. There’s also the impressive David Foster, who works with Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. He lives in Los Angeles. Did you come to the States to work with them?– Many people are surprised to know that I left Russia when my career was going well and came to the USA. My answer is that I’m a risk taker, but I think through important decisions and go for it only if I believe that it’ll pay off. I’ve arrived in the States in order to build an international career, gain new experience and discover a new culture. Does it mean that now you’re going to participate in American national talent competitions?– I have chosen a little different way here in the States. I didn’t plan to participate in these events, but I may end up doing it. I’m already thinking over an offer to do something of this nature, but I can’t share the details at this time.79I’m 26 now, and I feel like this is a good time, right after long preparation work. I’m full of energy. Why not participate in talent competitions? You can say that I achieved many successes in Russia, now I plan to take part in Eurovision. I’m ready to participate and proudly present my skills on this big stage. Do you plan to perform concerts in the near future?– Currently we’re working on my solo concert in New York. I have wonderful fans in Washington, Chicago. It would be lovely to go on a tour across the USA!10Traditional question for our magazine: why did you choose Florida as your starting place in the States?– Here in Florida I’m studying to perfect my English skills at Seminole State College under guidance of wonderful professors. However, next year I plan to move to either Los Angeles or New York. National Artist of Uzbekistan Larisa Moskaleva helped you to host your first American concert. She lives in Miami. Did you meet her back home in Uzbekistan or here in the USA?– I’ve known Larisa for more than 10 years. When I was 9 years old, I had performed on a very big stage for the first time. Larisa had performed at the same concert. I even have a photo of us backstage during this concert. We’ve been friends ever since. For some time, I hadn’t heard about her, didn’t know she moved to the States. I found out when I was already here. We got in touch and Larisa assisted me to prepare my first concert. We are good friends and always support each other.11It serves as proof of your words that there are no people in our lives that we meet by accident. We wish you luck and success!Elena Mironova Translated from Russian by Florida & Us Magazine The English version was edited by Linda DiBattista Photos from Sardor Milano’s personal archive12On photos: 1 - Sardor - the winner of Russian version of Britain’s The X Factor 2, 10 - at the New Wave-2017 3 - with Konstantin Meladze at Russian The X Factor 4 - with Andrey Malakhov at The New Wave-2017 5 - with Larisa Moskaleva in Miami 6, 8 - during the project The Voice 7 - Sardor Milano – the winner of The New Wave-2017 9- with Philipp Kirkorov at The New Wave-2017 11- at the children’s center Barkamol Avlod (Tashkent), where Sardor attended studio Aladdin 12 - with his Mom and cousin 13 – Childhood13Florida & Us Magazine Publisher: Iryna Nasekailo – Leoni Media LLC Editor: Iryna Novikova Designer: Ksenia Sanikovich Address: P.O. Box 690721 Orlando, FL 32869 Phone: 407-883-2984 E-mail: flandus.magazine@ Facebook: magazine/Sardor Milano – the winner of The New Wave-2017Front and back cover photo: Kate Medowaya
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