Aims and Objectives

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  What are the Diferences Between Aims and Objectives? Aims are general statements concerning the overall goals, ends or intentions of teaching.Objectives are the individual stages that learners must achieve on the way in order to reachthese goals. Example a teacher might have an aim that a learner should be able to save work on acomputer. To achieve this aim a series of objectives must be met. eg to create a folder,navigate between menus, save a document.  Aims are general, objectives are speciic.  There are more objectives than aims.  Aims are like strategy, objective are like tactics.Aims and objectives can form hierarchical structures so that in complex curricula aims at one level might be seen as objectives at another. What are the main categories o learning objectives? Learning objectives are aimed at the three domains of learning: knowledge, skills andattitudes. Why use learning objectives? If you don’t use objectives, how can you build in assessing of learning (what would youassess?) and how can you measure if your teaching is being effective and learners arelearning? The objectives you set help you plan, clarify and prioritise the learning. How do you write aims and learning objectives? What do you want your learners to be able to DO after they have learned something that youhave taught (bear in mind students may learn many things with you but use judgment tofocus on the most important outcomes at this stage in their course)So the aims and objectives for one possible teaching sequence might look like the following:  Aims: The learner can create a story sack for their child Objectives: 1.Understands key learning points for young children fromcreative play2.Can list at least 5 suitable objects for story sacks3.Can identify 3 sources of equipment for story sacks4.Can explain how to make inger puppets from scratch  5.Can describe 2 methods for fastening materialObjectives do not include the word 'know' or 'understand'. They do include active verbs suchas 'state', 'explain', 'outline', 'list' or 'describe'. They are statements of what you want yourlearners to do. Examples of learning objectives verbs The following lists contains examples of verbs which describe the sorts of things you want your students to be able to do and may help you to write useful learning objectives.KnowledgeanalysearrangecalculatecircleciteclassifycomparecontrastcomparedeinedescribematchdifferentiategroupidentifyinterpretitemizelabellistmatchnameoutlineplanrecordreviseselectsolvestateGive examplesevaluaterecogniseSkillsadjustassemblechartcollectusedrawemployestablishillustrateimitateinteractlocatemaintainmeasuremodifymakeorganiserearrangereturnset uppracticemanipulatemasteritperformdemonstrateAttitudesacceptadoptadvocateapproveassesschallengecharacterisechoosecriticisedefendevaluateformulatejudgejustifymanagemodelpersuaderecommendresolveselect specifyvaluereassureempathise Adapting learning objectives to be more, or less, challenging You can change the verbs to be more complex, or add conditions.For example, simple objectives might be to list or state facts. More challenging objectivesmight ask learners to apply or use knowledge in a particular context. Higher levels of objectives ask learners to solve complex problem. This might involve gathering information,  researching and analysing, or using knowledge to create something in a difference context (e.g. use knowledge of making apple pie to design a different illing)Labelling something already created, or choosing from options is less challenging thancreating your own list, or drawing your own diagram.Objectives can be altered by degree e.g. demonstrating 5 ways to multiply 2 digit numbers ismore challenging than modelling one way of multiplying.
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