uTest - The Mobile App Testing Challenge

1. uTest @ Under the Radar<br />The Mobile App Testing Challenge Doron Reuveni | uTest CEO & Co-founder | <br /> 2. uTest is the…
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  • 1. uTest @ Under the Radar<br />The Mobile App Testing Challenge Doron Reuveni | uTest CEO & Co-founder | <br />
  • 2. uTest is the world’s largest<br />marketplace for software testing<br />1<br />
  • 3. uTest – Company Introduction<br /><ul><li>Since Our August 2008 Launch, We Have:</li></ul>Won 170+ customers<br />Acquired 20,000+ testers from 158 countries<br />Completed 700+ test cycles<br />Raised $5.2MM in B-Round<br /><ul><li>Crowdsourced Testing Enables Companies To:</li></ul>Launch higher quality web, desktop and mobile apps<br />Get new apps to market faster<br />Save 70% vs. cost of hiring another QA person<br /><ul><li>uTest Serves:</li></ul>Fortune 500 corporations; VC-backed startups; SMBs<br />2<br />
  • 4. Why It Matters<br />3<br />Smartphone Apps Competition Is More Fierce Than Ever<br />Mobile developers are battling for:<br />Media attention <br />Consumer dollars<br />App store approvals<br />VC investments<br />Pressure to build, test & launch apps has never been greater<br />Apps are now the driving force behind device sales<br />
  • 5. How It’s Different<br />Traditional Testing Doesn’t Work for Mobile<br />Complex Testing Needs<br />Handset Makers & Models<br />Wireless Carriers<br />OS & Browsers<br />Locations & Languages<br />Time-to-Market Is Critical<br />4<br />
  • 6. uTest Benefits<br />How uTest Helps Testing:<br />Application Quality<br />Testing across handsets, carriers and locations<br />Fresh eyes find new bugs<br />Scalability<br />Maximize testing coverage (10 testers or 1,000)<br />Test as much as you need (1 cycle or 100)<br />Time-to-Market<br />20,000+ professional testers<br />Real-time testing in 24-48 hours<br />Containing QA Costs<br />Don’t pay for downtime<br />No long-term commitments<br />5<br />
  • 7. How Crowdsourced Testing Works<br />Customers Testers<br />Choose testers<br /><ul><li>Handset Maker, Model & OS
  • 8. Carrier, Location & Language</li></ul>Testers invited<br />Review bugs<br />Real-time testing<br />uTest pays testers<br />6<br />
  • 9. Sample Mobile Customers<br />7<br />
  • 10. Under the Radar Goals<br />Goals @ UTR<br />Build strategic partnerships<br />Mobile handset makers and carriers<br />Meet new customers<br />From startups to global enterprises to non-profits<br />Hear the cool things you’re up to<br />Entrepreneurs, startups, investors<br />Come chat with us about your apps, <br />your ideas or partnership ideas<br />8<br />
  • 11. QUESTIONS?<br />Doron Reuveni | CEO | uTest, Incw: e: doronr@utest.comp: 1.800.445.3914<br />9<br />
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