Types of Elements

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  Types of Elements metals nonmetals metalloids - semimetals  Macam-macam Unsur Logam Non logam metalloids - semimetals  Types of Elements ã Metals  – an element that is a good conductor of electricity  – at room temperature, most are solids  – malleable- can be rolled or hammered into sheets  – ductile- can be made into wire  – high tensile strength- can resist breakage when pulled  – most have silvery or grayish white luster  Macam-Macam Unsur ã Logam  – Konduktor listrik yang baik  – Disuhu ruang, sebagian besar=zat padat  – Dapat di tempa  – Dapat dibentuk  – Tinggi daya rentang, dapat tahan banting bila dijatuhkan  – Sperti perak / kilauan putih keabu-abuan
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