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  Flood Level 2110mPond Max Level 2103mPond Min Level 2099.5mAverage Water Level 2101.833333mCenterline of Turbine 1796mTail waterLevel 1804mLength of Head Race Tunnel 7317.415mDia of HRT (Modified Horse shoe shaped) 4.8mDia of Pressure shaft (Circular) 3.8mDia of Penstocks (Circular) 2.2mDesign Discharge68.9C S Area of HRT 18.2779497C S Area of Pressure shaft11.34114948C S Area of Penstocks 3.801327111No. of Penstocks 3Discharge in each Penstock 22.96666667Total Length of Pressure shaft276.817181Total Length of Penstock 79.68517006Gross head at Turbine 297.8333333 Head Loss By Manning's Formula Manning's Coefficient n 0.0120.012Velocity in HRT3.769569407Velocity in Pressure shaft6.075221927Velocity in Penstock6.04174963Hydraulic Radius of HRT1.199997397Hydraulic Radius of PS0.95Hydraulic Radius of Penstock0.55Tunnel Head Loss11.74167156PS Head loss1.558055206Penstocks Head Losses0.92949814Total Head Losses 20.1614.2292249b1.001377331Ath24.20269877Diameter of SS required5.551201056Actual diameter7Actual area of SS38.48451001FOS1.590091682Net head during Normal operation 278.09 m283.6041084Net head during minimum operating condition 276.34 m281.2707751Area of Surge Shaft by Thoma's criteria F>Cross sectional Area of Surge Shaft FLength of Tunnel LCross sectional Area of Tunnel f Velocity in Tunnel vMinimum dynamic hydraulic head H0Head loss in Tunnel hoCross sectional Area of Surge Shaft F 26.66 m230.34523575  Dia of of Surge Shaft 5.83 m6.215847018Say 6 m6Check% Head loss in the Tunnel 5.10 %4.174508195which is >4% as per Thoma'sSURGE SHAFT HYDRAULIC DESIGNC S Area of Surge Shaft As Beta 0.826316528Length of Tunnel LCross sectional Area of Tunnel AtVelocity in Tunnel vMinimum dynamic hydraulic head H0Head loss in Tunnel hf 25 Area of Surge Shaft 29.3302058726 Factor of Safety 1.627 Dia of of Surge Shaft 5.98 m28 Dia of surge shaft Say 6 mCorrresponding cross sectional area of Surge Tank 28.27 m229 Area of OrificeCalme & Garden suggest the following Criterion forthe resistance offered by the orifice.30Z is Surge height corresponding to change indischarge neglecting friction and orifice losses31 Max. Surge height (Z) at Instantaneous load rejection 59.0201Say 59 mArea of Orifice Openinghof is Head loss in Orifice for restricted orifice surge Tank32 Area of Orifice Opening (A0) Assumed is 3.45 m233 Coefficient od discharge Cd (from IS code) 0.634 Design Discharge Q0 67.2 cumech of 53.64 m35 By adopting Orifice opening area of 2.5m2, Calme &Garden Criterion is satisfied. 46.77 m 56.85 mCheck46.77 < 53.64 <5736 Dia of Port 2.10 Say 2.1 mHence Dia of Orifice to be provided 2.1 mAs per IS : 7396 Pt I - 1985sto gALAz V  C A gQ hd ooof 2 2 22v 2h f b v H gLA vAots 2 22bo f f f hZhZ h432 4 2+ £ £ +2 4f Z h +f hZ432+Page 2 of 2  2110m2103m2099.5m 2101.3 m 1795.5 m 1803.0 m 7510.0 m 4.7 m 2.0 m 2.0 m 67.15 cumec 3.253572 (0.98758r)2 17.52 m2 p(dia)2 /4 3.14 m2 p(dia)2 /4 3.14 m2 3 Nos 22.38 cumec 299.50 m 298.25 mBendrDr/Dak from fig2Head Loss1504.810.4166780.0660.080.0579392254.85.20833310.310.0250.0465123254.85.20833324.520.050.003674204.84.16666789.950.080.0012330.109355 (v2/(2g))(Lf/(H0-h0)*h0
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