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UNIVERSIDADE CATÓLICA DE BRASÍLIA CURSO DE SISTEMA DE INFORMAÇÃO E CIÊNCIA DA COMPUTAÇÃO DISCIPLINA INGLÊS TÉCNICO I PROFESSORA ROSÂNGELA ELIAS ALUNO(A): ___________________________________MATR.:_________________ DATA: _________________! !. #$AT IS A COMPUTER% 1. A computer is a machine with a complicated network of electronic circuits using very high integration. It is capable of storing millions of data and performing up to billions of operations in one second,
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   UNIVERSIDADE CATÓLICA DE BRASÍLIACURSO DE SISTEMA DE INFORMAÇÃO E CIÊNCIA DA COMPUTAÇÃODISCIPLINA INGLÊS TÉCNICO IPROFESSORA ROSÂNGELA ELIASALUNO(A): ___________________________________MATR.:_________________ DATA: _________________! !.#$AT IS A COMPUTER% 1.A computer is a machine with a complicated network of electronic circuits using very highintegration. It is capable of storing millions of data and performing up to billions of operations in onesecond, from the simplest comparison between two numbers to the most complicated and powerfulstring manipulation. This work is performed at incredible speed, following technologicalimprovements.2.In only a short time, the computer has changed the way in which many kinds of jobs are done.owever, it is not able to think. It accepts data and instructions as input  , and after processing them, it outputs the results.!.A computer is not merely a machine but a system. o in a  Data Processing Center   #$.%.&.' we have toconsider three parts( the hardware  or central processor and peripheral e)uipment , the  software  or  programs and the liveware  or the technical people, including staff.*.The hardware consists of several units( the central processor, the input+output processors #I+', datacommunication processors #$&-', all of them with one or several units and many combinations.Attached to the I+ processors is the peripheral e)uipment attached to the $&- are theteleprocessing lines, adapters, modems and terminals, or another computer alone or networking withanother host system./.The software is a collection of man0written solutions and specific instructions needed to solve problems with a computer, as well as all documents needed to guide the operation of a computer, thatis, manuals, programs, flowcharts, etc..The liveware basically consists of the systems analysts, the programmers, the operators and thetechnical managers, including supervisors, networking and data base administrators. -ain processorsardware -emoriesI+ processors%eripherals #disk, tape, printers, terminals' asic software$ata %rocessing &enter oftwareApplication software ystems Analysts%rogrammers, perators3iveware chedulers$ata ase and $&- administrators peciali4ed -anagersTechnical support5657&I 5 1. 3ocali4e no te8to estas id9ias(  a' :m computador n;o 9 ca pa4 de pensar. %ar<grafo ========= linha==========  b' &omputadores trabalham numa velocidade incr>vel. %ar<grafo ========= linha ========== c' s avan?os tecnol@gicos influem no desempenho do computador. %ar<grafo ==========linha ========== d' s e)uipamentos perif9ricos s;o conectados s unidades de I+ %ar<grafo ========== linha ========== e'  computador mudou a maneira de se fa4er muitas coisas. %ar<grafo =========== linha ========= 2. 7esponda as seguintes perguntas de acordo com o te8to.a' Bhat does the computer accept as inputC ===============================================================================  b' Bhat does the computer do with the resultsC =============================================================================== c' Bhat are attached to the $&- processorsC =============================================================================== d' Bhat is attached to the I+ processorsC =============================================================================== !. 7eleia o te8to e ent;o reescreva as afirma?Des abai8o, corrigindo0as.a' A computer is a machine with a very simple network of electronic circuits. ===============================================================================  b' A computer is a single machine. =============================================================================== c' The hardware or programs are part of the $.%.&. =============================================================================== d' The software consists of the systems analysts, the programmers, the operators and many others. ===============================================================================  =============================================================================== *. &ombine as duas colunas.#a' The computer has changed the way ...# ' at incredible speed.#b' The work of a computer is e8ecuted ...# ' stores millions of data.#c' %rograms and flowcharts are documents ...# ' in which many kinds of jobs are done.#d' The computer performs billions of # ' needed to guide the operation of a operations and ... computer. /. 5screva em inglEs o )ue est< escrito em portuguEs.a' The software is the collection of ===========================  solu?Des escritas pelo homem. b' ================== the computer has changed the way ============== many kinds of jobs 5m pouco tempo pelo )ual ====================  s;o feitos.  c' The computer ==================== to think. n;o 9 capa4. &omplete os espa?os usando as preposi?Des abai8o(  TO #IT$ ON OF INTO TO FROM T$ROUG$ a' -odern organi4ations deal ========= a large volume of data. b' Fou introduce data ============== a computer.c' Fou can compare the visual display ============= a TG screen.d' The &.%.:. consists ============== the central memory, logic and arithmetic units.e' Fou remove the tape =============== the deck when it is not in use.f' In some readers, when lights rays pass ================= the holes they activate photo0electric cells.g' Fou supply results ============= administrators )uickly with aid of a computer.h' A computer depends ================= a detailed program to process data. VOCABULAR& A' IH%:T' :T%:T&' -AIH7A-5$' -$5-5'  T F T5-' 3B&A7TJ' A7$BA75' TBA75I' 3IG5BA75K' H5TB7L  

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