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  1 The Power To Predict. (Extracts From Parts One &Two).   “  Like the weatherman the more real information and real data available the more accurate the predictions about the weather will be ? But how can we predict anything with precision in Socio Political Matters when most of the information and data are provided by spies who are by definition corrupt to the bones? And by politicians who think lying is very clever?? The answer is absolute honesty with your own self first and secondly toward what you see around you! Even Before the era of the internet The world around you was full of real information if only we learn where to look? And how to check??” The Red Monk.   “The secret of philosophy is to look at what is missing? Not at what is there??” The Red Monk.   “  When in the late seventies Twenty Years Before the demise of the Soviet Union I had hand written and distributed an essay both in Arabic and English titled (The Soviet Union In Danger ) Did i lose? Or those who had laughed at me and my essay lost?? And lost forever. ”     2 “  ]  X How people are wishing that these Irresponsible Ruling Circles of Germany stop Experimenting with their own Luckless  people? They Experimented with Aryan-Ism and ended up with Disasters-Ism !Now they experimenting with European-ism and it will be just as ill fared ! Like Neutron Star the E.U. sooner or later will collapse under Its Own Gravity. Another Calamity  Awaiting the luckless German people. Its wrong very wrong for the German people to be treated like Guinea Pigs by their own ruling circles drunk by theory and not guided by any practical manifestations except for taking their own public from one calamity to ano  ther.” The Red Monk    “A  union without teeth is  paper tiger “ The Red Monk    “A  union without teeth is a dangerous place in this very dangerous world. “ The Red Monk. “The E.U. is not a Union for ordinary people like you and me ! Its Unholy Alliance Between Jewish Bankers and German Industrialists! The very same alliance which led to the rise of fascism in pre-war Germany !!Once more history is repeating itself!  (See Pages---Why History Keep Repeating Itself Parts 1,2,3 Etc )?    Again You Do Not Need To Believe Anyone:just consider the following documented facts :  3 1- There was Two Referendums in the Republic Of Ireland rejecting the E.U. Before the Corrupt Irish ruling circles Twisted The Arms of their own public to say yes in third referendum ! Thus Turning Democracy In To The Mockery Of ((Referendums Are Valid Only If You Say:YES!)) This is the same Corrupt Irish Ruling Circles That  Shamelessly championed abortions and gay weddings ! ? !  2- The people of Denmark rejected this union in their first referendums!  3- Even the Co -Founder of the common market France rejected the union at their first referendums !Etc  ”    The German Question: “How long must the German people suffer for the Misadventures of their ruling circles? And its incurable tendencies for Irresponsible Daydreaming? ?The answer to this question is forthcoming sooner than expected.”    The Red Monk.  (See Page------My Unbelievable Prophecies That Had Come True.)? Quoting nine of my past prophecies !  Also: (See Page----Visionary Or A Mad Man ) ?   (See Pages----Circles And Squares ) ?  4  Also:(See Page--- The E.U Another Expensive Exercise In Wishful Thinking.) ? Extracts From Points Of Contentions : KASMIR. “I hate Indians ! They are a beastly people !With a beastly religion” Winston Churchill   (Documented)   “  So what? Let them die in millions !These Indian deserve it for breeding like rabbits .”    Winston Churchill Preventing (By Military Force) Humanitarian Organizations From Delivering Food To Famine Stricken Region Of India As Documented By Book Titled (Inglorious Empire)  Author :Tharoot !Publishers :Hurst &Co - £20. “  Dangerous Cowards.If you analyze modern history objectively and with full honesty (At Least To Yourself )You will discover that more than Ninety Percent of recent wars Small Or Big was either stated !Instigated !!Provoked! Or wedged directly by the English !! A lesson in how wicked cowards can become ?”
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