NAME: ________________________________ WHH HW Quiz pgs. 164-169 1. Who is often called the father of the Italian Renaissance? a. b. c. d. Da Vinci Raphael Erasmus Petrarch DATE: __________________ TC#: ____ PD: ____ 2. Who was the author of the work entitled The Divine Comedy that helped develop the modern Italian language? a. b. c. d. Chaucer Petrarch Dante De Pizan 3. What is the study of the classics during the Renaissance called? a. b. c. d. Humanism Christian Humanism Realism Liberal Art
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   NAME: ________________________________DATE: __________________ TC#: ____ PD: ____  WHH HW Quiz pgs. 164-169 1.Who is often called the father of the Italian Renaissance?a.Da Vinci b.Raphaelc.Erasmusd.Petrarch2.Who was the author of the work entitled The Divine Comedy that helped develop the modern Italianlanguage?a.Chaucer  b.Petrarchc.Danted.De Pizan3.What is the study of the classics during the Renaissance called?a.Humanism b.Christian Humanismc.Realismd.Liberal Arts4.Where was the most important school of art located in Northern Europe?a.Flanders b.Berlinc.Londond.Paris5.Painters developed the technical side of painting- understanding perspective, lighting, and space- as wellas…a.The investigation of movement and human anatomy b.The investigation the color and shadingc.The investigation of religion and new languagesd.The investigation of oil painting and sculture6.Which German artist made two trips to Italy and brought back the ideas of the Renaissance to northernEurope?a.Petrarch b.Erasmusc.Durer d.Shakespeare  7. The High Renaissance, between 1490 and 1520, is most commonly associated with all of the following except …a.Raphael b.van Eyck c.da Vincid.Michelangelo8. What is a Fresco?a.A sculpture done with plaster  b.A painting done in oilc.A painting done on wet plaster d.A painting done on a ceiling9. Who wrote The Book of the City of Ladies ?a.Dante b.Chaucer c.Petrarchd.De Pizan10. What was the purpose of a liberal education?a.To produce virtuous citizens b.To produce governmental workersc.To produce individuals who follow virtue and wisdomd.To produce individuals who follow god and the pope11. As opposed to gothic architecture, Renaissance architects sought to create churches that fit…a.Human needs b.Divine needsc.Political needsd.Military needs12. In following Greek ideals of “a sound mind in a sound body”, humanist educators also…a.Stressed the development of rhetorical skills b.Stressed the development of political skillsc.Stressed the development of physical educationd.Stressed the development of mathematical skills
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