CAPE Literatures in English 2017 U1 P1

CAPE Literatures in English 2017 U1 P1
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  r qfo rESr coDE 02132010 I FORM TP 2017258 MAY/JUNE 20I7 CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL CARIBBEAN ADVANCED PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION@ LITERATURES IN ENGLISH UNITl- Paper0l t hour 45 minutes DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO. READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAR EFULLY. 1. This paper consists of FIFTEEN questions. Answer ALL questions 2. You are advised to take some time to read through the paper and plan your answers 3 If you need to rewrite any answer and there is not enough space to do so on the srcinal page, you must use the extra lined page(s) provided at the back of this booklet. Remember to draw a line through your srcinal answer. 4. If you use the extra page(s) you MUST write the question number clearly in the box provided at the top of the extra page(s) and, where relevant,include the question part beside the answer. Copyright O 2016 Caribbean Examinations Council All rights reserved. }zt3zototcApE 20r 7 lillillllllllilllllllllillllllllillllillllllllffillilllll 021 3201 003 hE L J  -l r -4- SECTION A MODULE T - DRAMA QUESTIONS l-s Read the extract below and answer Questions 1-5. The Tivo Brothers Evening time For the first time the room is untidy. The beds are not mode, the table cluttered, the fioor is littered with the strings and wrappings of the parcels of the previous day. MORfuIS is olone. He sits lifelessly at the table, his headfallen on his chest, his arms hanging limp at his sides. On the table is a small bundle. Then ZACHARIAH comes in. He behaves normally, going straight to the bed and taking off his shoes. Only when this is done, does he realize something is wrong. The footbath hasnt been prepared. ZACHARIAH What's this? llooking around for the basinl Foot salts finished? Hell, man Couldn't you have seen? What must I do now? My feet are killing me again. I've been on them today, you know. lTouching the toes.f Eina Eina Forgetthe salts then. Just give me some hot. A soak will do them good.IMORRIS doesnt move.f Some hot, Morrie Please fNothing happens) What's the matter with you? Don't tell me the stove is clogged upt lGoes to the stove and feels the kettlel Agh, no, man What the hell's happened? A man works all day, his feet are killing him and he comes home and finds this lthe stove)... and thislthe roomf.Floor not swept Beds not made fBeginning to realizel There is something wrong in here. You say nothing. lMorris struggles tofind a word, butfails and drops his shoulders in a gestureof defeat and resignation.fYou mean ... ldisbelief I ... you mean you got nothing to say? lA little laugh but this quickly dlesl NO It's not funny. Try to say something, Morrie. Please [Desperatel Try telling me what happened. Ja What happened? MORRIS I've given up. What? I mean, I can't carry on. Oh, so you've just stopped. Yes. 25 ZACHARIAH MORRISGO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 02132010/cAPE 2017 I ililt ffi lflt illilililt fl]t till ilil fllt Ilil ill tilr 5 t0 15 20 ZACHARIAH: MORRIS I 0213201004  -l r -5- But that won't do Emphatically not A man can't just stop like that, like you. That's definitely not good, because. . ..You want to know why? Because a manmust carry on. Most certainly. Otherwise who is going to sweep the floor? Ja. Ever think about that? If everybody just gave up, just sat down, and couldn't carry on ... me at the gate ... you in here ... why, nothing would happen. Isn't that so? One by one we would just topple over and nothing would happen. But we all know that something got to happen. So that proves it, doesn't it? We must carry on. Okay? Feeling better? lSees the bundle on the table for the first timel What's this bundle, Morrie? My belongings. What's that? My Bible, my other shirt and my alarm clock.And what would they be doing in here? I was leaving,Zach. Leaving?Going away. Where?The road. Wherever it went. Oht lPausel And what about me? I know, I know. But you don't care, hey? I do care, Zacht. fignoring the denia|: That's a fine thought for a loving brother. I'm surprised at you. [n fact, I'm shocked.Stop it, Zach I'm still here. I know I can't go. You see, this morning when you were at work, I thought it out. It's no use any more, I said. There's no future left for us now, in here. So I wrapped up my Bible and my clock in my shirt and wrote the farewell note. Four pages I explained everything. I was readyto go, man ... until I realized that you couldn't read. My God, that hurt That cut me deepl Zach can't read without nr,st lPause] So you see, I know I can't go ... but I've given up. Adapted from Anthol Fugard, The Blood Knot . In New English Dramatists. Penguin Books, 1968, pp. 163_165. GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE I ll]il tilfl ilil ilfl ililt tilt tflt lilt illil ililt Ilil flt ZACHARTAH: 30 35 MORRIS ZACHARIAH 40 MORRIS ZACHARIAH: MORRIS ZACHARIAH: MORRIS: 45 ZACHARTAH MORRIS ZACHARIAH MORRIS ZACHARIAH 50 MORRIS ZACHARIAH MORRIS: 02t320t0lCAPE 2017 55 J ffi L 0213201005  -l r -6- Identify the setting of the extract and give THREE adjectives which can be used to describe thesetting.[4 markslIdentify TWO props used in the opening stage directions (lines 1-7) and comment on the significance of EACH prop.Prop I I 2.Significance021320101CAPB 2017GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE r lllil fl ilril ilil ililililillil ilil ilil tffi Iil lllt I 021 3201 006
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