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  Government College for Men (Autonomous), Kadapa Teaching Plan for III year students  Name of the lecturer: K.VASUDHA RANI Title of the papers dealing: III BSc Comp [MP/ME/MS] Paper vii: Modern database Management Systems Paper viii:Web technologies and E- Commerce Year: 2016- 2017  No. of hours per week: 20 Month Week No. of hours Topic Curricular Activity Co-curricular Activity Remarks Theory Practical JULY 3 rd  Week 4T+3P Theory syllabus dictated practical syllabus dictated 4 th  Week 4T+3P Database Systems Introduction and Fundamentals  1. WRITE A PL/SQL PROGRAM TO CHECK THE GIVEN NUMBER IS STRONG OR NOT. 5 th  Week 4T+3p Database Systems: Introducing the database and DBMS  Teaching JULY 1 st  Week 4T+3P Why the database is important, Historical Roots: Files and File Systems,. Teaching 2 nd  Week 4T+3P Problems with File System Data Management, Database Systems   A PL/SQL PROGRAM TO CHECK THE GIVEN STRING IS PALINDROME OR NOT.     3 rd  week 4T+3p Data Models: The importance of Data models, The evaluation of Data Models . WRITE A PL/SQL PROGRAM TO SWAP TWO NUMBERS WITHOUT USING THIRD VARIABLE  4 th  week 4T+3P Data Modeling  WRITE A PL/SQL PROGRAM TO GENERATE MULTIPLICATION TABLES FOR 2,4,6 Teaching Student seminars August 1 st  week 4T+3P The Relational Database Model: A logical view of Data, Keys, Integrity Rules  WRITE A PL/SQL PROGRAM TO DISPLAY SUM OF EVEN NUMBERS AND SUM OF ODD  NUMBERS IN THE GIVEN RANGE. Teaching Sliptest conducted 2 nd  week 4T+3p Relationships within the Relational Database, Codd’s relational database rules. . WRITE A PL/SQL PROGRAM TO CHECK THE GIVEN NUMBER IS POLLINNDROME OR NOT. Teaching 3 rd  week 4T+3P Entity Relationship Model: The ER Model, Developing ER Diagram, Database Design Challenges: Conflicting Goals. Teaching 4 th  week 4T+3P Advanced Data Modeling and Normalization Teaching Student assignments   5 th  week 4T+3p Advanced Data Modeling: The Extended Entity Relationship Model, DEMO ON SQL COMMANDS Teaching September 1 ST  week 4T+3P Entity clustering, Entity integrity: Selecting Primary keys  Teaching 2 nd week 4T+3P Normalization of database tables: Database Tables and Normalization, The need for Normalization, The Normalization Process, Improving the design, Teaching 3 rd  week 4T+3p Surrogate Key Considerations, High level Normal Forms, Normalization and database design, denormalization  Teaching Guest lecture 4 th  Week Interaction with Databases  October Ist week 4T+3P Introduction to SQL: Data Definition Commands, Data Manipulation Commands, WRITE A PL/SQL PROGRAM TO CHECK THE GIVEN NUMBER IS STRONG OR NOT. Teaching 2 nd  week 4T+3P Select queries, Advanced Data Definition Commands, Advanced Select queries Teaching 3 rd  week 4T+3P Advanced SQL and PL/SQL  STUDENT DATABASE 4 th  week 4T+3p Advanced SQL: Relational Set Operators, Sub queries and correlated queries, WRITE A PL/SQL PROGRAM TO DISPLAY TOP 10 ROWS IN EMP TABLE BASED ON THEIR JOB AND SALARY     November Ist week SQL Functions, Oracle Sequences, Updatable Views, Indexes, Joining Database Tables, and Procedural SQL  2 nd  week 4T+3P Transaction Management in DBMS Environment  GRAPHS PROGRAM Teaching Slip test 3 rd  week 4T+3P Transaction Management and Concurrency Control: What is transaction, Concurrency control,. STUDENT RESULT Teaching 4 th  week 4T+3p Concurrency control with locking Methods, Concurrency control with time stamping methods, concurrency control with optimistic methods, PROFIT AND LOSS STATEMENT Teaching Quiz December Ist week 4T+3P causes for failure of database - database  recovery management  Teaching Awareness  program on World Aids Day 2 nd  week 4T+3P Database Administration  3 rd  week 4T+3p The Data Warehouse: The need for data analysis  WRITE A PL/SQL PROGRAM TO DISPLAY SUM OF EVEN NUMBERS AND SUM OF ODD  NUMBERS IN THE GIVEN RANGE. Teaching 4 th  week 4T+3P Decision support systems  Teaching Students seminars January Ist week 4T+3P , The data warehouse, Star schemas, Data mining  . WRITE A PROCEDURE TO UPDATE THE SALARY OF EMPLOYEE, WHO ARE NOT GETTING COMMISSION BY Teaching Slip test
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