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Theoretical and Classical Works Anderson, Warwick Colonial Pathologies: American tropical medicine, race, and hygiene in the Philippines.

Environmental Health Prelim Reading List: Theoretical and Classical Works Anderson, Warwick Colonial Pathologies: American tropical medicine, race, and hygiene in the Philippines. Arnold, David.
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Environmental Health Prelim Reading List: Theoretical and Classical Works Anderson, Warwick Colonial Pathologies: American tropical medicine, race, and hygiene in the Philippines. Arnold, David Colonizing the Body: State Medicine and Epidemic Disease in Nineteenth- Century India. Berkeley: University of California Press. Burnet, F. M. Natural History of Infectious Disease. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Dubos, Rene Mirage of Health: Utopias, Progress, and Biological Change. New York: Anchor Books. Farmer, Paul Infections and Inequalities. Fitzpatrick, Kevin and Mark LaGory Unhealthy Places: The Ecology of Risk in the Urban Landscape. New York: Routledge. Krieger, Nancy Theories for Social Epidemiology in the 21 st Century: An Ecosocial Perspective. International Journal of Epidemiology 30: Levins, Richard and Cynthia Lopez Toward an Ecosocial View of Health. International Journal of Health Services 29 (2): MacNeil, William Plagues and People. McKeown, Thomas The modern rise of population. McMichael, A. J Planetary Overload: Global Environmental Change and the Health of the Human Species. Cambridge: Canto. McMichael, A.J Environmental and Social Influences on Emerging Infectious Diseases: Past, Present, and Future. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B 359: Mitman, Gregg, Michelle Murphy, and Christopher Sellers Osiris. Landscapes of exposure: knowledge and illness in modern environments. Patz, Jonathan, Unhealthy Landscapes: Policy Recommendations on Land Use Change and Infectious Disease Emergence. Environmental Health Perspectives 112: Ranger, Terence and Paul Slack, eds Epidemics and Ideas: Essays on the Historical Perception of Pestilence. New York: Cambridge University Press. Selections. 1 Rosenberg, Charles E Erwin H. Ackerknecht, Social Medicine, and the History of Medicine. Bulletin of the History of Medicine 81: Stepan, Nancy The New Tropical Pathology. In Picturing Tropical Nature: Valencǐus, Conevery Bolton The Health of the Country: how American settlers understood themselves and their land. Wilcox, Bruce A. and Rita R. Colwell Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases: Biocomplexity as an Interdisciplinary Paradigm. EcoHealth 2, Malaria Ackerknecht, Erwin H Malaria in the upper Mississippi Valley, Brown, Peter Socioeconomic and Demographic Effects of Malaria Eradication: A Comparison of Sri Lanka and Sardinia. Social Science and Medicine 22: Confalonieri, Ulisses Environmental change and human health in the Brazilian Amazon. Global Change & Human Health 1(2): Cohen, William B. Malaria and French Imperialism. The Journal of African History 24, no. 1: Curtin, Philip D Disease and Empire: the health of European troops in the conquest of Africa. Sections. * Farley, John To cast out disease : a history of the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation ( ). Chapters 7,8,9. Frenkel, Stephen and John Western Pretext or Prophylaxis? Racial Segregation and Malarial Mosquitos in a British Tropical Colony: Sierra Leone. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 78, no. 2: Giles-Vernick, Tamara. Forthcoming. Malaria, Mosquitoes, and Irrigation: Scientific Debates over Disease Etiology in French Soudan, Humphreys, Margaret Malaria: poverty, race, and public health in the United States. MacKinnon, Aran S Of Oxford Bags and Twirling Canes: the State, Popular Response and Zulu Anti-alarial Assistants in the Early Twentieth-Century Zululand Malaria Campaigns. Radical History Review 80: McCann, James Maize and Grace: Africa s encounter with a New World crop, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. 2 McGregor, JoAnn and Terence Ranger Displacement and Disease: Epidemics and Ideas about Malaria in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, Past and Present 167: Mitchell, Timothy Can the Mosquito Speak? In Rule of Experts: Egypt, Techno- Politics, Modernity. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2002: [this is on my political ecology list as well] Packard, Randall M Maize, Cattle and Mosquitoes: The Political Economy of Malaria Epidemics in Colonial Swaziland. The Journal of African History 25, n. 2: Packard, R.M Malaria Dreams: Postwar Visions of Health and Development in the Third World. Medical Anthropology 17: Snowden, Frank M The Conquest of Malaria: Italy, New Haven: Yale University Press. Spitzer, L The Mosquito and Segregation in Sierra Leone. Canadian Journal of African Studies 2: Stepan, Nancy Leys The Only Serious Terror in the Regions : Malaria Control in Amazônia, s. In From Cholera to Aids: History and Disease in Modern Latin America, ed. Diego Armus. Vittor, Amy Y., Gilman RH, Tielsch J, Glass GE, Shields TM, Sanchez-Lozano W, Pinedo VV, Patz JA The effects of deforestation on the human-biting rate of Anopheles darlingi, the primary vector of falciparum malaria in the Peruvian Amazon. Am J Trop Med Hyg 74(1): Watts, Sheldon British Development Politics and Malaria, Past and Present 165: Yellow Fever Bell, Heather. The International Construction of Yellow Fever. In Frontiers of Medicine: Bryan, Charles S., Sandra W. Moss, and Richard J. Kahn Yellow fever in the Americas. Infectious Disease Clinics of North America 18: Coleman, William Yellow Fever in the North: the Methods of Early Epidemiology. Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press. Cueto, Marcos Sanitation from Above: Yellow Fever and Foreign Intervention in Peru, Hispanic American Historical Review 72 (1): Farley, John To cast out disease : a history of the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation ( ). Chapters 6 and 11. Humphreys, Margaret Yellow fever and the South. 3 Lowy, Ilana What/who should be Controlled? Opposition to Yellow Fever Campaigns in Brazil, In Andrew Cunningham and B. Andrews, Western Medicine as Contested Knowledge. Manchester University Press: pp Robertson, S. et al Yellow Fever: A Decade of Re-Emergence. Journal of the American Medical Association 276: 1157-?. Stepan, Nancy Leys The Interplay between Socio-Economic Factors and Medical Research: Yellow Fever Research, Cuba and the United States. Social Studies of Science 8(4): Malnutrition, Hunger, and Food Colgrove, James The McKeown Thesis: A Historical Controversy and its Enduring Influence. American J. of Public Health 92 (5): Eldredge, Elizabeth A Drought, Famine and Disease in Nineteenth-Century Lesotho. African Economic History no. 16: 61-93, 61 Jordan, William Chester The great famine: northern Europe in the early fourteenth century. Mandala, Elias Feeding and Fleecing the Native: How the Nyasaland Transport System Distorted a New Food Market, 1890s-1920s. Journal of Southern African Studies 32, n. 3: Moore, Henreitta and Megan Vaughan Cutting Down Trees: Gender, Nutrition, and Agricultural Change in the Northern Province of Zambia Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, Moore and Vaughan Cutting Down Trees: Women, Nutrition and Agricultural Change in the Northern Province of Zambia, African Affairs 86, no. 345: Riley. James C Rising Life Expectancy: A Global History. Turshen, Meredeth The Political Ecology of Disease in Tanzania. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press. Vaughan, Megan, Famine Analysis and Family Relations: 1949 in Nyasaland. Past and Present no. 108: Waltner-Toews, David and Tim Lang A new conceptual base for food and agriculture policy: the emerging model of links between agriculture, food, health, environment, and society. Global Change & Human Health 1(2): Wylie, Diana Starving on a Full Stomach: Hunger ad the Triumph of Cultural Racism in Modern South Africa.Charlottesville, VA: University Press of Virginia. Tuberculosis Farley, John To cast out disease : a history of the International Health Division of the Rockefeller Foundation ( ). Chapter 3. Feldberg, Georgina D Disease and class : tuberculosis and the shaping of modern North American society. Livingston, Julie Debility and the Moral Imagination in Botswana. Packard, Randall M White Plague Black Labor: Tuberculosis and the Political Economy of Health and Disease in South Africa. Berkeley: University of California Press The Invention of the Tropical Worker : Medical Research and the Quest for Central African Labor on the South African Gold Mines, Journal of Southern African Studies 34, no. 2: Rosner, David and Gerald Markowitz Deadly Dust: silicosis and the politics of occupational disease in twentieth-century America. Rothman, Sheila M Living in the Shadow of Death: tuberculosis and the social experience of illness in American history. Smith, Barbara Ellen Digging our own graves : coal miners and the struggle over black lung disease. HIV/AIDS Alcamo, I. Edward. AIDS: the Biological Basis. Second Edition. Chicago: Wm. C. Brown Publishers, Barnett, Tony and Piers Blaikie AIDS in Africa: Its Present and Future Impact. New York: The Guilford Press. Epstein, Helen The Invisible Cure: Africa, the West, and the Fight Against AIDS. Epstein, Steven Impure Science: AIDS, Activism, and the Politics of Knowledge. Essex, Max and Phyllis Kanki The Origins of the AIDS Virus. Scientific American 259: Farmer, Paul AIDS and Accusation: Haiti and the Geography of Blame. Hahn, Beatrice and George M. Shaw AIDS as a Zoonosis: Scientific and Public Health Implications. Science 287, n. 5453: Iliffe, John A History of the African AIDS Epidemic. Packard, Randall M. and Paul Epstein. Medical Research n AIDS in Africa: A Historical Perspective. In AIDS: the Making of a Chronic Disease. Berkeley, University of California Press, Risse, Guenter B Epidemics and History: Ecological Perspectives and Social Responses. In AIDS: the Burdens of History, Elizabeth Fee and Daniel M. Fox, eds. Berkeley: University of California Press, Setel, Philip W. A Plague of Paradoxes: AIDS, Culture and Demography in Northern Tanzania. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, Stillwaggon, Eileen. AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty. New York: Oxford University Press, Trypanosomiasis Bell, Heather Sleeping Sickness and the Ordering of the South. In Frontiers of Medicine in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan: Hoppe, Kirk Arden. (1997) Lords of the Fly: Colonial Visions and Revisions of African Sleeping-Sickness Environments on Ugandan Lake Victoria, Africa: Journal of the International African Institute 67 (1): Lyons, Maryinez The Colonial Disease: A Social History: of Sleeping Sickness in Northern Zaire, Cambridge. Lyons, Maryinez Public Health in Colonial Africa: The Belgian Congo. In History of Public Health and the Modern State ed. D. Porter. MacKenzie, John Experts and Amateurs: Tsetse, Nagana, and Sleeping Sickness in East and Central Africa. In Imperialism and the Natural World, ed. John MacKenzie (Manchester): Tilley, Helen Ecologies of Complexity: Tropical Environments, African Trypanosomiasis, and the Science of Disease Control Strategies in British Colonial Africa. Osiris 19: Tilley, Helen Africa as a living laboratory: the African Research Survey and the British colonial empire : consolidating environmental, medical, and anthropological debates, DPhil Thesis, University of Oxford. White, Luise Tsetse Visions: Narratives of Blood and Bugs in Colonial Northern Rhodesia, Journal of African History 36: Worboys, Michael The Comparative History of Sleeping Sickness in East and Central Africa, History of Science 32: Rinderpest Brown, Karen Tropical Medicine and Animal Diseases: Onderstepoort and the Development of Veterinary Science in South Africa Journal of Southern African Studies 31, no. 3: Gilfoyle, Daniel Veterinary Research and the African Rinderpest Epizootic: the Cape Colony, Journal of Southern African Studies 29, no. 1: Phoofolo, Pule Face to Face with Famine: the BaSotho and the Rinderpest, Journal of Southern African Studies 29 n. 2: van Onselen, C Reactions to Rinderpest in Southern Africa The Journal of African History 13, no. 3: Toxics and Chronic Conditions Brown, Phil and Lois Gibbs Toxic Exposures: Contested Illnesses and the Environmental Health Movement. [Not in the library] Klinenberg, Eric Heat Wave: A Social Autopsy of Disaster in Chicago (Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Mitman, Gregg Breathing Space: How Allergies Shape our Lives and Landscapes. Murphy, Michelle Sick building syndrome and the problem of uncertainty: environmental politics, technoscience, and women workers. Nash, Linda Inescapable Ecologies: a history of environment, disease, and knowledge. Special Issue: Cancer in the Twentieth Century. Bulletin of the History of Medicine 81 (1) Troesken, Werner Water, Race, and Disease. Cambridge: MIT Press. 7
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