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    1.   Where are you from? 2.   Do you look forward to do any social work later on in life? 3.   Why do you think that you require time to prepare for CAT? 4.   You look tensed, relax a little. Do you think calm is the opposite of tense? Are they related? 5.   How much did you score last year? 6.   Tell me from where did you borrow this suit? 7.   Which color represents you? 8.   Which vegetable represents you? 9.   Being a female, will it not be difficult to handle a career in consulting? 10.   Is your tie single knot or a double knot? 11.   Status quo is best then, why do separatists like Afzal Guru and JNU students want freedom? What are the consequences of Kashmiri freedom? 12.   Since you are from South India, tell me which company has been in news for extracting more ground water and in which state? 13.   How do you rate your communication skills? 14.   Parents are from Farmer background- How does the seed for the rice look like? Is it white or black? From where does one get it? 15.   Tell me something about yourself in thirty seconds/ninety seconds 16.   You see yourself joining politics in the future? 17.   You have been waiting for a long time aren’t you frustrated?  18.   Why did you have a break between end of internship and the interview date 19.   Will you take a loan for MBA? 20.   Tell me something special about yourself while I go through your form. 21.   Why don’t you start with something that is interesting and not in this form?  22.   Which leaders are you inspired by? 23.   What do you know about Mother Teresa? 24.   Would you like to wait one more year and join IIM Ahmedabad? 25.   What do you think about Mercedes Benz? Who do you think would buy such cars? Is it a status symbol that serves to show that ‘one has arrived’? Would you buy one? 26.   Importance of marriage as an institution. 27.   Leadership style of MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli and which style applies to you? 28.   What will you do if gifted $1m? 29.   In movie Dangal, was it right for the father to interfere with a National level coach who has been coaching the professionals from a long time? 30.   Name 5 movies and pick your favorite character and give reasons as to you? 31.   What are your views on Live In relationships in India? 32.   How is your relationship with your parents? 33.   Should IIM and IIT need government funding 34.   Tell us about yourself, your value systems. Do not sell yourself. 35.   Why do you get angry at people believing superstitions? 36.   What is your stand on DU issue?    37.   Which group would be most affected if Love marriage/Arrange marriage would be made compulsory? 38.   Do you think that cooking is a female oriented task? 39.   Do you have some traits that justify your name? 40.   What are your qualities which you feel are underutilized? 41.   Name an expensive product you have bought? 42.   Tell me what parameters you will look for choosing a college. 43.   What interests you other than studies and job? 44.   Summarize the WAT Topic given to you. 45.   What do you think are ups and downs of working from offshore? 46.   What is the job of RBI? 47.   Suppose if I make you the vice president of KPMG and I know that you aren’t good at numbers but the Company pays you a very handsome package but you will deal with similar problem all the day. Convince me how will you do that? 48.   Suppose a big company asks you to drop the experience you have and ask you to justify what you did for 2 years that what you did. What will you do in that situation? 49.   You won the fashion show in college, don’t you think its girls event?  50.   You play both cricket and kabaddi. How can we commercialize kabaddi and make it Olympics sport? 51.   What other languages do you know 52.   Who according to you is most ethical and morally correct person? 53.   The last ad campaign I liked, the last ad campaign I hated and why. 54.   The last book I read and why I liked it. 55.   Personal arms usage in the U.S etc. and your opinion on that. 56.   How do you define a terrorist? Followed by how do you define a freedom fighter? Followed by how do you differentiate between the two? 57.   What kind of social work you have done? 58.   Tell me about yourself in a line. 59.   Tell me something that your parents ask you not to do and still you do it as you think by your belief tha t it’s correct.  60.   What do you like so much about yourself? (from SOP)
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