Women Economic Empowerment in Kenya

women who are economically empowered have the ability to stand up for their rights and also make sure that their is food security in their families.
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    ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Compiled from; Riruta Economic Empowerment Committee Women Economic Empowerment in Kenya Women across the world have the potential to change their lives and their economic status as well as that of the countries in which they live in if only they could be empowered and thus the introduction of women economic empowerment programme in Kenya. In most cases the women’s economic contributions have gone unrecognised in that their work is normally undervalued and the promises given to them are not  fulfilled. Research shows that inequality has persisted in the way that paid and unpaid  jobs are distributed between men and men in the fact that women have been deemed the sole caregivers of their homes and to their limited access to resources and the imbalances have contributed a great deal in slowing down economic growth.  Advantages of empowering women economically    When women are allowed to own property and earn from it, they will have more bargaining power back at home which will help in the reduction of their vulnerability to domestic violence and also HIV infection.    When women who are famers are able to get access to the resources they need they will be able to increase their production making it less likely that their families will go hungry or suffer from malnutrition.    When women are allowed to participate in the labour force the economy will experience a great reduction in poverty level.    When women have access to time saving technologies such as pedalled water pump, economic development will then definitely follow.  According to a research done by ICRW technology has helped women increase their productivity as well as launch income generating pursuits and entrepreneurial ventures. These kinds of outcomes empower women to stronger leaders and to more effectively contribute financially to their families, communities and countries. The role of ICRW in empowering women Kenya 1.   Ensure that women are part of the solution Economic empowerment on development can only succeed if the women are  part of the solution because doing so will yield more dividends. When women are empowered they raise healthier and better educated families and as a result their country will be more prosperous as well. 2.   Understanding women’s  economic contributions Understanding of women’s  economic contributions as well as the hurdles that  prevent them from being successful has been one of the biggest priorities. The efforts also focuses on gender affects economic development efforts related to assets and property rights as well as employment enterprise development and  financial services. 3.   Strive to increase women’s  ownership Women are better poised to improve their lives when they own land and other assets, yet just only 1 percent of the Kenyan women own land. And although there are laws which protect women’s property ownership, many of women still do not understand or realize their rights on ownership of property. ICRW has always strived to increase women’s  ownership, the use and control of the assets and property. The body wants to empower as economic agents who will be able to better their ability to access markets on competitive and equitable terms .ICRW aims at integrating this gender prospective into  programme and also through institutional activities ways in which many of us believe will be able to improve the efforts to strengthen women economically are successful. Through the programme spear headed by ICRW, many women have been able to change and improve their lives through so many projects introduced to them through the programme. Also many women have taken up leadership positions in the various sectors and also many of them have ventured into businesses
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